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xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 283 – Suffer retribution Seeing the scene that was happening in front of them, words cannot express just how great the family heads felt, and immediately, all of them began laughing out loudly. The reason that the family heads dared to laugh was because they were sure that Ji Family wouldn’t dare to anyhow kill them, because, if Ji Family were to anyhow kill them, Ji Family would basically be doing something that would cause everyone in the world to go against them. However, the family heads underestimated Ji Ji and Ji Teng’s temper. After being messed around with by the throwing knives, and even practically being ridiculed as “SB”, how could they withstand it? While hearing the family heads’ laughter, Ji Ji took out a tray, and the tray seemed very similar to a flying guillotine. However, this flying guillotine that Ji Ji took out was much more formidable than a normal flying guillotine, because this flying guillotine that he took out was an ancient godly item. Ji Ji picked the one who was laughing the hardest and tossed the flying guillotine at the person! The flying guillotine could be seen landing onto that family head’s head, and afterward, the bottom part of the flying guillotine extended downwards and pierced through the family head’s legs! From the top to the bottom of the fully extended flying guillotine, there were quite a number of layers, and each layer possessed a sharp sawtooth blade. If the flying guillotine were to start spinning, everyone should be able to imagine just what would happen to the family head! Ji Ji whose anger was soaring through the sky muttered something in a low voice, and the flying guillotine began to spin! “Ji Family, you cannot kill me!” The family head who was bound by the flying guillotine shouted out angrily. “You won’t be the only one who is going to die, all of you are going to die!” Biu. Another throwing knife pierced through Ji Ji’s chest, and immediately, Ji Ji’s anger erupted! Shnng! The family head that was bound by the flying guillotine immediately turned into blood water. And afterward, the flying guillotine didn’t stop, and instead, it flew towards another family head! The scene immediately turned into chaos, and all of the family heads didn’t care that much anymore, all they could do right now was to fight it out with Ji Family! Ji Teng’s body trembled, and the throwing knives that were on his chest shot out from his chest and killed a few family heads. Soon after, a huge black metal sword appeared in Ji Teng’s hand, and from the looks of it, just like the flying guillotine, this sword was an ancient godly item too! Astonishment appeared in all of the family heads’ eyes. As expected of a big power! Ancient godly items are practically like cabbages to them! Ji Teng suddenly rushed forth and brandished the huge black metal sword at the crowd! A huge sword energy struck at the crowd, and immediately, quite a number of family heads died! Immediately, all of the family heads became flustered. Ji Family has gone mad! They are actually massacring us family heads! “Everyone, quickly run! Ji Family has gone mad!” “Quickly run, we have to inform everyone of Ji Family’s evil deed!” “That’s right, we have to make Ji Family become loathed by everyone in this world!” All of the family heads began retreating. For such a thing like this to have happened, they must inform the people outside of it! Looking at the family heads that were running away, Ji Ji and Ji Teng finally came back to their senses. While with their brows tightly wrinkled, they thought to themselves, “We seem to have caused the matter to get out of hand!” “I merely told you two to chase away those family heads, and yet, look at what you two had done!” Ji Zizhen suddenly appeared behind the two and said coldly while with his hands placed behind his back. “Big brother!” “Big brother!” Ji Zizhen did not respond, and instead, silently looked at the scene in front of him. More than half of those family heads have died. If this matter were to spread out, the consequences that would follow would be unimaginable! After remaining silent for a while, Ji Zizhen let out a breath, then said, “Since things have come to this point, don’t let any one of them escape!” “Yes!” “Yes!” From the looks of it, Ji Zizhen has prepared himself for the worst. A big power massacring their subordinates, such a matter like this definitely cannot get spread out to the outside world! All of those family heads must die! The family heads who have arrived at the barrier discovered that they have arrived at a dead-end! The hole that they made in the barrier had actually been restored back to normal. Right now, the situation that the family heads were faced against was that, a dead-end was in front of them, and soldiers were catching up to them from behind! All of the family heads’ faces were filled with despair. Meanwhile, Jue Tian had transformed into his true form, and was currently standing on a roof and watching the show. Furthermore, Jue Tian could be seen holding onto his phone and recording the scene. In no time, Ji Family’s army surrounded the remaining few hundred family heads. “Ji Family’s youngsters, even if I am going to die, I am going to drag along a few of you with me!” Ge Zheng took the lead to rush into Ji Family’s army. During the moment of life and death, Ge Zheng actually broke through his realm, and formidable spiritual energy burst forth from his body. Ji Ji snorted coldly, then tossed out the flying guillotine that was in his hand, and immediately, the flying guillotine landed on Ge Zheng’s head! Right after, Ge Zheng who was in the air turned into