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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 286 – A lot of people The woman in front of Ye Hua made him recalled of the past. Back then, just how many humans who were very confident in themselves have act cool in front of me? Just that, only at the very final moment, then did those humans all come to realize just how great of a thing is it to live without trying to act cool. After all, when the difference in strength is too big, acting cool is no different from seeking death. This so-called deity, I really wonder who gave her the courage to actually dare to utter such words. To dare to act cool in front of me, do you know that today is going to be the last day that you are going to be able to act cool? Seeing that the woman was being impudent towards His Honor, Ye Zizi, Jue Tian, and Wei Chang who were standing behind His Honor were already itching to kill the woman. Even Lie Gu who was somewhat fond of the woman was also somewhat itching to kill the woman. This woman is too conceited! His Honor can only be revered and cannot be disrespected! Being disrespectful towards His Honor is a huge sin! Ye Hua raised his hand, indicating to his subordinates to not do anything. Although this woman is being very disrespectful towards me, there are still some things that I want to know. For example, just what are those three big powers, and just who is this deity. I wonder if this deity in front of me is on the same side as those deities that I know. Or perhaps, they are just colleagues? Or even more, one side may be the boss, and the other side may be the subordinate. My interest has been piqued once again. Ye Hua took in a deep breath of smoke, then asked curiously, “I, the Supreme Overlord, am curious. You deities, are all of you all so conceited?” Madam Zi Yuan’s interest seemed to have been piqued as well and she could be seen indicating to the two people behind her to not do anything. I have never before seen such a reckless and bold man. I will play along with him and see just what he has to say! Madam Zi Yuan walked to Ji Teng’s seat and sat on Ji Teng’s seat. Meanwhile, her two subordinates tossed Ji Zizhen and Ji Teng’s corpses to the side. Everyone from Ji Family didn’t dare to even breathe too heavily, because all of those people were not people that they could afford to offend. From Madam Zi Yuan’s sitting posture, it could be seen that she was not like Donghuang Baizhi, who would display a dominant look when she was in front of others, and instead, her sitting posture was just like that of a married woman. Madam Zi Yuan’s good-looking face was just like a calm lake, there was no emotions fluctuation on her face, and instead, there was only a trace of curiousness in her eyes. And it was seemingly because of her curiousness, Ye Hua and the others still have not died yet. But little did she know, the reason that she was still alive was because, just like her, Ye Hua’s curiousness was piqued too. Madam Zi Yuan said lightly, “It is only natural for us to be conceited. After all, deities are above all living things.” “How many Overlords have been consecrated by you deities?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Back then, I have killed quite a number of Overlords. From the number of Overlords that are backing those deities, I can judge just how strong this group of deities are. If the number of Overlords is high, it would mean that this group of deities is strong. And if the number of Overlords is low… Haha… Madam Zi Yuan laughed lightly. It must be said that, the smile that was on Madam Zi Yuan’s face looked rather pleasing to the eyes. However, right now, Ye Hua was not interested in other women, and Wei Chang was the same too. As for Jue Tian, he doesn’t care about women, and thus, Lie Gu was the only one whose heart had slightly palpitated upon seeing Madam Zi Yuan’s smile. However, the reason his heart palpitated this time was different from the reason his heart palpitated during the first time he saw Madam Zi Yuan. The first time his heart palpitated, it was because he wanted to make Madam Zi Yuan his woman. And this time, it was because he wanted to give Madam Zi Yuan a whipping. To actually dare to be disrespectful towards His Honor, this woman should really be treated upon with candles and whippings. “Overlords are majestic and supreme beings, to consecrate them is a disrespectful action to them.” After pausing for a moment, Madam Zi Yuan continued, “For you to address yourself as an Overlord, this action of yours is already a blasphemy towards the Overlords. With this action of yours, death will not be something that you will be able to easily escape from.” Ye Hua laughed lightly, having been amused by what Madam Zi Yuan just said, “If Overlords are majestic and supreme beings, what kind of a being would a Supreme Overlord be?” “Supreme Overlord? Doesn’t matter if it is now, or in the future, such a thing like a Supreme Overlord won’t ever appear.” Madam Zi Yuan said lightly, and looking at the look on her face, she seemed to have lost her patience. Ye Hua lightly flicked away his cigarette ash, then said calmly, “Congratulations, the Supreme Overlord that you just said would never appear is currently sitting in front of