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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 329 – Mysterious woman All of the family heads had a surprised look on their faces. For Voidless Realm to show up here, what exactly is going on? However, no matter what is going on, to be able to meet with people who are from Voidless Realm, I have no regrets left in my life! Although those three people are merely standing within the air and aren’t doing anything, the auras that they are emitting out are indeed very frightening. The three of them are just like three high and mighty deities, and even Ye Xiao and Chu He also have to be respectful towards them! If Voidless Realm’s empress were to show up, how spectacle would the scene be, and just how much of an honor would it have been for me to be able to be in front of the empress’s presence! If I’m able to even take a look at the empress, this life of mine would have practically been worth it! However, those people would never know that the empress was currently lying within Ye Hua’s embrace, and Ye Hua’s hands were even stretched into the empress’s nightclothes. Even when Donghuang Baizhi was asleep, her pretty face could be seen to be a bit red. Xiao Yi and Bai Cixin seemed to know what was going to happen today. It is no wonder that Ye Xiao would take the initiative to invite us over to the auction, so today is the day that Voidless Realm is going to announce the sixth aristocratic family! “By the empress’s order, I should announce the family who is going to become the sixth aristocratic family!” Yu Quan, who was standing within the air, shouted out. Yu Quan’s imposing voice made the family heads to not dare to raise their head and look straight at Yu Quan. However, upon thinking that they were going to be able to witness the birth of another aristocratic family, everyone was feeling very excited. This is a historical moment that I am about to witness! This sixth aristocratic family is going to be either Xiao Family or Bai Family, and I personally feel that Bai Family is most likely going to be the victor. However, there is also a chance for a miracle to happen. After all, Xiao Yi’s individual strength is very formidable! Ye Xiao floated to the front of Yu Quan and said respectfully, “Envoy, how about taking a seat and having a drink first? The auction is about to come to an end soon, and I have already prepared a drink for you too.” It was only natural that Ye Xiao was going to fawn upon the envoy. After all, if the envoy were to be willing to say a few good words about Ye Family to the empress, it would be a great help to Ye Family. Yu Quan disdained to drink the beverage that Ye Xiao has prepared for him, and he also couldn’t be bothered to wait for the so-called auction to come to an end first before making his announcement. Since Voidless Realm is here, whatever event that is going on at the venue should naturally come to a stop! However, today’s situation is a bit different, the empress’s best friend is present at the venue. Perhaps, she is here to attend the auction? I have already been disrespectful towards her just now, if I were to spoil her mood by stopping the auction, wouldn’t I be basically adding fire to fuel? Yu Quan nodded his head in response to Ye Xiao. I will just wait for the auction to end before I make my announcement. Ye Xiao became exulted. It is great as long as I am able to have the chance to have a chat with this envoy. Later on, I will ask if this envoy has anything that he wants, and I will try my best to get him what he wants. “Envoy, please follow me.” Ye Xiao said respectfully. Yu Quan said indifferently, “Just get me a seat at that spot will do.” Ye Xiao looked towards the direction that Yu Quan was looking at, and he discovered that the spot Yu Quan was looking at was right beside the two women. What is the situation? Although Ye Xiao was confused, he still said hurriedly, “Envoy, that spot is not suitable for someone of your status.” The empress’s best friend is sitting right over there, if I were to sit at the seat that you have arranged for me, it would mean that I am being disrespectful to her! Are you trying to bring harm to me! “Ye Xiao! When has it been up to you to make decisions for me?!” Yu Quan questioned coldly. Ye Xiao’s heart sunk, he completely did not understand why the envoy suddenly became angry. Ye Xiao hurriedly said, “Envoy, I understand, I will immediately get a seat at that spot for you!” Everyone was able to see that the two were speaking to each other, but they didn’t know the content of their conversation. However, from Ye Xiao’s expression, they were able to make out that Ye Xiao was feeling very terrified! Very quickly, the attendants set up a table right beside Qing Ya’s table, and furthermore, the table was situated at the same level as Qing Ya’s table. Yu Quan landed beside his table, and upon seeing that his table was situated at the same level as the empress’s best friend’s table, he almost shouted out, “Fools, all of you are trying to harm me!” “The two of you, move the table backward by a bit.” The two bodyguards recognized Qing Ya, and upon