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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 230 – We are all good people “Didn’t you bring the frying pan along with you?” Big Brother Green took a look at his little brother’s butt, and there was evidently a frying pan hidden in the back of the little brother’s pants. Looking at Hai Daisi who was currently running away, Big Brother Green took aim, then threw the wok spatula at Hai Daisi. A muffled sound rang out from far away, and a black figure could be seen falling towards the ground from the sky. Big Brother Green let out a breath, “We are done with them.” “But… but they are still not dead yet.” Little Brother Red said worriedly. Big Brother Green pondered for a while, then said, “Let’s gather them together and land on the ground first, then we can start thinking about how to deal with them.” Little Brother Red nodded. After gathering the three injured people, they landed at the mountain forest that was below them. Green and red brothers looked at the three that were lying on the ground and did not know what they should do. Right now, the three were in a very weak state, but they still haven’t died, the spiritual energy that was within their bodies was slowly restoring their injuries. “Big brother, what should we do?” Little Brother Red asked anxiously. How would Big Brother Green know what to do? Big Brother Green patted onto his little brother’s shoulder and said, “At a time like this, one requires guts. I, your big brother, already has enough guts, therefore, you can go ahead and train your guts by ending their lives. After you are done, we can head back to eat dinner.” After hearing the conversation between the two, the expressions of the three immediately sunk. It seems like it is going to be very hard for us to escape death today! “If you two are going to kill us, then make it quick! However, I won’t let you two off even after I have turned into a ghost!” Although Guang Tianlu was currently in a very weak state, his tone didn’t sound weak at all. From this, it could be seen that the three weren’t going to die any time soon. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Xun Yi’s attitude was different from Guang Tianlu’s attitude. Xun Yi was a woman, and she had an advantage compared to the other two. “Little brothers, if you two can let me off, I can satisfy all of your requests.” After finish speaking, Xun Yi even revealed out a shy look on her, causing the green and red brothers who were looking at her to become very excited. Unconsciously, the two bowed and gave their respects toward Xun Yi. In their minds, Hai Daisi and Guang Tianlu scolded Xun Yi for being shameless. From the looks of it, this is how you managed to become a sect master, right! “Big brother, I can’t bear to put my hands on such a beautiful woman. Big brother, I will let you deal with her.” After finish speaking, Little Brother Red turned around, then closed his eyes and covered his ears. Big Brother Green was rather brave when killing chickens, one chop, one chicken head. But when it comes to killing people… Xun Yi seemed to have saw that there was hope for survival and she hurriedly said, “Little brothers, you two can be at ease, my skills are good.” Hai Daisi and Guang Tianlu’s faces were filled with disdain. “I know that your skills are good, but you don’t have to brag about it, so zip it!” Big Brother Green shouted out. This woman is truly coquettish, to actually brag that her skills are good. Who doesn’t possess good skills? I have been under the sun for 50 billion years, but have you seen me brag about it? As a human, one has to be humble and stay low-profile. Xun Yi was a bit giddy. From the looks of it, this person here is still a boy and not a man. Hai Daisi and Guang Tianlu laughed. Go on and act coquettishly more, those guys are not falling for your tricks at all. Green and red brothers squatted at one side and began discussing about how they should deal with the three. “Little brother, big brother has always treated you well, right?’ “That’s right, you would often not pay me back my money after lending money from me.” “That’s because big brother doesn’t want to see you get infected with diseases. You have to understand big brother’s good intentions.” “Big brother, I know what you want to say, but I’m scared.” Big Brother Green let out a sigh, “I’m scared too. Especially when the knife goes into them, their eyeballs would bulge. Just thinking about it is frightening.” “That’s right, we should let them die in peace and without pain.” Little Brother Red clasped both of his palms together and said. “You are right, we are good people after all.’ Little Brother Red nodded his head, agreeing with what his big brother just said, “Then, what should we do to let them die in peace and without pain?” “I heard the drugs that people use for euthanasia are the best, but it is a pity that we do not possess any of those drugs. The second-best option should be to bleed them, right? I heard that this method is not very painful, as while the person is being bleed, they would faint due to loss of blood, and soon after, they would die while they are still unconscious.” “This method is good, we will bleed them then!” Little Brother Red agreed on the second-best option. Big Brother Green held onto the kitchen knife and walked over to the three, “You all can be at ease, I will let you all die peacefully and without pain.” “Little brother, I’m begging you, I have lots of money, and lots of treasures.” Xun Yi didn’t want to die, it hasn't been long since she became a sect master and she didn’t want to die just like this. Big Brother Green let out a sigh, “If you all want to blame, blame it on yourselves for provoking someone that you all shouldn’t have provoked.” The three became startled at the same time. Could it be, Xiao Yi? That’s not possible, if Xiao Yi had such strong underlings, he would have long used them! Then, just who could it be! Hai Daisi hurriedly asked, “Big brother, you two couldn’t have recognized the wrong people, right?” “Erm… Little brother, we didn’t recognize the wrong people, right?” Big Brother Green asked. “I don’t know too.” Little Brother Red shook his head. The three were currently close to breaking down. You two aren’t even sure if we are the people that you two are looking for, and yet you two are intending on killing us! Is this really fine?! You two should at least confirm if we are the people that you two are looking for first, right?! Big Brother Green could be seen grabbing onto Hai Daisi’s remaining arm and said faintly, “Since the three of you are in a group, it means that we aren’t wrong.” “En, we are killing according to the number of people in the group, and not according to appearances.” The three were really in despair. Who would actually kill according to the number of people in the group! Xun Yi asked, “Then, what if there were only two of us who appeared just now?” “Oh, then it would mean that you all aren’t our targets.” Little Brother Red revealed out an expression on him that was saying, are you an idiot, to actually ask such a childish question. The three let out a breath at the same time. Why didn’t we split up to escape just now… “Endure for a bit.” Big Brother Green warned with concern, then cut onto Hai Daisi’s wrist with the kitchen knife. After the main artery of the wrist was cut, blood began spilling out crazily. Next was Guang Tianlu, then followed by Xun Yi. “Sect master, it will be slightly painful, just endure it for a bit and everything will be over soon.” Big Brother Green slightly rubbed onto Xun Yi’s small hand. My heart feels so painful, it's so white, and so tender. “Just kill me.” “But, I don’t dare.” Blood spilled out from the corner of Xun Yi’s mouth, and the blood spilled out because she was greatly angered. If I could move my body, I would have already killed myself, to avoid being toyed around by those two! Big Brother Green slashed again with the kitchen knife, and blood began spilling out crazily. Green and red brothers immediately ran away and began waiting at a spot that was far away, seemingly as if they had just set off firecrackers. “Big brother, how long do we wait for?” Little Brother Red was very nervous. “Eh… Let’s wait for 10 minutes, I guess.” 10 minutes later… “You go and check if they have died.” Big Brother Green shouted out. Little Brother Red took in a deep breath as he stood up and went to check on the three. Soon after, Little Brother Red could be heard shouting out, “Big brother, they are still not dead yet.” “Huh?!” Big Brother Green hurriedly ran over, and indeed, the three were still not dead yet. “Kill me.” “Kill me…” Right now, the three were wishing for death. To them, this method of being bleed out till death was pretty much the cruelest kind of torture. The spiritual energy within their bodies could create blood, and therefore, while their blood was spilling out from their wrists, the spiritual energy within their bodies was creating blood and recovering the blood that they lost. Although the creation of the blood was slower than the speed that their blood was spilling out, it would take a very long time for them to die from blood loss. Even more, while their blood was spilling, their brains were still conscious. What people were afraid of wasn’t death, what people were afraid of was waiting for death. Nothing was more painful and cruel than knowing that you were going to die soon, and yet you weren’t able to do anything to change your fate. “Big brother, what do we do!” Little Brother Red was very flustered. “How would I know!” Big Brother Green was feeling very fidgety. Suddenly, a black whirlpool appeared, and Wei Chang could be seen stepping out of the black whirlpool while holding onto a thermos cup. “Uncle Wei.” “Uncle Wei.” The three looked at Wei Chang. I don’t recognize this guy… Meanwhile, when Wei Chang saw the state that the three were in, Wei Chang went into a daze for a moment, then said happily. “You two did very well. This method of bleeding them is indeed very ruthless and inhumane. I will report this matter to the boss, the boss will definitely reward the two of you.” Green and red brothers had a completely dazed look on their faces. How is bleeding them considered ruthless and inhumane? It is not like we are killing them… However, when the three heard what Wei Chang said, they were greatly startled. These two are subordinates, and the one who just appeared is also a subordinate! If that is the case, just who is their boss! Why do I not even know that such a big shot like this actually exists! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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