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xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 278 – Crazy wife pamperer Wei Chang asked curiously, “Did you pay for your food?” “Erm…” In the past, Jue Tian was the brains of the group. For Wei Chang to ask me this question, there is definitely a profound meaning within this question. If I trace back to what Wei Chang had said just now, I should be able to deduce the answer to Wei Chang’s question. After pondering for a moment, Jue Tian said respectfully, “Of course, I am a good citizen who abides by the law.” “Not bad, Jue Tian. I am very happy that you are able to come to such a comprehension in such a short time.” Ye Hua was very gratified. As expected of my trusted adviser, his brain revolves around quick. “After having been separated for five years, to once again be able to receive Your Honor’s praise, subordinate is truly happy.” Ye Hua nodded his head, then said faintly, “Jue Tian, since you have come back, I will give you a test.” “Subordinate will definitely not disappoint Your Honor!” “Tomorrow, the two madams will come and look for you. At that time, you have to lose to them on purpose while keeping your true identity a secret from them.” After hearing that, Jue Tian was greatly startled, “But, subordinate absolutely do not dare to exchange attacks with the madams.” Wei Chang recalled of Lie Gu. I reckon that that fellow is most probably hiding at home and shivering in a corner. On that day, that fellow injured Madam Donghuang. And if not for the fact that His Honor’s plan succeeded, that fellow would most likely be boiled by His Honor. “There is one more matter. Get those family heads to fight with Ji Family. Afterward, I will bring along everyone to exterminate Ji Family!” After hearing that, Jue Tian and Wei Chang became excited. His Honor is planning to dispatch everyone again, and furthermore, this time, we are going to exterminate a family, not subdue a family! “Subordinate should solemnly obey Your Honor’s orders!” Jue Tian shouted out respectfully. “Remember, do not mess up tomorrow! If not, I will sell you to a pet shop!” Ye Hua reminded coldly. Originally, I was intending on wiping out all of the counterfeits tonight and didn’t expect that Jue Tian would appear. However, it is better now that Jue Tian appeared. I will let those two foolish women have some fun and let them enjoy the feeling of being a hero. As for me, I should act as the bad guy! After taking a look at Pride, Envy, and Wrath, Ye Hua said gravely, “Get rid of these counterfeits, just looking at them is making me feel annoyed.” In the future, if the real Pride, Envy, and Wrath came back and saw those counterfeits, they would think that I miss them very much. Furthermore, I haven’t fallen to the state where I have to use counterfeits. Those counterfeits are completely unable to reflect the seven sins’ true strengths. Without any hesitation, Jue Tian nodded his head, “Yes!” “You can leave now and start preparing for tomorrow.” Very quickly, Jue Tian disappeared from the toilet. “Wei Chang!” “Subordinate is here!” “Spread the news that, tomorrow, Voidless Realm’s empress will be bringing along… how do I say it?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Wei Chang said, “Close female friend?” “No, that won’t do. We will say, the empress will be bringing along a towering figure amongst women with her to go and suppress the unknown power!” During those past few days, Ye Hua could be said to have been frequently racking his brain for his wives. Ye Hua’s title as the “crazy wife pamperer” was already confirmed. “Subordinate understood.” After Wei Chang left, Ye Hua laughed lightly, “The two of you want to be nameless heroes, but I just precisely won’t allow it. You two’s magnificent feat has to be known by everyone under the heaven.” I will make those two women into true female heroes, and then embrace onto one of them with my left arm, and the other with my right arm! Just how great would that be! Go on and envy me! Humans! Go on and hate me! Humans! You all will never know that the female heroes within you guys’ hearts are being bullied by me every day! Thinking up to here, Ye Hua began laughing out loudly. Returning back to the bedroom, Ye Hua saw that his daughter had kicked the quilt off the bed and was currently sound asleep while hugging onto a pillow. The expression that was on Ah Li's face while she was asleep was very adorable. Ye Hua lied down on the bed, then lightly took away the pillow from Ah Li’s embrace. Shortly after, Ah Li smelled till a sweet smell from beside her, and she could be seen hugging her father while with a comfortable expression on her face. Ye Hua let out a light breath, then thought to himself, “Those two women are probably going to become very complacent after tomorrow.” At Voidless Realm, Qing Ya decided to train throughout the night, and Donghuang Baizhi was standing by Qing Ya’s side and attentively teaching Qing Ya on how to fight. The sky gradually turned white, and Qing Ya raised her head and looked at the horizon, “Ye Hua should be very angry right now, right? We have not accompanied him for two days already.” “We are doing this for the sake of the people of this world. At worst, we will go back home tonight and properly make it up to Ye Hua.” Donghuang Baizhi