you. According to what you said just now, right now, to show your respect towards me, should you not be kneeling down in front of me?” “Impudent!” An astonishing godly might exploded from the two men who were standing behind Madam Zi Yuan, and immediately, all of the members from Ji Family that were in the meeting hall spurt out a mouth of blood and died. Soon after, the two rushed towards Ye Hua. However, when they were a meter away from Ye Hua, their figures came to a halt, and soon after, they returned back to where they were standing just a while ago. There was nothing peculiar with the two men’s expressions, just by looking at them, one wouldn’t be able to tell that those two had been controlled. Jue Tian naturally knew His Honor’s intentions. Killing people is not His Honor’s original intention, His Honor’s original intention is to toy around his enemies in the palm of his hand. Madam Zi Yuan’s expression slightly sunk. Madam Zi Yuan naturally knew that her two subordinates were acting abnormally, but she did not know the reason why they were acting abnormally! Those people couldn’t have done anything while they are in front of me. Could it be that, my husband gave those two some kind of restrictions? This is perhaps the only explanation as to why they are acting abnormally. Ye Hua said faintly, “The conversation should end here. Madam, I will give you a bit of time to consider whether if you should kneel down or not.” “Wei Chang, Ye Zizi, didn’t the two of you wanted to have a competition with each other? Although there aren’t a million people here, there are still at least over ten thousand people here, you two can go ahead and have some fun.” Ye Hua said faintly, evidently not intending to leave anyone from Ji Family alive. Madam Zi Yuan could be seen shouting out, “This Ji Family is my husband’s servant! You are not qualified to decide the fate of this Ji Family!” After finish speaking, a godly might exploded out from Madam Zi Yuan’s body, and from all directions, spiritual energy began gathering towards her. Madam Zi Yuan seemed to have turned into a dazzling sun, and soon after, the spiritual energy that gathered to her exploded forth in all directions. Immediately, the entire building was turned into ashes, and even the corpses were no exception too. As expected of a deity, all Madam Zi Yuan did was exude her aura, and yet, with just her aura alone, she was already this formidable. However, in Ye Hua’s eyes, what Madam Zi Yuan just did was simply gaudy and lacking in essence. “For offending a deity, I should bestow death upon you all!” Madam Zi Yuan shouted out. Ye Hua let out a light sigh, “I have already said that I will give you some time to consider if you should kneel down or not, so why are you in such a rush to rush to your death?” Ye Hua lightly flicked his finger, and immediately, seemingly like her power source had been cut off, Madam Zi Yuan who was dazzling like a sun stopped dazzling. Afterward, Madam Zi Yuan powerlessly took a few steps backward, then collapsed on the ground while in a dazed state. Madam Zi Yuan looked dazedly at Ye Hua. This is impossible! He is actually able to seal my power in an instant! Even my husband is not able to do such a thing, and yet this man is actually able to do it! Could it be that, he is really…? No, this is definitely impossible! Overlords are beings that stand above all else, so how could an Overlord be living in such a low-grade world! “The two of you, what are you two still waiting for, quickly finish up so we can head back.” Ye Hua said faintly. Ye Zizi smiled happily, “Gluttonous Monster, let’s have a competition then~” “As you wish.” Wei Chang said with a slight smile. Ye Hua’s subordinates sure are amiable. Look at Ye Zizi and Wei Chang, then take a look at those two subordinates of Madam Zi Yuan’s… As the group’s leader, right now, Ye Hua was not as strict to his subordinates as he used to back then. Right now, Ye Hua was able to even joke around with his subordinates. Wei Chang and Ye Zizi did not move from their spots. Wei Chang’s hands turned into countless tentacles, and those tentacles seemed just like a bunch of pythons. If one has trypophobia, this scene would definitely cause them to throw up. Meanwhile, Ye Zizi’s hair began extending outward from her spot. Immediately! Miserable shrieks began ringing out in the entire Ji Family. Looking down from the sky right now, Ji Family seemed as if it had been twined around by a bunch of phytons and countless strands of red hair. The scene was eerie enough to send a chill down one’s spine. Madam Zi Yuan was gazing at Wei Chang and Ye Zizi. Those tentacles of Wei Chang’s were transporting things toward Wei Chang’s body, and looking at the shapes of the things that were being transported, the things that were being transported were evidently humans. Looking at the scene, even Madam Zi Yuan couldn’t help but start retching. This person is simply not a human! As for Ye Zizi, her hair had already turned bloody red. An immeasurable amount of blood was being absorbed by her hair and transported into her brain. With the naked eye, Ye Zizi’s pupils could be seen becoming redder and redder. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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