mere blood water. “Kill!” Ji Ji shouted out coldly. Immediately, the sounds of people cursing vulgarities, begging for mercy, and wailing in pain rang out in the scene. After 10+ minutes, while looking at the last family head collapsed on the ground, Jue Tian clicked his tongue continuously. This video is definitely going to shock the world! However, I must say, for Ji Family to actually dare to massacre the family heads of 90% of the south’s powers, their guts are truly big. Ji Family imperial guards could be seen quickly cleaning up the battlefield, and after the corpses were dealt with, and the battlefield had been cleaned up, it seemed as if nothing had happened here. Seeing that his job here was done, Jue Tian kept away his phone and left. Since I’m done with my job here, I should report to His Honor about it. Perhaps, the entire Ji Family would have never thought that, while they had other people’s lives grasped in their hands, Ye Hua had their lives grasped in his hands. “Your Honor, I have completed my task.” Jue Tian contacted Ye Hua and said. Right now, Ye Hua was currently playing around with his daughter. “Just how much do you think those family heads hate Ji Family right now?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Jue Tian responded respectfully, “Those family heads’ hatred for Ji Family is most likely extremely high. After all, they even fought with Ji Family.” Ye Hua laughed involuntarily, “Oh? They even fought with Ji Family? This is a bit interesting, how many of them died?” “All of them died.” Ye Hua, “……” When Donghuang Li saw that her father became dazed, she asked curiously, “Daddy, what’s the matter?” “Ah Li, you go and play with Aunt Qing first, daddy has something to do.” Ye Hua said faintly. Donghuang Li was very sensible, after nodding her head, she ran to the room that was at the side. Meanwhile, Ye Hua stood by the window and ignited a stick of cigarette, “Are you sure that all of them died?!” “Subordinate is very sure. Subordinate did what Your Honor told subordinate to do. Subordinate ignited their anger, and as expected, Ji Family couldn’t hold themselves back after being angered and ended up massacring all of the family heads. Furthermore, subordinate has everything recorded on phone. Ji Family is definitely going to have to bear responsibility for this matter!” Ye Hua shouted out angrily, “When did I f**king told you to get all of the family heads killed! Now that all of those family heads died, where am I going to look for people to toy around with!” “Your Honor, quell your anger!” Jue Tian said while terrified. “I have already emphasized enough to you that all you have to do is to get them to fight amongst each other. How could you let Ji Family just kill all of the family heads like this!” Jue Tian hurriedly explained, “Your Honor, subordinate did things according to what you told subordinate to do, which was to make them fight amongst each other. Just that, those family heads were too weak and all of them ended up being killed by Ji Family.” “If that’s the case, do you not know how to help out those family heads!” “Your Honor, if subordinate helped out those family heads, wouldn’t subordinate’s identity get revealed?” Ye Hua, “……” Ye Hua finally knew why his group ended up being exterminated by those overlords back then. Great, now that pretty much all of the south’s family heads have died, how is the south going to have the strength to fight against the north anymore? Without at least a hundred years to recuperate, it is going to be impossible for the south to raise their strength back to normal. This is annoying! “I will come over right now!” “Subordinate should respectfully wait for Your Honor’s arrival then.” Ye Hua began gathering the Seven Sins. This could be counted as a small reunion. Right now, Ji Family was currently holding an emergency meeting in the main hall. On the family head seat, Ji Zizhen appeared to be very calm, and was currently drinking tea. Meanwhile, Ji Family elders were extremely indignant with Ji Zizhen’s doings. “What this Ji Zizhen had done is something that violates the heaven’s law! To have done such a thing like this, our Ji Family will definitely suffer retribution!” “That’s right!” While listening to the elders jabber on and on, Ji Zizhen suddenly said faintly, “Don’t speak anymore, all those people have already died, what is there to even continue talking about.” “Family head, if we end up causing those people above to become angry, our Ji Family will have to face the fate of being destroyed!” One of the elders said gravely. The existence of the big powers was to uphold justice, and yet, what justice was there in what Ji Family had done? “Those people don’t exist anymore. They have not appeared for thousands of years, and naturally, they also won’t appear in the future!” Ji Zizhen said faintly, completely not worried about this problem. After pausing for a moment, Ji Zizhen continued and said, “Furthermore, the deaths of those people can be pushed onto that group of people. This matter does not have anything to do with our Ji Family.” “Big brother is brilliant!” “Big brother is brilliant!” Ji Zizhen placed his teacup down on the table, then said gravely, “Right now, our main task is to annex Ying Family! Then afterward, annex Voidless Realm!” “Family head, you mustn’t do that!” Ji Zizhen’s gaze turned cold as he shouted out, “Drag him out of the meeting!” A few imperial guards could be seen walking in and dragging the elder away from the meeting. However, right after they dragged the elder a few steps away from the main hall, they came across five strangers. xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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