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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 319 – Poem While looking at Donghuang Li eat fries, Qing Ya said tenderly, “Ah Li, don’t eat too much.” “En, Ah Li got it.” Qing Yutong said to her big sister, “Big sister, seems like this Chen Xuanzong is intending to chase after you.” “Alright, don’t talk about that anymore, if your brother-in-law were to know about that, he would definitely fly into a rage.” How would Qing Ya not know about Ye Hua’s personality? “But, I have already sent a video recording of what happened over to brother-in-law.” Qing Yutong said pitifully as she sways her phone at her big sister. Donghuang Li cried out in surprise, “Daddy is going to fly into a rage!” Qing Ya pinched onto her sister’s ear petulantly, “You traitor!” “Big sister, big sister, go easy on my ear, it hurts, it hurts~” Right when the three were frolicking, two people walked into the main hall. One of the two people was a middle-aged man who possessed a robust body, and the other person was an elegant-looking man. The middle-aged man possessed a squared face, had two sideburns grown out, and a scar on his cheek. The scar was very vicious-looking, seemingly just like a centipede that was wiggling. Because of the middle-aged man’s looks, others would feel scared of him when they came across him. Meanwhile, the man who was beside the middle-aged man was much more delicate and handsome looking. The man was holding onto a folding fan, and he was dressed up like how an accomplished scholar would dress up in ancient times. The unmarried women who were at the scene couldn’t help but place their gazes onto him. When everyone saw the two men, they went into a daze for a moment. Some knew who those two men were, while some did not. Those who knew who those two men were cupped their hands and shouted out, “Family Head Chu!” At this moment, some people began conversing in a low voice. “Hey, is there a need to be this respectful towards a family head?” “Lower your voice! That man is the family head of one of the five aristocratic families, Chu Family!” “Ah! Chu Family!” Everyone hurriedly cupped their hands and greeted the middle-aged man. Even Xiao Yi and Bai CIxin also cupped their hands and greeted the middle-aged man. After all, this was basic etiquette. Of course, there were some people within the scene who didn’t bother greeting the middle-aged man. Take, for example, Gui Chengren. He was currently sitting at a corner, snacking on seeds while reading a novel. Qing Ya was busy taking care of Ah Li, and Qing Yutong couldn’t care less about the man’s identity. Aristocratic families are nothing at all! What’s the big deal with aristocratic families when even a big power has to act according to my brother-in-law’s orders! Bai Qi who was bowing at the middle-aged man took a look at Dongfang Yuer, then shouted out gravely, “Dongfang Yuer, do I have to even teach you how to bow properly!” In actuality, Dongfang Yuer was already imitating how the others were acting, but Bai Qi was precisely trying to pick problems with Dongfang Yuer, purposely making things difficult for Dongfang Yuer. Bai Qi wanted to vent out his anger on Dongfang Yuer because he felt that Dongfang Yuer caused him to lose face just now. As the two men walked over, all of the family heads began fawning upon them. It was rare for an aristocratic family head to show up, and those family heads were intending to seize this chance to try and have a chat with the aristocratic family head. “Father, I will go and eat some food by myself first.” As Chu He’s eldest son, Chu Bo was able to possess and enjoy the halo that others weren’t able to even possess. How would Chu He not know about his son’s intentions? Chu He knew that his son came here today to hunt for women, thus, he left his son to his own. There was something that some people did not know about. Chu Bo has a kink. Most people like pretty young girls, but Chu Bo himself likes married women. Asides from his legal wife, all of the concubines that he had taken in were women that were already married prior to having become his concubines. However, Chu Bo didn’t snatch the married women from their husbands by force, and instead, he gets himself involved in the relationships of those married women and their husbands, then slowly snatches those married women away from their husbands. Chu Bo loves the thrill of snatching married women away from their husbands. The world of those who possessed authority could not be understood by the everyday people, what those people seek in their lives was excitement. Chu Bo swayed the folding fan that he was holding in his hand as he walked around the main hall and ran his eyes over the women that he passes by. Sigh, normal women can no longer satisfy my taste. Nowadays, I have been enchanted with those women who are high and mighty as conquering those women allows me to be able to feel a great sense of accomplishment. As for those young innocent girls? I am truly not interested in them. How could young innocent girls be compared to others’ wives? This Chu Bo was truly sick in the mind. “Mommy Qing, Ah Li can’t eat anymore.” Donghuang Li said pitifully as she rubbed onto her round stomach. From the looks of it, she seemed to be a bit unhappy that she couldn’t finish eating her food. Qing Ya took out a napkin and carefully wiped onto Donghuang Li’s mouth, “Don’t force yourself to eat if you can’t eat anymore.” “But, Ah Li has recently learned of a poem.” Donghuang Li began bragging. