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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 292 – Reward Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi nodded their heads. This woman is indeed not bad, she looks really pretty, and her temperament seems pretty good. “Eh, is that Uncle Red’s wife? She’s so pretty.” Donghuang Li saw Zi Shan too, and she couldn’t help but exclaim. However, when Ye Hua saw the attitude that Zi Shan was exhibiting, his brows became slightly wrinkled. Zi Shan, you better do what’s best for you and not push your luck! If this matter were to be placed in the past, you would have long become a dead corpse! A subordinate of a subordinate of mine is someone who would become a respectable person in the future, the smartest decision that you can make right now is to seize the opportunity that has been given to you! The four of them got off the car, and Wei Chang and Tang Wei immediately walked over to wait on them. Donghuang Baizhi opened the trunk of the car, and immediately, the trunk began dazzling. There was a box of gold in the trunk. The box of gold was given to Ye Hua by Death Mage. And to be precise, the box of gold originally belonged to Donghuang Baizhi. After thinking about it, Donghuang Baizhi felt that it was much more practical to give gold. “Uncle Green, Uncle Red.” Donghuang Li ran over. It has been so long since I have last seen Uncle Green and Uncle Red, their hairstyles have changed, and they look much more handsome now. Right now, the green and red brothers knew that Ah Li was His Honor’s child, and therefore they didn’t dare to anyhow carry onto Ah Li anymore. However, Ah Li could be seen stretching out her hands to the green and red brothers, evidently wanting to be carried by them. “Go ahead.” Ye Hua looked towards the green and red brothers and told them that they were allowed to carry Ah Li. This could be counted as Ye Hua's approval towards the two. “Uncle Red, is this aunt your wife?” While looking at Zi Shan, Donghuang Li asked Little Brother Red. Little Brother Red chuckled and said, “That’s right.” “Then why are you two standing so far away from each other?” Donghuang Li asked confusedly. Daddy and mommy always stand very close to each other, and they would always kiss with each other. Little Brother Red said while stammering, “This…” “Ah Li, Uncle Red is afraid of his wife.” Big Brother Green laughed. Donghuang Li nodded her head. So this is the case. Donghuang Baizhi held onto the box of gold and walked to the front of the green and red brothers, then said with a gentle tone, “Thank you, the two of you, thank you for safely escorting Ah Li to the bar. All this time, I haven’t had the chance to give my thanks to the two of you. This is a small token of appreciation from me, please do accept it.” The green and red brothers were startled. Big Brother Green placed Ah Li down onto the ground, then said hurriedly, “Lady boss, this won’t do, it is us brothers’ fortune to be able to meet with Ah Li.” “Just accept it, don’t be wishy-washy.” Ye Hua who was sitting in a wheelchair said faintly. Since His Honor had spoken, the green and red brothers didn’t dare to continue rejecting Donghuang Baizhi’s small token of appreciation. “Thank you, boss. Thank you, lady boss.” The green and red brothers said sincerely. If the two of them didn’t meet Donghuang Li, perhaps, right now, they may still be working in their village. It was precisely because the two of them met Donghuang Li that their lives changed tremendously. This proves that, as long as one followed the correct person, their future would be bright. Meanwhile, Zi Shan finally met His Honor’s two beautiful wives. Those two are indeed incredibly beautiful. Compared to me, those two are a bit more beautiful. I didn’t expect that there would be such beauties in the profane world. If those deities were to know that such beauties exist in the profane world, they would definitely come down to the profane world to snatch away those two beauties for themselves. “Ye Hua, it isn’t convenient to head upstairs with this many of us, so let’s eat outside. While we are eating, we can discuss about their wedding.” Qing Ya said tenderly. Since the lady boss had already spoken, who would dare to say no? Treating her husband’s subordinates to dinner, Qing Ya naturally knew that she had to pick a good place. Long’an City was a second-tier city, and there weren’t really a lot of high-end places. The First-Rate Clubhouse that Ye Hua and Qing Ya went to last time could be counted as one of the high-end places in Long’an City. Today, the place that Qing Ya made a reservation at was a place that was called Pengyuan Private Kitchen. This place wasn’t really luxurious, but it was said that the culinary of the boss was incredibly good. Naturally, the prices of the menu items were incredibly expensive. Take for example, a plate of egg fried rice costs 99 rmb, and furthermore, the restaurant even had a limit on the number of plates of egg fried rice that they would sell every day. Qing Ya found out about this restaurant during a time when she went to bought breakfast and overheard the elderlies chatting about this restaurant. When they arrived at Pengyuan Private Kitchen, there was a frightening long queue outside of the restaurant. Fortunately, Qing Ya had already made a reservation earlier on. Looking at