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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 314 – When will it be my turn One thing that everyone could confirm was that, this woman’s husband was an existence that was more formidable than Act Cool King Xiao Yi. Song Huang, who was at the side, was also very curious. Since this Qing Ya is pregnant with a child, it meant that she definitely has a man already. Originally, judging from Qing Family’s attitude, they don’t seem to be very satisfied with Qing Ya’s man, but looking at the current situation, it seems that Qing Family does not really know much about Qing Ya’s man. “Yutong, who is your big sister’s husband?” Song Huang asked Qing Yutong in a low voice. Qing Yutong pursed her lips, then said faintly, “My brother-in-law? He is a god-like man, if not, how would he have been able to possess such a woman like my big sister?” Song Huang laughed lightly. God-like man? Such a description is too exaggerating. This Qing Yutong is most probably bragging. However, that man is definitely someone who possesses formidable strength, if not, Xiao Yi wouldn’t be acting like this. As facts have proven, do not ever underestimate your enemy’s strength, or else when you meet your enemy, it would be too late for regrets. “Why didn’t your brother-in-law come here today?” Song Huang asked curiously. Right now, he really wanted to meet Qing Ya’s husband and see for himself just what kind of a man Qing Ya’s husband was. Donghuang Li pouted her small mouth and said, “Uncle, my daddy is a very busy person.” Children’s words carry no harm. Everyone understood what Donghuang Li was trying to imply, which was that her father thinks that it was not worth coming to such a place like this. However, everyone misunderstood Ye Hua, if Ye Hua were to know that a bunch of salted fish were actually gathering here and boasting to each other, he would definitely find time to come over and watch those salted fish. Even more, Ye Hua would call his subordinates to come here with him to watch those salted fish. And afterward, at the venue, Ye Hua would show those salted fish just why they were salted fish. Qing Ya carried Donghuang Li up from the ground, then said with a light smile, “En, he’s been busy recently.” Meanwhile, Qing Ya thought to herself in her mind, “He’s busy making a child with the empress. Tsk, this damn pervert.” Xiao Yi took a look at Song Huang, then said to Qing Ya, “CEO Qing, how about we head in together?” Xiao Yi’s action was him being respectful towards Qing Ya, but when Xiao Yi’s action landed in Song Huang’s eyes, it seemed like Xiao Yi was provoking him. After all, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were brought here by him. “Xiao Yi, what do you think you are doing?” Song Huang said gravely. Since Xiao Yi was not giving him any face, Song Huang decided that there was no need for him to give Xiao Yi any face too. Xiao Yi slowly turned his head over to Song Huang, then said coldly, “I am speaking with CEO Qing, who are you to cut in on our conversation!” The atmosphere of the scene immediately became heavy, and everyone couldn’t help but hold their breath. Seems like this year’s auction won’t be dull like the past few years, there is most likely going to be a good show to watch! This Act Cool King Xiao Yi is beginning to act cool again! And furthermore, this Act Cool King Xiao Yi’s anger seems to be relatively huge. Xiao Yi’s anger was indeed huge. It was fine if Song Huang didn’t speak, but the moment Song Huang spoke, Xiao Yi’s bad temper couldn’t stand it anymore. The fact that this Song Huang actually dared to come and try to snatch away my Xuan Yuan Sword back then, he must really think that I have a good temper, doesn’t he?! Qing Yutong felt that she didn’t come here for nothing today. A good show is about to begin, but it is a pity that Zizi that pitiful small thing won’t be able to have the opportunity to watch this good show as she is currently locked up at home, and tomorrow, she has to go and report to school. However, Zizi, you can be at ease, I will record everything, then send the recording over to you and make you go mad with envy, haha! If Qing Yutong really did that, Ye Zizi was definitely going to go mad from envy. Upon hearing what Xiao Yi said, Song Huang’s expression became scarily grave, “Xiao Yi, you better wash your mouth before you speak!” “Song Huang, I advise you to best not provoke me, if not, I will teach you how to act like a human being!” Xiao Yi emitted out a bunch of spiritual energy directly towards Song Huang. Sensing the robustness of the spiritual energy that Xiao Yi emitted out, Song Huang couldn’t help but wrinkle his eyebrows. This Xiao Yi’s strength increased again! Adding on with his Xuan Yuan Sword, I am indeed not a match for him! Damn it! “Alright, both of you, stop fighting with each other.” Qing Ya who was carrying Donghuang Li said faintly. Qing Ya’s voice was low and very flavorful, even more, there was a hint of Donghuang Baizhi’s distinctive flavor in Qing Ya’s voice. It was reckoned that Qing Ya had caught on a bit of Donghuang Baizhi’s empress aura back then when she went out with Donghuang Baizhi for a few days. Adding along with the fact that Qing Ya had already awoken her blood vessels, the moment Qing Ya spoke, everyone felt as if there was a huge pressure pressing down on them, causing them to find it a bit hard to breathe. Everyone at the scene felt that what just happened was