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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 313 – Act Cool King Xiao Yi’s attitude People in the surrounding began conversing spiritedly, guessing what relationship the two women had with Song Huang. From the looks of it, Qing Yutong had indeed changed a lot, no one recognizes that she was the big celebrity from back then. Song Huang walked to Qing Yutong’s side and asked attentively, “What do you think? This place isn’t bad, right?” Looking at the building that was at the middle of the lake, Qing Yutong spread out her hands and said, “So-so.” Song Huang laughed lightly. This Qing Yutong is a bit hard to satisfy. Donghuang Li jumped down from Qing Ya’s body, then ran towards the stone bridge that connected the lakeside to the island. Upon seeing that, Qing Ya hurriedly ran over, “Ah Li, don’t anyhow run.” Donghuang Li hurriedly ran back, “Sorry, Aunt Qing, Ah Li won’t anyhow run anymore. Aunt Qing don’t anyhow run too, be careful of little brother~” “How does Ah Li know that the baby is going to be a boy?” “Hehe, Ah Li is able to sense it.” Donghuang Li rubbed onto Qing Ya’s stomach, this was the bond between two people who possessed the same bloodline. Right at this moment, a white color Bentley could be seen driving over from the distance, and upon seeing the Bentley’s license plate, some people immediately knew who has arrived. “I didn’t expect that Xiao Family’s Xiao Yi would show up here.” “That’s right, I heard that Xiao Family almost became done for.” “I heard about that too, but it seems that Xiao Family is fine now.” When Xiao Yi brought along Shu Nan and appeared before everyone’s eyes, everyone was certain that Xiao Family was most likely going to rise back to power! As long as Xiao Yi didn’t die, Xiao Family wouldn’t fall. Xiao Yi and Shu Nan discovered Song Huang’s figure, but they didn’t have any intention of conversing with Song Huang. Back then when Xiao Yi became injured, Shu Nan requested Song Huang to help cure Xiao Yi, but Song Huang rejected Shu Nan’s request. From then on, the relationship between the two parties became sour. And afterward, when Song Huang came to try and snatch over Xuan Yuan Sword, both parties’ relationship dropped to a freezing point. However, both Xiao Yi and Shu Nan also discovered Qing Ya, and upon discovering Qing Ya, their brows wrinkled slightly. Because when they see Qing Ya, they would immediately recall that man! And when they recalled that man, they would recall that black-robed, and afterward, they would recall those tragic events! Up to this day, Xiao Yi still did not know whether if the mastermind was Qing Ya’s man or not. After all, the one who came to collect the debt was the black-robed, and above the black-robed was that shadow person. In Xiao YI’s mind, how could such incredibly formidable beings be that man’s underlings? But then again, if they were not that man’s underlings, why did those two help that man to collect the debt? “Brother Xiao, it is better to be safe than sorry.” Shu Nan advised in a low voice. It must be said that, Shu Nan was smarter compared to Nangong Xinyi. This was why some people say that a man’s success depends on whether if the man’s wife was bright or not. The suggestion of a man’s wife could be the start of the man’s rise to success, or it could be the start of the man’s fall to demise. Nangong Xinyi’s suggestion made it so that only one outcome was destined to happen, while Shu Nan’s suggestion made it so that there would be more leeway in the future. Although Shu Nan’s suggestion was basically telling Xiao Yi to bootlick Qing Ya, it was all so for her husband’s sake. Xiao Yi nodded his head, then brought along his wife and walked towards Qing Ya. However, from everyone’s perspective, Xiao Yi seemed like he was walking towards Song Huang. “Eh, Xiao Yi is actually walking towards Sage Doctor? What is he intending to do?” “The two of them seem to have a conflict with each other, right? Is Xiao Yi intending to lower his head to Sage Doctor?” “Seems like Xiao Yi has suffered a huge mental blow from that incident and has let go of his pride.” “Looks like Song Huang managed to teach this Act Cool King Xiao Yi a lesson and made him let go of his pride.” Everyone pretty much guessed correctly, just that, Song Huang wasn’t the one who taught Xiao Yi a lesson, and instead, it was Death Mage, or to be more precise, it was the person who pretty much everyone did not know of, Ye Hua. From the looks of things, even if everyone ends up getting played to death by Ye Hua, those people still won’t know just who was the mastermind that caused them to die. Looking at Xiao Yi who was walking towards him, Song Huang’s expression gradually sunk. Does this Xiao Yi dare to attack me in a public place where there are numerous people? As arrogant as this Xiao Yi is, I’m sure that he wouldn’t do such a stupid thing like that. In actuality, Xiao Yi’s strength was not weak at all, and even more, Xiao Yi’s strength was at the level of Aristocratic Families’ family heads. Song Huang’s strength was more or less the same as Xiao Yi, but when all was said and done, Xiao Yi possessed the ancient godly item, Xuan Yuan Sword. The might that