the ordinary-looking restaurant, and although there was a long queue outside of the restaurant, Ye Hua couldn’t help but ask, “Is this restaurant really that good?” “It shouldn’t be too bad, you can be at ease.” Ye Hua naturally believes his wife. Taking the lead, Ye Hua walked into the restaurant, and everyone else followed after. Don’t say, although the restaurant didn’t look much from the outside, the interior design of the restaurant was pretty good, the interior design of the restaurant made the inside of the restaurant looked very high-end. Ye Hua and his group arrived at a private room that was located on the second floor, and within the private room, there was a big table that was just nice able to fit 9 people. Zi Shan casually sat down on one of the seats. Upon seeing that, Little Brother Red pursed his lips, but in the end, he didn’t sit at Zi Shan’s side and was intending to sit together with his big brother. “Come over.” Zi Shan said lightly. Although Zi Shan’s voice was light, everyone was able to hear Zi Shan’s voice. Little Brother Red went into a slight daze, not knowing what Zi Shan meant by what she said. Why does she want me to come over to her? Does she want to hit me? But, she isn’t able to win against me in a fight though? So, should I retaliate or not? What if I ended up hurting her? Big Brother Green said in a low voice, “Just go over if she’s telling you to go over.” Little Brother Red slowly walked over to Zi Shan’s side. Looking at Little Brother Red, he practically looked like a student who was prepared to get lectured by his class teacher. “Sit down.” Zi Shan said faintly. Upon hearing that, Little Brother Red became exalted. Could it be that, my wife has finally thought it through? As expected, Uncle Wei is truly formidable, all Uncle Wei did was chat with Zi Shan for a few minutes and Zi Shan has become much nicer to me. Looking at Zi Shan’s attitude, Ye Hua was rather satisfied. Soon after, one dish after another began being served. Just from the outward appearances of the dishes, one could tell that the dishes definitely wouldn’t taste too bad. At the least, while looking at the dishes, Ye Hua already had the urge to start moving his chopsticks. A chef who was wearing a white chef coat slowly walked into the private room and said to everyone while with a smile on his face, “Welcome everyone to Pengyuan Private Kitchen, I am both the chef and the boss of Pengyuan Private Kitchen.” This person was called Peng Yuan, he was fat, and when he was smiling, his eyes would disappear, making him looked rather comical. Seeing that everyone wasn’t speaking, Peng Yuan felt a little awkward. Disregarding the awkwardness, Peng Yuan began introducing his dishes. After all, the total price of just the dishes that were on the table cost over 10k rmb. Regarding the ingredients, there wasn’t much for Peng Yuan to describe, the ingredients were definitely all of the best quality because those ingredients were all given to him by his system. “You don’t have to introduce the dishes anymore, we still have things to discuss.” Not even halfway through Peng Yuan’s introduction of the dishes, Ye Hua suddenly said faintly. “Eh…” It was still the first time that Peng Yuan had come across such a situation. I have opened this store for close to a week, and those customers who had come to my restaurant all came with curiosity about my dishes. When I am giving my customers an introduction to the dishes, some customers would even ask me to introduce to them the spices that I used for the dishes. Looking at the sake of the faces of the beautiful women here, I will forget about this guy's rudeness. In any case, with so many dishes here, it would take me quite a while to introduce everything. After the boss left, Ye Hua began moving his chopsticks, and after tasting the dishes and confirming that the dishes were indeed delicious, Ye Hua nodded his head and said, “Everyone, eat.” Without the boss giving the go-ahead to start eating, how would the subordinates dare to start moving their chopsticks? Qing Ya asked lovably, “Zi Shan, do you have any requirements for your wedding? If you do, you can let me know now, and I will help you.” Zi Shan placed her chopsticks down and said lightly, “Thank you, but I do not have any requirements for my wedding, I am fine with keeping everything as simple as possible.” Qing Ya looked towards her man. Why do I feel like this Zi Shan seemed to have been forced into the wedding? “Alright, I will get the best wedding planner for you two’s wedding, you two can be at ease.” Qing Ya said. Little Brother Red thanked hurriedly, “Thank you, lady boss, and thank you, boss.” Ye Hua nodded his head, “You are going to be someone who is married soon, you should start taking note of your conduct.” Is His Honor talking about my hairstyle? This center parting hairstyle looks very handsome, though? In actuality, what Ye Hua was trying to tell Little Brother Red was to stop being timid and stop being afraid of Zi Shan. “I have already finished preparing your house for you. Since Wei Chang’s place is not big, the three of you can just go ahead and move over to the house in advance.” Ye Hua said. “Thank you, boss!” The green and red brothers immediately expressed their gratitude. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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