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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 288 – Grant When green and red brothers appeared at the scene, Ye Hua was shocked by their outfits. “Your Honor!” “Your Honor!” Green and red brothers shouted out hurriedly. Why didn’t Uncle Wei told us earlier that His Honor would be here too? If we had known, we would have definitely dressed up a bit more nicely. Green and red capes definitely cannot be left out when we are in His Honor’s presence. Look at our outfits right now… Skintight shirt and shorts… This is so awkward… Eh? There is a woman kneeling on the ground. What is going on? Wei Chang coughed lightly, “Green and red brothers, His Honor has bestowed you a marriage!” Green and red brothers were stunned. We were just discussing about wives just a while ago, and in the next moment, His Honor is bestowing a marriage upon me. His Honor truly empathizes with us subordinates! Could this woman who is currently kneeling on the ground be the person who is going to become my wife? Although I can’t see her face, judging from her figure, she shouldn’t look too bad! Madam Zi Yuan slowly turned her head around to take a look at just what exactly were the “green and red brothers”. And when Madam Zi Yuan saw the green and red brothers, she thought to herself, “Indeed, they truly live up to their name, green and red.” Green and red brothers saw it! They saw the woman’s face! My god, so beautiful… This woman is so beautiful! So, so, so beautiful!!! I’m so excited right now, His Honor is truly so nice to us. Ye Hua gestured with his hand, and the green and red brothers immediately came to the front of Ye Hua and kneeled down in front of Ye Hua. “Are you satisfied with this woman?” Ye Hua asked faintly. How can I not be satisfied?! I am simply extremely satisfied right now! This woman is pretty much a woman who I can only wish to have in my dreams! “Subordinate is satisfied!” “Subordinate is satisfied!” Madam Zi Yuan’s mental state was currently falling apart. He actually asked such two humans if they are satisfied with me! What he is doing is simply trampling on my dignity! Ye Hua let out a light sigh, “I will let you know firsthand, this woman has already married before once. Do you mind?” “I don’t mind!” “I don’t mind!” Ye Hua asked curiously, “Little red, tell me, why do you not mind?” “Your Honor, in this age, women that are still pure are scarce, most of the women have all already pretty much been taken before by a man. From the start, all that subordinate asks for his other half is that it would be fine as long as she is a female. However, subordinate didn’t expect that His Honor would worry about subordinate’s matter and even bestowed a marriage upon subordinate. Subordinate is truly touched…” While speaking, Little Brother Red actually began crying. Asides from my mother, His Honor is the only one who treats me so well. Ye Hua agreed with Little Brother Red’s viewpoint. Amongst tens of thousands of women, only Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi were able to catch my attention. From this, it could be seen just how scarce women that are still pure are… “Since you two don’t mind, you two should discuss with each other on who should be the one to take over this woman. I, the Supreme Overlord, should uphold a marriage for whoever that will be taking over this woman!” Ye Hua was in a pretty good mood. Only now did the green and red brothers came to realize a problem, which was that there was only one woman. Big Brother Green did not utter a word, and Little Brother Red also didn’t utter a word. “The relationship of those two brothers isn’t going to crack just because of a woman, right?” Wei Chang thought to himself. “Little brother, how about we use the old method to decide on this matter?” Big Brother Green said after taking in a deep breath. Little Brother Red nodded his head, “Alright, three rounds, the winner should be whoever who won two rounds!” “Scissors, paper, stone!” “Scissors, paper, stone!” “Wait a moment!” Madam Zi Yuan immediately interrupted the two. How can my fate be decided by such a thing like scissors, paper, stone! Ye Hua looked towards Madam Zi Yuan and asked faintly, “What’s the matter?” Madam Zi Yuan was not foolish, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape, and she reckoned that, even if she wanted to die, it would also be very difficult for her to do so. If I really have no choice but to marry one of those two, at the least, I should be the one who decides on who I am going to marry to! I will submit for now and then look for the chance to escape in the future! “Since it has come to this point, I want to be the one to choose which one of them I am going to marry to.” Madam Zi Yuan said gravely. Such a humiliation like this, I will definitely seek my revenge in the future. Ye