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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 315 – Dongfang Yuer Anyone who dares to cause trouble at Yuanlinglong, unless they possess a big background, or was a member of the four aristocratic families, they would have to prepare to be in pretty big trouble. Qing Ya pulled her sister to her side. I feel that this auction won’t be as safe as I had expected it to be, I am going to have to be a bit more careful while I’m here. Song Huang walked to the two women’s side, seemingly like he was the two women’s guard. However, some people felt that Sage Doctor was practically trying to rub off some fame from Qing Ya. “Master, disciple understood.” “Just a touch of impatience is able to ruin great plans.” Gui Chengren said faintly, and the reason he said that was because this sentence just so happened to appear in the novel that he was reading. “Disciple got it!” Seeing that Tang Wushuang was actually being so respectful towards the mysterious man who wore flower-patterned shorts, everyone became much more curious towards the man. “Brother Xiao, don’t act recklessly, there will be plenty of chances in the future to deal with Tang Wushuang.” Afraid that her husband would act recklessly, Shu Nan whispered to her husband. Xiao Yi reassured Shu Nan by patting her small hand, he naturally knew the pros and cons if he were to act recklessly. However, looking at Tang Wushuang who was slowly walking over, Xiao Yi wished to just straightforwardly take out his Xuan Yuan Sword and slash at Tang Wushuang. And when Tang Wushuang saw Xiao Yi, he wished he could make Xiao Yi experience just how it feels to go from being a man to a woman. This was life, two people who were once good brothers with each other have turned into enemies with each other, and even more, only by killing the other party, then would they be able to quench the hatred within their hearts. Tang Wushuang saw Qing Ya who was at the side, and he slightly went into a daze. Soon after, he greeted Qing Ya, “CEO Qing.” Qing Ya nodded her head courteously. Everyone at the scene was immediately startled. This Tang Wushuang, he doesn’t greet anyone that he came across, and yet, he actually greeted that beautiful woman? Xiao Yi is respectful towards that beautiful woman, and so is Tang Wushuang, just what is actually going on? Gui Chengren, on the other hand, did not greet Qing Ya. Even more, he didn’t even take a look at both Qing Ya and Qing Yutong. Compared to authority and women, Gui Chengren much preferred reading novels. Song Huang felt that his face had been slapped over and over again. Everyone is greeting Qin Ya, and yet, all of them are neglecting me, just what is going on today? “Uncle, you are no good.” Donghuang Li looked towards Song Huang and said with her tender voice. Children’s words were the deadliest. Song Huang felt sullen, incredibly sullen. If I had known, I wouldn’t have brought them here with me, my limelight has all been snatched away by them. Qing Ya said tenderly, “Ah Li, you cannot be rude.” “Oh. Uncle, you are the best.” Donghuang Li responded to Qing Ya, then said towards Song Huang. Fatal blow. A child poked fun at me, then consoled me afterward, and towards such a thing like this, I actually have to face it with a smile on my face. This is taking a toll on my mental state. The show still hasn’t finished, right at this moment, a fleet of four Rolls-Royce cars arrived. “Bai Family is here!” “That’s right, I didn’t expect that Bai Family would show up too in this time’s auction.” “Today, we are going to be able to have the fortune to see north’s beauty.” “If you want to look at a beauty, just look at those two women will do, what need is there in looking at north’s beauty?” “That’s true.” Four cars slowly came to a stop, and Wang Dabao could be seen to be the first to get off from one of the four cars, then, like an underling, he went and opened the car door for his wife. Bai Cixin could be seen wearing a white dress, and a veil was worn on her pretty face, seemingly that she doesn’t want others to be able to see her face. If it was placed in the past, everyone would feel that the veil gave Bai Cixin a very mysterious and high-class kind of feel. However, right now, looking at the veil that Bai Cixin wore on her face, they felt that it was very odd. Look at the other two beautiful women, look at just how beautiful they are, and yet, are they even acting so puffed up like you? Wearing a veil because you think you are important? Tsk. Bai Cixin who had gotten out from the car seemed to have sensed that people were acting peculiar when they saw her. What is going on? In the past, when I wore a veil, no one would feel that there was anything wrong with it. A male and female came out from the car that was behind Bai Cixin’s car. The man was Bai Cixin’s little brother, Bai Qi! Bai Qi wore a steady-looking black western suit, his appearance was delicate and handsome, making him look just like a very handsome pretty boy. On the other hand, the girl who got out from the car attracted everyone’s attention. The girl was