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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 300 – Youngsters are precisely impetuous Ye Hua’s brows immediately became wrinkled. And Wei Chang and Big Brother Green also sensed it. Basically, all of the cultivators that were in Long’an City sensed that a frightening aura was spiraling around the sky. Ye Zizi and Qing Yutong were currently playing with their computer games. “Sigh.” Ye Zizi let out a light sigh. Qing Yutong asked curiously, “Zizi, what are you sighing for?” “Just what is love~ Why do people fall in love with people who they shouldn’t fall in love with~” Ye Zizi shook her head. Falling in love with someone who you shouldn’t fall in love with, there should be nothing more pitiful than this in the world, right? Qing Yutong rolled her eyes at Ye Zizi, then looked towards the distance where thunder was rumbling. This little red is indeed hopelessly in love with that woman. F**k, I look very pretty too, so why isn’t there a man who is hopelessly in love with me. I, Qing Yutong, am not pleased. Xun Fang who was currently driving the small QQ car stopped the car at the roadside. The two got off the car and looked towards the distance where thunder was rumbling. Death Mage took out a stick of cigarette, but the stick of cigarette was snatched away by Xun Fang. “Can you not smoke at such a sad moment.” Xun Fang said while looking at the distance. Death Mage spread out his hands. I didn’t expect that master’s new underling would be rather formidable, to actually break through at such a moment. “Skeleton, if I died, what will you do?” Xun Fang suddenly asked. Death Mage went into a slight daze for a moment, then pulled Xun Fang into his embrace. Such a thing like this will never happen in this entire life of mine. Ye Hua opened the window, then light up a stick of cigarette and looked towards the distance. This Zi Shan actually died! What happened? Why did she suddenly die? For little red to let out such a howl, it seems like something has happened. However, this is a good thing for little red. Lie Gu was currently lying down by a swimming pool, and he could be seen mumbling, “Sigh, what a pity…” Fiend King who was running away turned his head around and looked confusedly at the black clouds. What is this situation? All I did was give you a punch, there is no need for you to become so angry, right! At the scene. While carrying onto Zi Shan, Yi Hong stood up, and killing intent appeared in his gaze. Immediately, Yi Hong disappeared from the spot. Fiend King was currently still running away with all his might. That aura from just now is too scary, I didn’t expect that an ordinary person would actually possess such a formidable strength! Fiend King didn’t dare to turn his head around to take a look anymore, right now, all of his attention was on running away! What is that black dot over there? Fiend King was a bit confused, however, as he got closer to the black dot, he hurriedly put the brakes on continuing flying forward. Yi Hong who was carrying onto Zi Shan appeared in front of Fiend King’s eyes. Right now, black gas was being emitted out from Yi Hong’s body, his pupils had turned into pitch-black color, and the expression that was on his face was frighteningly calm. This version of Little Brother Red was something that even Big Brother Green had never seen before. “Just what do you want!” Fiend King questioned gravely. That beautiful woman was still alive just a while ago, how did she end up dead in just a blink of an eye? Yi Hong asked calmly, “Why are you running away?” If he didn’t run away and allowed me to punch him, Zi Shan wouldn’t have died. It is all because of him that Zi Shan is dead! Because I chased after him, Zi Shan ended up dying! “Big brother, you are more formidable than me, if I don’t run, should I have just stayed still instead and wait for you to kill me?” Fiend King had a look on his face that was saying. “Isn’t my action what a person with common sense would do?” Yi Hong placed Zi Shan’s corpse in the air, then gazed at Fiend King and said, “You have to take responsibility for her death!” “Big brother, I didn’t even touch her, why should I even be responsible for her death, you are being unreasonable!” Fiend King wanted to cry but had no tears. I have lived for hundreds of years, and this is the first time that I have come across such a matter. Yi Hong shouted out angrily, “I am precisely being unreasonable!” And while shouting, Yi Hong punched at Fiend King. The speed of the punch was fast to the point that Fiend King didn’t even have the time to react at all. Fiend King’s body was sent flying at lightning-fast speed into the ground, and the impact from Fiend King’s body caused a huge pit to appear in the ground. Bang! Bang! Bang! While with a relaxed