Hua felt that it was fine and asked the green and red brothers, “What do you two think?” The green and red brothers took a look at each other, then nodded their heads. “Alright, you can stand up.” Ye Hua said to Madam Zi Yuan. Ye Hua unexpectedly liked the feeling of acting as a matchmaker. Seems like, as the boss, I should indeed help out with my subordinates' happiness. Also, this Jue Tian, it is not a good thing that he is not interested in women, I should find a chance to have a good talk with him in the future. Madam Zi Yuan stood up and walked to the front of the green and red brothers. Madam Zi Yuan’s expression was calm, she was not nervous, and also wasn’t shy. On the other hand, the green and red brothers’ faces were red as an apple. Even more, the two were currently nervous to the point that they were holding onto each other’s hands. “I pick him!” Madam Zi Yuan said faintly. Big Brother Green’s mouth gradually opened wider and wider. He was in disbelief! Meanwhile, Little Brother Red hugged onto his big brother and shouted out excitedly, “Big brother, I have a wife now! Haha! This is great!” Big Brother Green was dumbfounded. Why did she pick little brother and not me? In actuality, Madam Zi Yuan had her own motive for picking Little Brother Red. This Little Brother Red looks a bit foolish and seems to be very easy to deceive. From his gaze, I am able to determine that I will be able to control him, and thus achieve my goal of escaping! On the other hand, that Big Brother Green, although he seems frivolous, in actuality, I can see that he is actually calm-minded and cautious. Evidently, he isn’t the kind that is easy to control. Little Brother Red who was extremely excited gave his big brother a big kiss on the cheek. This caused Ye Hua to laugh brightly. It could be seen that Ye Hua was rather happy. The four subordinates who were standing behind Ye Hua also revealed a smile on their faces. His Honor is truly going to a lot of trouble for us subordinates. “Big brother, little brother is going to have to break up with you, you have to take good care of yourself when I’m not by your side, understand?” Little Brother Red was reluctant to part with his big brother. Big Brother Green had nothing to say. “Little green, don’t feel disheartened, I will look for a partner for you in the future.” Ye Hua said with a smile on his face. Just based on the fact that they brought Ah Li over to me, don’t say one wife, even if it is a group of wives, I will also be able to find for them too! Upon hearing His Honor’s words, Big Brother Green immediately recovered back to full health, “Break up it is then. His Honor will definitely introduce a much better partner to me in the future.” Little Brother Red held onto his big brother’s hand and said with gratitude, “Big brother, little brother will be settling down first. Little brother hopes that big brother will be able to walk further and further on this path of being single.” Big Brother Green, “……” “Ah, I spoke wrongly. Heaven never bars one’s way, big brother will definitely be able to get a wife in the future. Big brother, your little brother will be taking a step ahead now.” Big Brother Green slapped onto Little Brother Red’s head, “You are intending to forget me now that you have a wife, huh!” “Alright, quiet down.” Ye Hua said faintly. Green and red brothers immediately became quiet. “Little red, leave your wedding to me, I will help you to set up your wedding.” Ye Hua was very thoughtful when it came to the green and red brothers, and this was all naturally because of Ah Li. Little Brother Red immediately kneeled down, “Thank you, Your Honor!” “It is still too early for you to thank me, because I still have a mission for you.” Ye Hua said gravely, and in his tone, there was faint killing intent. Everyone who was present at the scene was startled. His Honor has been very normal since the beginning. For His Honor to suddenly emit killing intent, what is going on? “Your Honor, please tell subordinate what the mission is, even ten thousand deaths also won’t be able to prevent subordinate from accomplishing the mission that Your Honor gave to subordinate!” Right now, Little Brother Red was basically His Honor’s fan. Whoever who dares to speak badly of His Honor, I will exterminate their entire family! Ye Hua said solemnly, “I will give you two months, if she doesn’t get pregnant by two months, I will kill her personally!” Right now, only Wei Chang understood His Honor’s intentions. Back then, Death Mage and Xun Fang were scared by His Honor just like this. It seems that His Honor truly treats the green and red brothers really well. “Subordinate understood!” Little Brother Red responded. Isn’t it just making a child? This is no big deal! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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