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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 271 – Big noob Within Dry Zen Sect, all the Ding Family’s corpses have disappeared, and there was not even a speck of dust on the glossy limestone floor. Looking at this, who would have ever thought that rivers of blood had formed here! Within the main palace hall, His Honor who was wearing a gorgeous mage robe sat on the throne, his eerie bone hands were placed on the armrests, and his empty eye sockets were gazing at his seven subordinates. “My patience has been completely used up by those foolish humans!” The cold tone caused the seven subordinates to become startled and immediately kneeled down on the floor. “Subordinate has been negligent in his(her) duties!” Voices that were trembling with fear rang out in the empty main palace hall. His Honor slowly stood up, “Since the humans do not dare to come, I should personally exterminate them one by one!” “Yes!” “Greed, pick three targets first for now!” His Honor said calmly. Upon hearing that they were going to kill people again, everyone within the seven sins became excited. “Yes!” Greed could be seen taking out a bunch of bamboo sticks and writing the names of the various powers on the bamboo sticks, then placed the bamboo sticks into a wooden box and began to lightly shake the wooden box. The sound of the bamboo sticks clattering rang out in the main palace hall. The fate of all of the powers was currently grasped by the bamboo sticks, the first three bamboo sticks that fell out from the wooden box, being exterminated was going to be their fate. Clatter. One of the bamboo sticks fell out of the wooden box and onto the ground. Greed picked up the bamboo stick and took a look. “Reporting to Your Honor, the first target has appeared!” “Who?” “South’s Zhi Family!” Although everyone didn’t know what kind of family Zhi Family was, they didn’t really care, it was fine to them as long as there were people in the family. Greed continued shaking the wooden box. “Your Honor, the second target has appeared, South’s Traceless Pavilion!” The shaking continues. “Third target, South’s Cloud Sect!” Greed kept the bamboo sticks. Those bamboo sticks can still be used in the future, this method of choosing which power to kill is very exciting. His Honor said faintly, “We will kill one power each day. I am going to thoroughly enjoy the humans’ screams of agony.” “Yes!” Along with what His Honor said, it meant that a lot of people won’t be dying a quick death. Dry Zen Sect and Ding Family could be counted to be fortunate as they were able to die without any pain! The eight of them disappeared from Dry Zen Sect’s main palace hall and headed towards their first target, Zhi Family! Right now, Ye Hua and his family returned back to Leisure Bar. The little fellow was exhausted from playing at the amusement park and was currently sleeping within her mother’s embrace. Qing Ya pushed onto Ye Hua and was preparing to head to the bedroom. “Wait, let's go and take a look at Ye Zizi and Qing Yutong and see just what they are doing right now.” Ye Hua suddenly said. “What else could they be doing right now, they are most probably playing with their games.” Qing Ya smiled tenderly. The two entered into Qing Yutong’s bedroom, and Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi could be seen to not be sitting in front of their computers, and instead, they were lying down on their beds and playing a certain game on their phones. Looking at the two, the two were extremely focused on playing the game that they were currently playing on their phones. This is strange, those two are actually not eating chicken. “What are you two doing?” Ye Hua asked. “Brother-in-law, don’t speak, Zizi and I are busy killing the dragon right now.” Qing Yutong said carefully, seemingly like the enemies would be able to hear her if she spoke too loudly. With her brows tightly wrinkled, Ye Zizi pouted her mouth and said, “Big brother, Zizi has lost a lot of rounds already…” Just what game is it that is able to make Ye Zizi lose? Ye Hua wants to express that he was very curious, and he could be seen indicating to Qing Ya to push him closer to Ye Zizi. Right when Ye Hua saw Ye Zizi’s phone screen, the word “defeat” could be seen on her phone screen. A tender voice could be heard suddenly ringing out from their phones, “Are you two stupid? The enemies are already pushing into our base, and you two are actually still fighting the dragon!” “Ah~ Ah~ Ah~” Ye Zizi couldn’t accept the fact that she lost again and began frantically rolling about on the bed, while Qing Yutong actually began trash talking against the primary school student. Ye Hua snorted, “Look at you two, a mere game actually made you two get so agitated. Qing Ya, help me to download the game.” “Ye Hua, I think it’s best for you to not play now, you should rest