smile on her face, Zi Shan’s figure was lightly floating in the air. However, below Zi Shan’s figure, booming sounds continuously rang out, and mountains after mountains collapsed due to the force that was emitted out from the impact of Fiend King’s body crashing into the ground. Currently, Fiend King had already been punched to death by Yi Hong, and pretty much nothing remained of Fiend King’s body, Fiend King was truly tragic. “Little brother!” In actuality, Big Brother Green had arrived at the scene for quite a while, however, he didn’t stop his little brother from venting. After seeing that his little brother had vented, Big Brother Green finally couldn’t help but shout out to his little brother. Yi Hong turned his head around and looked at his big brother, then shouted out coarsely, “Big brother.” Big Brother Green let out a light sigh, then patted onto his little brother’s shoulder. Yi Hong immediately hugged Big Brother Green and cried loudly, “Big brother, I caused Zi Shan to die!” Big Brother Green patted onto Yi Hong’s shoulder and consoled, “Big brother knows, but big brother also knows that you didn’t do it on purpose.” “Big brother, this is all because I was thoughtless, I have to take responsibility for Zi Shan’s death… Big brother, go on and call the police…” Big Brother Green, “……” Would the police be able to lock up someone who is able to fly in the sky? “Big brother knows that you like her, but the dead cannot be revived.” Big Brother Green patted Yi Hong’s shoulder. Fate truly likes to toy with people. I heard from His Honor that little brother and Zi Shan were going to take their wedding photos tomorrow, and in a few days, it would be their wedding day. Yi Hong said gravely, “Big brother, I finally know why the main leads in those television shows would become so sad, my heart hurts very much…” “Little brother, back then when big brother broke up, big brother’s heart also hurt very much, however, life still has to go on, the world won’t stop for even a second just because you are heartbroken.” Big Brother Green tried to console Yi Hong by self-mocking himself, the two’s friendship was truly strong. “Big brother, His Honor definitely has a way to bring Zi Shan back to life, I will go and plead His Honor to bring Zi Shan back to life!” Right now, Yi Hong’s hope was all on His Honor. Big Brother Green said gravely, “Yi Hong, calm down! Did you forget who was the one who placed the restriction on Zi Shan! Even if she didn’t die today, you would still have to kill her in two months’ time!” “If that’s the case, I would rather die for her!” “F**k, you have truly gone mad!” Big Brother Green shouted out angrily. “Big brother, I’m already 25 years old and I still haven’t dated a girl before. Although she doesn’t like me, I am willing to sacrifice myself for her!” Yi Hong looked at his big brother and shouted out. It was not easy to admit to liking someone, let alone be willing to make sacrifices for the person that one likes. Looking at his little brother’s determined attitude, Big Brother Green didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, Big Brother Green raised his hand, wanting to give his little brother a slap and wake his little brother up. “Stop dreaming! What will you get by sacrificing yourself! Do you think that she will even drop a tear for you!” While looking at his brother’s raised hand, Yi Hong didn’t shrink back. Gradually, Big Brother Green lowered his hand, “You are already big enough to make your own decisions.” “Big brother, can you accompany me to meet His Honor?” Towards his little brother’s request, in the end, Big Brother Green nodded his head. On the other hand, in actuality, Wei Chang had long appeared beside Zi Shan’s corpse. “A man is willing to cry for you, kill for you, and sacrifice everything to save you. As a deity, do you feel touched?” Wei Chang asked faintly. Within the air, Zi Shan’s primordial spirit gradually appeared. Looking at Zi Shan’s primordial spirit, Zi Shan’s primordial spirit appeared to be very weak and seemed as if it would vanish at any second. However, at the least, Zi Shan’s primordial spirit was still alive. Everything that had happened a while ago, Zi Shan had seen it all with her own eyes. Zi Shan didn’t expect that Yi Hong would act like this, and if she were to say that she wasn’t touched by Yi Hong at all, she would be lying to herself. As a deity, Zi Shan had also dreamed of being protected by a man who she loves. But, up till her death, Zi Shan had never experienced such a thing. Only after death, when Zi Shan had heard Yi Hong’s howl of anguish and saw Yi Hong’s actions, then did she finally felt that something deep within her heart had been triggered. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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