strange. This woman doesn’t have any spiritual energy fluctuation, and yet, when she speaks, she gives off an imposing aura which makes me couldn’t help but want to submit to her… What is going on? This was precisely the power of blood vessels. Qing Yutong let out a deep sigh. Big sister is beginning to act cool too now… My god, just when will it be my turn to act cool… In actuality, Ye Hua likes watching Qing Ya act cool, or to be more precise, Ye Hua likes watching his women act cool, watching his women act cool was pleasurable for both his eyes and ears. Everyone went into a daze for a second, then quickly came back to their senses. Xiao Yi naturally wouldn’t have anything to say, and also wouldn’t dare to have anything to say. It is best to listen to my wife’s advice, better be safe than sorry! However, Song Huang, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with Qing Ya’s words. I actually got scared by a woman, my face has all been thrown away! In actuality, everyone that was at the scene felt that their faces had been thrown away, because all of them were startled by Qing Ya when Qing Ya spoke. However, upon recalling Qing Ya's mysterious husband, they immediately didn’t dare to act recklessly towards Qing Ya. After all, what if they end up offending Qing Ya’s husband? It must be said that those people’s thinking was absolutely correct. If they were to provoke Qing Ya today, they would have to prepare to face against the Supreme Overlord’s anger. Suddenly, three Maybach cars began driving over from the distance, and upon seeing the three Maybach cars, Xiao Yi’s gaze congealed! “Tang Family has arrived.” “I heard that Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang have become enemies.” “Seems like a great show is going to unfold.” Everyone discussed amongst each other in a low voice, but Xiao Yi was still able to hear what everyone said. I can still recall the coldness of that blade during that day and just how it felt when a good brother of mine actually stabbed me in the back! However, what everyone wasn’t able to guess was that, Tang Wushuang was currently no longer a man. Tang Wushuang could be seen coming out of a car. Tang Wushuang wore a black color western suit which made him appear steady. However, everyone discovered that Tang Wushuang actually grew a beard. With a beard, Tang Wushuang indeed looked a bit manlier. For the sake of covering up himself, Tang Wushuang wore a fake beard. Recently, Tang Wushuang had been cultivating the martial technique which his master gave to him and the speed in which his strength was increasing was indeed very fast. However, the side effects of the martial technique also came very quickly. After cultivating the martial technique, Tang Wushuang’s chest actually expanded, his hands and waist became slim and tender, his Adam’s apple disappeared, his face was slowly changing, and lastly, recently, his voice was starting to change too. It was reckoned that it won’t be too long until his voice completely turns into a woman’s voice. And what was most important was that, Tang Wushuang’s injury healed, and became… Every day when Tang Wushuang fell asleep, he would wake up from a nightmare, and the nightmare would always be a completely female version of himself. Because of the changes that were happening to his body, Tang Wushuang didn’t even dare to share the same bed with his wives anymore. After getting out of the car, Tang Wushuang went to the other side of the car and opened the car door. A man who wore flower-patterned shorts and a white shirt appeared. The man could be seen holding a phone and looking at the phone with keen interest. The man was precisely Tang Wushuang’s master, Gui Chengren! Everyone at the scene was very unfamiliar with the man. However, looking at Tang Wushuang’s actions, they could tell that the man was no ordinary man! “Master, we have arrived.” Tang Wushuang did his utmost best in applying pressure to his vocal cords, but listening to his voice, one could still hear that there was peculiarity with his voice, his voice seemed as if a man who was trying to speak like a woman. Gui Chengren raised his head and took a look at his surrounding, then lowered his head and went back to reading his novel, seemingly as if only the words that were in his phone were able to attract his attention. Tang Wushuang took a look around for a bit, and very quickly, he discovered Xiao Yi’s figure. Immediately, anger and hatred began consuming his body. It is because of this bastard that I turned into a woman! If I don’t kill Xiao Yi, my anger and hatred will never be quenched! While looking at his phone, Gui Chengren said faintly, “Wushuang, if you try to kill him here, you will be put in a very difficult spot.” What Gui Chengren said was true. This place was after all an aristocratic family’s territory, and if Tang Wushuang were to fight in the aristocratic family’s territory, it would be very troublesome for Tang Wushuang when the aristocratic family pursues Tang Wushuang’s wrongdoing in their territory. Even if Gui Chengren were to step in and deal with the aristocratic family, if the aristocratic family was not a match against Gui Chengren, the aristocratic family could then just report the matter to Voidless Realm, and naturally, how the people involved in the matter should be dealt with would be decided by Voidless Realm’s empress. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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