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xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 279 – Give them a whipping “Your distinguished, who are you, to actually dare to break into my Cloud Sect!” Wu Hao shouted out with a stern voice and surrounded Jue Tian with his disciples. With a relaxed tone, Jue Tian said, “The reason I came here today is to exterminate your Cloud Sect!” “You belong to that group of people!” Wu Hao said gravely, and the expressions that were on the other disciples also became extremely grave. “That’s right! Today is your Cloud Sect’s death date, no one will be able to save you all, and if there is someone who is able to save you all, that person would definitely be a brave and courageous warrior!” After finished speaking, a formidable aura burst out from Jue Tian’s body and sent everyone flying away. However, those people who were sent flying away did not die and were merely gravely injured. “Stop!!!” A shout could be heard erupting out from the horizon. The person has not even arrived, and yet the person’s voice had already first arrived. From the looks of it, the person was definitely an expert! Very quickly, two beautiful figures appeared within Cloud Sect! Jue Tian still has not met the two madams, and this was his first time meeting the two madams. When Jue Tian saw the two madams, he almost kneeled down and greet the madams. I didn’t expect that my first time meeting with the two madams would be in such a situation, this is truly regretful. Everyone from Cloud Sect looked at the two pretty ladies who appeared within their sect, and evidently, they were all attracted by the two pretty ladies’ looks. Meanwhile, Wu Hao who had fallen onto the flight of stairs was currently looking dazedly at the two ladies, and his heart which had died was slowly coming back to life. Wu Hao had finally found a new goal in life. “This… isn’t this the rumored Voidless Realm’s empress!” Everyone in Cloud Sect didn’t know who the empress was, but a disciple could be heard suddenly crying out in surprise while pointing at Donghuang Baizhi. And in actuality, this disciple was a Ying Family member who was disguising as a Cloud Sect disciple. This person’s acting skills were pretty good. Yesterday when Xun Fang received her orders, she used a secret technique to pass down an order to all the disciples, and the order that the disciples received was to return back to the sect. Afterward, she planted people from Ying Family into Cloud Sect to corporate with Jue Tian’s act. “The empress has come to save us! Voidless Realm’s empress has come to save us!” Another disciple could be seen standing his body up and shouting out with all of his strength. “I didn’t expect that the empress would actually come and deal with south’s trifle matter! Empress, you have my respect!” “The other person who is beside the empress is definitely a heroine too! Their bravery is not falling short when compared to men!” “Take a look at the north’s big power, then take a look at the south’s big powers, Ji Family and Ying Family. This is the difference between the north's big power and the south's two big powers!” “That’s right, Voidless Realm’s empress actually came all the way from north to south to save us! I am truly touched by the empress! Even if I have to sacrifice my life for the empress, I will not hesitate to do it!” Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were a bit giddy. Didn’t all the big sects already send all their disciples back home? So, why are all of Cloud Sect’s disciples gathered at their own sect? And also… the words that are coming from their mouths are truly embarrassing… With the help of his disciples, Wu Hao stood his body up, then cupped his hands at the empress and said, “This humble one is Cloud Sect’s Sect Master Wu Hao. Thank you, empress, for helping my Cloud Sect, my Cloud Sect will never forget this deed of yours!” Donghuang Baizhi said lightly, “Sect Master Wu, you are being courteous, getting rid of evils is one of the objectives of my Voidless Realm. Today, along with my good friend, we will definitely eradicate this group of evil people!” One of Ying Family members who was disguised as a Cloud Sect disciple suddenly shouted out, “Long live the empress, long live the heroine!” Soon after, few others followed along and shouted out the same thing, and as more and more people began shouting, what everyone was shouting became, “Long live the two empresses~” Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were both a bit giddy right now. Aren’t those people too passionate? Originally, Qing Ya and I wanted to secretly eliminate that group of evil people, and we didn’t expect to end up making such a big scene. However, this was still not the end. Lots of black dots could be seen appearing from the horizon, and soon after, those black dots landed in Cloud Sect. Most of those people were loose cultivators. Earlier on, when they heard that Voidless Realm’s empress had come to the south to help the south deal with the evil power, they decided to come over to Cloud Sect to take a look, and upon arriving at Cloud Sect, they discovered that the empress actually really came to the south! Looking at the scene that was in front of them, those people knew that the empress had most likely managed to stop the evil power from destroying Cloud Sect, because, if the empress didn’t manage to stop the evil power, Cloud Sect would