seeing Qing Ya, the two of them almost kneeled down to Qing Ya. Fortunately, the two were stopped by Yu Quan. Immediately, the two moved the table backward by a bit. Seeing that his table was now situated a bit behind Qing Ya’s table, Yu Quan finally put his mind at ease and sat down on his seat. After sitting down on his seat, Yu Quan raised his hand, signaling for the auction to continue. However, Yu Quan’s action caused everyone at the venue to become incomparably shocked. Why did the people from Voidless Realm want to sit next to that beautiful woman? Just who is that beautiful woman! This woman is truly mysterious. Furthermore, looking at the attitude of those people from Voidless Realm, they seem to be very respectful towards the beautiful woman! This is truly mystical! Song Huang was currently a bit stupefied. Why did Voidless Realm’s envoy choose to sit beside them? Is he trying to express something with his action? Many people were thinking the same as Song Huang. Indeed, is the envoy trying to express something with his action? Could it be that, this woman is actually someone from Voidless Realm? Chen Xuanzong was very surprised too. I have heard about this Voidless Realm not too long ago and its strength seems to be very formidable. Originally, I thought that cultivating up to a demon emperor was more or less enough for me to dominate over everyone, but I didn’t expect that this world would have changed so much, and right now, having the strength of a demon emperor is not enough to dominate over this world! Xiao Yi and Shu Nan were both deep in contemplation, the size of the information that they just learned of was too big. Bai Cixin was also deep in contemplation. From the looks of it, this woman is not simple at all! Ye Xiao who was at the main platform did not have a good look on his face. After all, he had just been rebuked by Yu Quan and ended up giving Yu Quan a bad impression of him. However, what is the reason that caused me to get rebuked by the envoy? There should be a reason for why he rebuked me, right? “Brother Ye, what’s going on? This envoy’s actions are very strange.” Chu He asked with a low voice. This Voidless Realm’s envoy has been acting very strange. Ye Xiao shook his head, expressing that he had no idea what was going on. Could it be that this elderly man took a fancy for those two women and wants to bring those two women back with him to Voidless Realm? Upon seeing Donghuang Li who was within Qing Ya’s embrace, Yu Quan became startled. So, the Little Highness is here too… From the looks of it, the empress has already become sisters with this female best friend of hers, or else, how would the empress have been able to put her mind at ease and let this woman take care of the Little Highness. It is fortunate that I swept over the venue just now, if not, it would have been bad if I didn’t notice that she was present at the venue! Chu Bo was currently sitting upright in his seat, not daring to have the slightest movement at all. Never in my dreams would I have expected that a big shot from Voidless Realm would be sitting right beside me, my head is feeling a bit giddy! The auction was gradually coming to an end, and Bai Cixin seemed to be a bit nervous. Whether if my Bai Family will be able to promote into an aristocratic family will all depend on tonight! Tonight was going to be the night where Bai Family's fate was going to be decided! Bai Cixin was an ambitious woman, her goal was not only to rise into the ranks of the aristocratic families! And instead, her goal was to rise into the ranks of the big powers! It has to be known that, one of the three big powers had been exterminated, thus, shouldn’t an aristocratic family rise and take over the vacant spot, restoring the big powers from two big powers to back to three big powers? With Voidless Realm present at the venue, the family heads were evidently feeling very excited, and the last few auction items ended up being bid way over the prices that they were worth. Ye Xiao stood up from his seat and said with a smile, “Tonight’s auction has come to an end, right now, we will have Voidless Realm’s envoy announce north’s sixth aristocratic family!” Yu Quan didn’t walk to the middle of the venue, and instead, he straightforwardly stood up from his seat and intended to make his announcement right at his current spot. If a person were to observe attentively, they would discover that Yu Quan was standing behind Qing Ya. From this, it was enough to understand Yu Quan’s attitude towards Qing Ya. However, Chu Bo, who was at the side, was feeling very nervous, and he didn’t notice that. As for the others, because of the distance, or because of the angle, they weren’t able to see very clearly, and thus weren’t able to notice that too. Furthermore, even if they had noticed it, they wouldn’t put much thought into it. Right when Yu Quan was about to announce the sixth aristocratic family, Xiao Yi suddenly stood up and shouted out, “My Xiao Family will withdraw from this time’s competition!” https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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