an ancient godly item brought forth was not something to belittle. Faced against Xiao Yi who possesses Xuan Yuan Sword, even Song Huang would have to think twice about fighting Xiao Yi. Otherwise, back then when everyone was fighting to snatch away Xiao Yi’s Xuan Yuan Sword, Song Huang wouldn’t have appeared at the last moment. It was precisely because Song Huang did not want to go head on with force against Xiao Yi as going head on with force against Xiao Yi was disadvantageous for him. Qing Ya naturally discovered Xiao Yi too. I have not seen this Xiao Yi since that day where we betted on that soccer match. My memory of that day is still fresh in my mind. During that day, this Xiao Yi lost quite a huge amount of money, and in the end, Ye Hua actually managed to make him pay up the money that he lost, it was truly unexpected. As for Qing Yutong, she has met Xiao Yi once, which was during that day where she went with her brother-in-law and big sister to eat at a restaurant. Back then, Qing Yutong dressed up as her big sister, therefore, Xiao Yi currently did not know who Qing Yutong was. As the distance between Song Huang and Xiao Yi got closer and closer, everyone became a bit nervous, because they discovered that the expressions of both Song Huang and Xiao Yi were a bit different from each other, and a big fight seemed to be about to happen anytime soon. However, the scene that happened next caused everyone to become incomparably confused. Xiao Yi actually straightforwardly walked past Song Huang without saying a word! Even Song Huang himself was dazed too. I have already prepared what to say when this Xiao Yi walked up to me, and yet, I didn’t expect that this Xiao Yi would walk past me just like this! This damned Xiao Yi, to actually dare to look down on me, Sage Doctor Song Huang! “F**k, this Act Cool King Xiao Yi still likes to act cool as always.” “That’s right, look at Sage Doctor’s expression, he seemed as if he had just eaten a mosquito.” “As expected of Xiao Family’s family head, he doesn’t disappoint when trying to act cool, I have to give it to him.” However, what happened next caused everyone to become dumbfounded, because Xiao Yi didn’t act cool anymore, and furthermore, Xiao Yi actually lowered his own status by himself. This Xiao Yi actually cupped his hands at that beautiful woman while with a very respectful expression on his face?! Xiao Yi walked to the front of Qing Ya, then cupped his hands and greeted respectfully, “CEO Qing, I trust that you have been well since we last met.” “Hello, CEO Qing.” Shu Nan who was behind Xiao Yi also greeted respectfully. Qing Ya was very confused. I remember that back then when I came across this Xiao Yi, he wasn’t like this. Although he was courteous, he still had a high and mighty look on his face. Looking at this Xiao Yi right now, he is practically greeting me while with a completely humble attitude. This… just what is going on? On the other hand, Qing Yutong more or less guessed why. This is definitely because of brother-in-law. Brother-in-law is truly mesmerizing. Donghuang Li who was holding onto Qing Ya’s hand opened her eyes wide and sized up Xiao Yi. Donghuang Li didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with Xiao Yi’s attitude, even if Xiao Yi kneeled down, Donghuang Li would also feel that it was absolutely normal. After all, Donghuang Li’s mother had to accept people’s bows every day, and in Donghuang Li’s mind, since her mother listens to her father’s words, her father was definitely the biggest in the family, and since her Mommy Qing was her mother’s best friend, it would absolutely be normal for others to bow or kneel to her Mommy Qing. “CEO Xiao, you are too courteous.” Qing Ya said gently, she did not treat Xiao Yi with cold eyes. After all, Qing Ya was not the kind of woman who treats others coldly, she was the kind of woman who treats others amicably. However, if it was Donghuang Baizhi, Donghuang Baizhi would definitely treat Xiao Yi with cold eyes. After all, Donghuang Baizhi was used to being an empress, asides from Ye Hua and people that were well acquainted with Ye Hua, Donghuang Baizhi treats everyone with a cold attitude. Song Huang who was at the side tightly wrinkled his brows. How is it possible that Qing Ya is acquainted with Xiao Yi? Also, why is this Xiao Yi so respectful towards Qing Ya? Strange, this is very strange… Could it be that, this woman has another identity? That shouldn’t be though? Although Qing Family is rich, Qing Family is one of those families that is at the bottom in status, Qing Family shouldn’t be able to have the chance to become acquainted with someone like Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi revealed a polite smile and asked, “CEO Qing, is your husband not here with you?” The moment Xiao YI said that, everyone more or less understood what was going on. So the reason that Xiao Yi is acting like this is because of this woman’s husband. If that is the case, who is this woman’s husband? To actually be able to make Xiao Yi submit… Everyone was curious as to just who was the man that was able to make Xiao Yi submit. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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