early.” Qing Ya said tenderly. Ye Hua took out his phone and said faintly, “Quickly.” Although I am not able to carry you two to eat chicken, would I also not be able to carry you two to victory in a mere mobile game? Haha! Ye Zizi was already cheating, but she still wasn’t a match for the enemies when four of the enemies ganged up on her alone. When Ye Zizi got ganged up by four of the enemies, Ye Zizi was infuriated to the point that she wanted to suck them dry. Shameless humans! To only know how to use numbers to win against me! “Yutong, what is the game that you are currently playing?” “King of Glory. Brother-in-law, I think it is better for you to just go and rest, this game is not that simple to play.” Ye Hua sneered, “Games that are not simple are precisely my favorites!” After finished helping Ye Hua download the game on his phone, Qing Ya accompanied by Ye Hua’s side and watched him play. Meanwhile, Ye Hua, Qing Yutong, and Ye Zizi began queueing up together. Upon arriving at the champion selection page, Ye Hua picked Di Renjie. This champion looks rather handsome. “Yutong, Zizi! Follow me!” Upon entering into the game, Ye Hua began giving out orders. Everything is under my control! The three walked to mid-lane together, and Ye Hua said faintly, “Take down the turret!” Qing Yutong, “……” Ye Zizi, “……” “Brother-in-law, can you go bot-lane instead, I’m begging you…” “Big brother, why are you more noob than primary school students…” Qing Ya laughed lovably, then gave Ye Hua a kiss as encouragement. Seeing on the sake of Qing Ya’s kiss, I won’t scold the two of you. Ye Hua listened to the two and walked towards the bot-lane from mid-lane. “First blood!” While looking at his screen that was currently grey, Ye Hua thought to himself, “There were actually five people hiding in the brush… and they actually killed me!” “Brother-in-law, please do not feed.” “Big brother, don’t feed.” “Ye Hua, from the looks of it, you aren’t good in this game.” Qing Ya laughed. Alright, I have my eyes on you, you cunning humans! Ye Hua controlled his champion and walked to the bot-lane, and upon arriving at bot-lane, he immediately saw two enemy champions. When have I, the Supreme Overlord, ever been afraid of something? One word, fight! Qing Yutong held onto her forehead upon hearing her bot-lane had been double killed. Ye Zizi even shouted out, “Big brother, don’t feed anymore~ Can you just disconnect instead?” Seems like this is a game that requires intellect. I should farm up my champion first, then fight against the enemies! Sure enough, Ye Hua didn’t feed anymore and was farming the minions peacefully… “Brother-in-law, we are team fighting, what are you doing…” Qing Yutong was suffering. “What are you shouting for, don’t you see that I am still farming for my items! You all hold them back first, wait till I get my items, we will naturally win the game!” Ye Hua said while killing minions. 20 minutes later, Ye Hua finally got his items. However, four of Ye Hua’s teammates had just been killed, and facing against five enemy champions, Ye Hua was completely no match for them at all. Defeat. Do all games have some kind of animosity toward me! Death Mage and Xun Fang who were far away at Ying Family were also playing King of Glory. While leaning onto Death Mage’s stiff shoulder, Xun Fang said with a smile, “This Di Renjie is so stupid, from the start till the end of the game, all he had been doing was farming the minions.” Jiejiejie. Imperial translation, “That’s right, this Di Renjie is more noob than primary school students.” If the two were to know that the person playing Di Renjie was His Honor, they would immediately choose to become actors. (In game, when one is acting as an actor, it practically means that the person is trolling for the enemy team to win) “Ye Hua, I’m going to go and rest first, don’t become too angry and end up damaging your health.” Qing Ya said lovably, and before leaving, she didn’t forget to give Ye Hua a long kiss. However, right now, Ye Hua didn’t have the mood to enjoy the kiss. After Qing Ya left, Ye Hua stood up, then said to Ye Zizi, “Move inside a bit.” Ye Zizi pouted her small mouth. This big noob still wants to continue trolling us. While lying on Ye Zizi’s bed, Ye Hua said gravely, “I know how to play the game now!” Outside of the window, the night turned into daytime, and right now, Donghuang Li had already woken up and was intending on giving her father a kiss. In the end, Donghuang Li discovered that her father wasn’t in the bedroom. “Where did daddy go to?” Donghuang Li pushed open Qing Yutong’s bedroom door, and immediately, she saw her father. It could be seen that, Ye Hua’s expression didn’t look really good, while Qing Yutong and Ye Zizi seemed like they were going to die anytime soon. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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