have definitely already been exterminated by that evil power! “For the empress to be willing to come and help out the south, as a south’s cultivator, I feel truly ashamed.” “That’s right, that’s right, south’s big powers closed their doors and are not willing to come out, and yet, for the sake of helping out the south, the empress went to the trouble of traveling from north to south. Empress, you have our respect.” “Also, this heroine, you are truly a towering figure amongst women, you have my respect too!” Immediately, various kinds of praises rang out in Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi’s ears, and those praises caused the both of them to feel rather embarrassed. Meanwhile, Jue Tian did not make any move, and instead, just stood still and watched as the madams get praised by those people. It must be said that, for the madams to actually dare to come and take on the “evil power”, the madams’ courage are truly outstanding. The madams have my utmost respect! What was supposed to be a dangerous battle turned into a praising convention. Everyone seemed to have forgotten Jue Tian’s existence. “Cough, cough, cough! Are you all done speaking!” Feeling that it was more or less enough already, Jue Tian coughed lightly. If you all continue praising the two madams, what else would there be left for me to praise! After Jue Tian spoke, then did everyone realized that there was still such an existence here right now, and all of them couldn’t help but become afraid. Jue Tian slowly walked towards the two madams, then greeted well-manneredly, “For you two heroines to come here, I reckon that your motive is to prevent me from killing those people, right? You two have my respect for possessing such courage.” “Look! Even the enemy is praising them!” “That’s right, that’s right, the moment they arrived here, this guy's aura was suppressed by them!” “I’m about to become the empresses’ fan.” “Who do you all think is more beautiful? The empress, or the heroine?” “Only a child would choose which to pick. If it is up to me, I would say that both of them are equally beautiful.” While looking coldly at Jue Tian, Qing Ya shouted out, “Evildoer! Surrender to us while you still can!” “Although this humble one respects you two’s heroic act, I’m afraid that it is impossible for this humble one to surrender to you two!” Jue Tian’s aura gradually increased, and this caused everyone to not be able to help but fall back, so as to prevent from being killed. “Evildoer! Where are your companions!” Donghuang Baizhi asked gravely. Jue Tian laughed loudly, “Empress, for sure a mere thing like exterminating Cloud Sect, do you think that I would require help from my companions?” “Arrogant!” Wu Hao shouted out. When I am chatting with the madams, what are you, a human, interrupting us for! Jue Tian slapped on the air, and an incorporeal sharp blade struck towards Wu Hao’s forehead! Qing Ya’s figure immediately disappeared. Dang! The blade of a sword could be seen to have been positioned right before Wu Hao’s eyes. During Wu Hao’s moment of life and death, Qing Ya saved Wu Hao’s life! Looking at the figure that was in front of him, Wu Hao made a decision. For the rest of my life, my goddess should be her! “Formidable! To actually be able to block my attack.” Jue Tian clapped his hands and praised. Qing Ya shouted out, “I still have even more formidable things installed for you!” “Heroines, how about we have a bet with each other?” Jue Tian said. Donghuang Baizhi shouted out sternly, “What kind of crafty plot are you planning on plotting!” “Empress, you are overthinking it. The bet that I want to make is that, if I lose against the two of you, I will put a stop to the massacre! And as long as you two are still in this world, I will never appear in this world!” Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi took a look at each other. This is a good chance. Qing Ya asked, “What about your companions?” “My thoughts are precisely their thoughts too!” Jue Tian said. “What if we lose?” Donghuang Baizhi asked gravely. Jue Tian laughed lightly, “If you two lose, Cloud Sect will be exterminated! That’s all! But, of course, even if you two lose, Cloud Sect can still avoid being exterminated!” “What’s the condition?” Donghuang Baizhi asked. “The condition will be, whether if you two would be willing to sacrifice your lives in exchange for Cloud Sect’s safety!” Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi’s hearts sunk to the valley. The two looked at the surrounding Cloud Sect disciples, pain and fright could be seen to be filled on the disciples’ faces. Although I don’t know them, the reason that I came here today is precisely to save them! The two women nodded their heads at each other. Qing Ya said gravely, “If we lose, we hope that you will keep your words and spare Cloud Sect!” Right now, Ye Hua was currently using Jue Tian’s eyes to observe what was happening at Cloud Sect, and when he heard the two women’s decision, he almost died from anger. “These two foolish women! They are actually intending to throw away their lives for some salted fishes! Do they not know that there are still a crippled and a daughter at home that need to be looked after!” “They are angering me to death! When you two come back, I am definitely going to give you two a whipping!” xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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