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were very curious, and they asked, “What poem?” “Farmers weed the field at noon…” After finishing the first sentence, Donghuang Li came to a pause. What’s the next sentence? Aiyo… I forgot… This is embarrassing, Ah Li has thrown away daddy’s face… Ah Li originally wanted to show off her literacy skills… Seeing that Ah Li was stammering, not knowing what the next sentence was, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong began laughing. Donghuang Li pouted her mouth and thought to herself, “Ah Li will show off again after she has completely memorized the poem.” “The field is thus drenched with seat. Who would know that, the food on their plate, is thanks to the toiling of the farmers?” Chu Bo could be seen speaking leisurely while swaying the folding fan that was in his hand. The confident smile that was on his face seemed to be saying, “What I just said is correct, right?” Donghuang Li immediately became unhappy. That poem was supposed to be used by me to show off! “Uncle sure is formidable, to actually spend time memorizing a children’s poem.” Donghuang Li shouted loudly, wanting everyone at the main hall to know that this uncle had nothing better to do than to memorize a children’s poem. Chu Bo’s expression froze for a moment. What a sharp-tongued child this child is! However, my target is not you, child. My targets are the two women that are by your side. In order to prove his literacy skills, Chu Bo coughed lightly, then said in a downcast tone, “Others laugh at me for being too crazy.” Donghuang Li was very unhappy. Since you stole my limelight, I should make things difficult for you! Donghuang Li could be heard saying with her tender voice, “I laugh at them for being right.” Pfft! Chu Bo almost choked onto his own saliva. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were about to die from laughter. When has Ah Li become so mischievous? She must have definitely learned from that father of hers. The people in the surroundings heard what Donghuang Li said. However, they didn’t dare to laugh out loud. After all, Chu Bo was the eldest son of Family Head Chu. Although they didn’t dare to laugh out loud, they couldn’t help but cover their mouths and laugh lightly. Chu Bo was feeling very awkward, but he still had to maintain his elegance. I cannot throw my face away while in front of these two beautiful women, if not, their first impression of me will be ruined. However, if I want to chase after these two beautiful women, I am definitely going to have to start by getting along with this child. “Little friend, you are very formidable.” Chu Bo revealed out a smile and praised. Donghuang Li snorted, “Of course, Ah Li am very formidable.” “So you are called Ah Li. How about playing poem continuation again with uncle?” Do not think that Chu Bo was seriously playing with a child, he was just trying to use the child as a tool to lower the two women’s guard against him. Donghuang Li was Ye Hua’s child, and when has Donghuang Li ever cowered away from something? “Alright, Ah Li will let uncle have the head start.” Donghuang Li put on a brave front and said. Qing Ya wanted to stop Ah Li but it was already too late, and all she could do was stand at the side and watch Ah Li perform. Qing Yutong immediately began recording Ah Li’s moment of acting cool. The people in the surroundings were attracted over by the commotion. Chu Bo thought to himself for a moment, “I must not use a poem that is too hard, if not, it would seem like I am bullying a child.” Flap. Chu Bo opened his folding hand and said elegantly, “Since ancient times, when has there ever been a person who doesn’t die?” Everyone was startled. Isn’t this poem too hard for a child? Qing Ya also felt that the poem was too hard for a child. What is this guy doing? Bullying a child? Donghuang Li was very confused. Since ancient times, when has there ever been a person who doesn’t shit? Why does such a poem like this exist? This is so strange. (In Chinese, the pronunciations of die and shit sound similar.) If I am not able to continue the poem, it would be a small matter If I throw my own face, but it would be a big matter if I throw daddy’s face. When everyone saw that Ah Li’s brows were tightly wrinkled and she seemed to be thinking hard, they couldn’t help but worry for her. This Chu Bo is too shameless! Look at him, he even has the audacity to have a proud look on his face. Suddenly, Donghuang Li’s eyes lighted up and she stood up from her chair and shouted out, “Thou are able to shit without using toilet paper~” At this moment, everyone became completely quiet as they looked dumbfoundedly at the little fellow. From the looks of it, this little fellow misheard “die” as “shit”, which led to her forming a sentence that somehow rhymes and makes sense. Since ancient times, when has there ever been a person who doesn’t die? Thou are able to shit without using toilet paper. Formidable, this child is truly formidable. Not only did she form a sentence, but she also even managed to swear at that Chu Bo with her sentence. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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