roughly at the age of 20, and she possessed beautiful black hair, pink cheeks, snow-white skin, and clear-looking eyes that possessed a hint of blue in them, seemingly just like two clean and pure gems. The girl had an elegant body type, and she was currently wearing a light red gown. However, sadness was currently being emitted out from the pure and pretty girl’s entire body, and looking at the girl, one couldn’t help but pity her. Someone within the crowd suddenly recognized the girl. “I know who that girl is!” A family head’s concubine cried out in surprise. Immediately, the family head berated in a low voice, “Lower your voice, what are you being flustered for, you are throwing my face! If I had known you would act like this, I wouldn’t have brought you out with me!” “En.” The concubine responded, then continued speaking, “Hubby, didn’t Bai Family host a banquet last month? Back then, this girl and her mother were present too.” “And?” “Actually, the girl is quite pitiful, she seemed to have been given over to Bai Qi as a concubine by her mother.” The family head’s expression changed, “Why, do you have grievances about being my concubine?” The woman didn’t speak anymore, only people like her would be able to understand how the girl feels. “What is this girl’s name?” The family head asked. “I think it’s Dongfang Yuer.” Dongfang? Everyone recalled an aristocratic family that had the surname, Dongfang. A hundred years ago, the north had six aristocratic families, and Dongfang Family was one of them. Furthermore, Dongfang Family possessed the strongest strength amongst the six aristocratic families. However, Dongfang Family was reported by the other aristocratic families for secretly keeping an ancient godly item! At that time, Voidless Realm’s emperor was Donghuang Baizhi’s father. Upon receiving the report, Donghuang Baizhi’s father personally investigated the matter, and as expected, he found that Dongfang Family actually had more than one ancient godly item. There was a rule that aristocratic families had to abide by, and it was that each aristocratic family was able to possess only one ancient godly item. Secretly keeping an ancient godly item was a serious crime because it would mean that the family may have intentions of rebelling. However, back then, everyone from Dongfang Family insisted that they had been framed. However, rules were rules, and furthermore, because Dongfang Family did not possess any evidence that was able to prove their innocence, Donghuang Baizhi’s father revoked Dongfang Family’s title as an aristocratic family, executed all of the males, and released all of the females. Back then, Dongfang Yuer’s grandma was the family head’s only daughter, and in order to carry down the surname, Dongfang, all of the children from Dongfang Family had to take on the surname, Dongfang. Dongfang Yuer was the most outstanding amongst the younger generation of Dongfang Family. Therefore, for the sake of recovering Dongfang Family back to its former glory, Dongfang Family decided to give Dongfang Yuer over to Bai Family. All of this was not what Dongfang Yuer wanted. But what other choice did she have? As for Bai Qi, he accepted to take in Dongfang Yuer as his concubine because of her looks. Bai Cixin, on the other hand, was indifferent about the matter. Her little brother taking in concubines was nothing of importance, however, the woman that would become her little brother’s wife must be beneficial for Bai Family. When looking for a wife, the woman has to be smart and virtuous, and when looking for concubines, the women have to be beautiful, it was just a very simple logic. Bai Qi who was standing behind her big sister stretched out his hand, wanting to hold onto Dongfang Yuer’s waist, however, Dongfang Yuer dodged away from his hand. This caused Bai Qi to become a bit angry. You are already intending to marry over to my family, so what are you acting pompous for. Not allowing me to touch that, not allowing me to touch this, do you really still think that your Dongfang Family is still the Dongfang Family from back then! If your Dongfang Family is really still the Dongfang Family from back then, I, Bai Qi, would indeed have to fawn upon you. But right now, you should be the one who has to fawn upon me! “Yuer, I have already promised you that I will only touch you after you have graduated. However, don’t force me to use force! You have to remember, your entire family’s economy is controlled by me!” Bai Qi moved close to Dongfang Yuer and shouted out gravely. This kind of threat was the most effective against Dongfang Yuer. Soon after, Bai Qi stretched out his hand again and held onto Dongfang Yuer’s alluring slender waist, declaring his sovereignty over Dongfang Yuer. “Put on a smile on your face, don’t be so lifeless!” Bai Qi said in a low voice. The corners of Dongfang Yuer’s mouth slowly rose, however, Dongfang Yuer did not feel happy at all, her smile was a smile towards the helplessness and sorrowness that she was feeling. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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