said shyly. Donghuang Baizhi’s “make it up” was definitely going to be her making it up to Ye Hua with her body, and this was precisely Ye Hua’s favorite. Qing Ya laughed lightly. It is more or less time for us to leave. “This ancient godly item is called Purple Forest Armor. It provides immunity to poison and possesses very high defense.” Donghuang Baizhi could be seen handing over an ancient godly item to Qing Ya. In actuality, Donghuang Baizhi only had two ancient godly items, one sword, and one armor. The rest of the ancient godly items had already been distributed to her subordinates. Right now, Donghuang Baizhi naturally wouldn’t go and look for her subordinates and ask her subordinates to hand over their ancient godly items to her. If she were to do that, they would definitely come to know that she and Qing Ya were going to go and deal with that group of unknown power by themselves, and would definitely stop her and Qing Ya from going. “If you hand this over to me, do you still have an ancient godly item for yourself?” Donghuang Baizhi laughed lightly, “I have a sword.” Donghuang Baizhi’s sword was a new one because her previous sword was destroyed by Lie Gu. “I think it is better for you to have the armor for yourself, I am stronger than you after all.” Qing Ya returned the Purple Forest Armor to Donghuang Baizhi. “Qing Ya, what you just said is heartrending. Quickly wear onto this armor, if not, I will go and find Ye Hua and tell on you.” Qing Ya laughed dryly, “You don’t act like an empress at all.“ “In the past, I felt that being an empress was very awesome, but now, I feel that being a woman is much more pleasant than being an empress.” “That’s right, being a woman is actually quite good, especially when the man that we met is a man like Ye Hua.” That’s right, and this man of yours has even planned another great show for you and Donghuang Baizhi. Qing Ya wore onto the Purple Forest Armor, and immediately, she changed from a virtuous and able wife to a female general. Purple breastplate, and a purple gown underneath the breastplate, those two items helped give Qing Ya a unique look. The might of the ancient godly item gradually spread out from Qing Ya, and the spiritual sword that Qing Ya was holding in her hand helped to further increase her charm. Meanwhile, Donghuang Baizhi wore a gold color empress armor and looked both powerful and domineering. Her face that was beautiful beyond words was enough to make one’s heart feel itchy and wonder just what kind of scenery was underneath that gold armor. Ye Hua wants to express that he knows what kind of scenery was underneath the gold armor. Underneath the gold armor is a body that you all wouldn’t be able to imagine, and that body is extremely sensitive. The two women took a look at each other, then disappeared from Voidless Realm and appeared in the sky that was above Zhi Family! However, the ground below them had already been scorched, and the forest that was not far away from them was still burning. Near the forest, lots of fire trucks could be seen to have been dispatched. Donghuang Baizhi let out a breath, then waved her delicate hand. Immediately, a bunch of clouds gathered in the sky, and in no time, heavy rain began falling from the sky. “Where did that group of people went to? From the looks of it, a big battle happened here not too long ago.” Donghuang Baizhi said puzzledly. “There is a formidable power fluctuation coming from southeast!” Qing Ya cried out in surprise. From their southeast, Cloud Sect was not far away! “Qing Ya, they are intending on exterminating Cloud Sect!” Donghuang Baizhi said. The two women disappeared once again. At Cloud Sect. Right now, with a gaudy red color robe worn on his body, and a goat mask worn on his face, Jue Tian was walking on the flight of stairs that led to Cloud Sect’s palace hall. This morning, Cloud Sect’s disciples rushed back to their sect because they heard that there was going to be a meeting. And in the end, right after they returned back to Cloud Sect, they came across Jue Tian, and up till now, Jue Tian had already killed a few of Cloud Sect’s disciples. Suddenly, a youngster flew out from Cloud Sect’s palace hall! The youngster was extremely handsome, and the green robe that the youngster was wearing was different from the robes that the other disciples were wearing. “Sect Master!” Upon seeing the youngster, the disciples greeted. That’s right, right after Xun Yi died, this youngster was the one who went from being a senior brother to a sect master! This youngster was called Wu Hao! This youngster was someone who possessed aspirations, and back then, his main goal was to make Xun Fang become his woman. However, when he heard that his goddess had thrown herself into the arms of a bad guy, his heart died. However, because of the state that he entered after becoming broken-hearted, he entered into qi deviation while cultivating, and by coincidence, when he was in qi deviation, he actually managed to open his conception and governor vessels, and from then on, his strength began soaring! After Xun Yi died, he began challenging every great elder, then took over the position of sect master after defeating all of the great elders. xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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