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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 330 – Full of changes Xiao Yi’s action caused an uproar in the entire venue. Right when the announcement is about to be announced, Xiao Yi actually declared that his family will be withdrawing from the competition? Did he know that his family wasn’t going to be able to win and thus he took the initiative to withdraw from the competition so that he can save some face for himself? Or perhaps, does he have other motives for his action? Everyone wasn’t able to understand Act Cool King Xiao Yi’s action, after all, withdrawing from something wasn’t Act Cool King Xiao Yi’s style. Back then when this Xiao Yi was fighting over the Xuan Yuan Sword, he was extremely ruthless and resolute, he was practically willing to kill everyone who was standing in his path for the Xuan Yuan Sword. I didn’t expect that this Xiao Yi would change so much after that big incident that his Xiao Family went through, it is as if he has changed into a completely different person. However, the current Xiao Yi is much more frightening. Even if a lion were to become injured, it is still a lion, and after the lion’s injuries have healed, the lion would still be the hegemon of the area that he rules over. Bai Cixin was very confused too. Although Xiao Family’s strength as an entire whole is not equal to my Bai Family, Xiao Yi’s own individual strength is relatively stronger than both me and Wang Dabao’s individual strength. There is still a chance for Xiao Family to be able to win this competition and be promoted into an aristocratic family, and yet, he actually chose to withdraw from the competition! He is definitely plotting something! Bai Cixin’s brows were tightly wrinkled, she had an ominous feeling about what was happening. “Wife, it is very suspicious for this Xiao Yi to suddenly withdraw from the competition out of the blue.” Wang Dabao said in a low voice. Bai Cixin let out a heavy sigh, “That’s right, this Xiao Yi is acting differently from the Xiao Yi that I knew! He has become much more calm-minded and formidable than he used to be!” From the looks of it, Bai Cixin was going to have to re-evaluate Xiao Yi. However, as for now, Bai Cixin was finally able to put her mind at ease since it was definite that her Bai Family was going to win the competition. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong were very confused too. Why did this Xiao Yi suddenly withdraw from the competition? This is a great chance for him, isn’t it? Yu Quan still hasn’t announced the victor, so it is practically a 50-50 chance situation, isn’t it? Furthermore, even if he failed to win this time’s competition, there is still next time, right? However, what Qing Ya did not know was that Ye Hua has already given his order, thus, how would Xiao Yi dare to not obey Ye Hua’s order? Yu Quan looked at Xiao Yi and asked gravely, “Xiao Yi! You have to think it through, if you take the initiative to withdraw from the competition, you won’t be able to qualify to enter into the competition again in the future!” “Envoy, I have already thought everything through!” Xiao Yi’s tone was very resolute, and this caused everyone to feel that Xiao Yi’s decision wasn’t made on the fly and the decision was made after much thought. This was the first time that Yu Quan has seen a family taking the initiative to withdraw from the competition. After all, if Ye Xiao were to become an aristocratic family head, it would practically mean that the big powers were the only powers that he would have to bow his head down to. Gui Chengren who was sitting beside Tang Wushuang said faintly, “F**k, I have finished reading up to the latest chapter again, this damned author actually dares to leave me hanging on a cliffhanger!” “Master, disciple will go and capture that author for you.” Tang Wushuang said respectfully. Gui Chengren nodded his head, “After capturing him, break both of his legs, then lock him up in a room and make him focus on writing his novel. Also, he is only allowed one meal a day!” “Alright.” After keeping away his phone, Gui Chengren looked towards Voidless Realm’s Yu Quan, then asked Tang Wushuang, “Is that person from Voidless Realm?” “That’s right, master.” There was envy in Tang Wushuang’s gaze. If I had an ancient godly item, I would have been able to join in on the competition too. Gui Chengren paused for a moment, then asked, “Just now, did that Xiao Yi say that he will be withdrawing from the competition?” “En.” Tang Wushuang was very confused about Xiao Yi’s action. Since you didn’t intend to fight over the chance to promote your family into an aristocratic family, why didn’t you give the Xuan Yuan Sword to me back then? With the Xuan Yuan Sword, I would have been able to join into the competition. “Do you want to try and compete with Bai Family?” Gui Chengren kept away the frivolous look that was on his face and asked solemnly. Tang Wushuang became stupefied for a moment, then soon after, his eyes lighted up. Could it be that, master intends to… “Disciple does indeed want to try and compete with Bai Family!” Gui Chengren smiled, and after patting onto Tang Wushuang’s shoulder, he flipped over his hand, and on his hand appeared the dagger that pierced through Xiao Yi back then! “Master! Didn’t you say that this ancient godly item was lent to you by someone else?” Tang Wushuang cried out in surprise. Gui Chengren laughed lightly, “My foolish disciple, which family would dare to anyhow lend away their ancient godly item?” That’s true, the aristocratic families treat their ancient godly items as utmost treasures, so how would they ever be willing to anyhow lend away their ancient godly items? However, if master possesses an ancient godly item, why didn’t he form his own family? Furthermore, with master’s strength, isn’t becoming an aristocratic family a very simple thing for him to do so? So, why does he want to help me instead? Strange… this is very strange. “Wushuang, master is only able to help you up to this point, the rest is up to you!” Gui Chengren’s gaze was deep, and only he himself knows why he was doing this. Tang Wushuang took over the ancient godly item with both of his hands, then said sincerely, “Disciple will never forget about master’s kindness towards disciple!” “Very good, I hope, in the future, you will still remember what you have just said!” “Yes!” Tang Wushuang was indeed very grateful to his master, if not for his master, he would have long lost his will to continue fighting on and would have just lived the rest of his life in despair. Right now, not only has his master taught him the martial technique that he was currently cultivating, but his master also gave him an ancient godly item, allowing him to be qualified to join into the competition to promote his family into an aristocratic family. Tang Wushuang was truly indebted to his master. “However, master, isn’t it too late for me to join into the competition now?” Tang Wushuang was a bit worried, after all, the reason Voidless Realm showed up here today was to announce the competition’s result. Gui Chengren turned his phone back on again and began searching for other novels to read, “As long as you possess an ancient godly item, you are able to join into the competition so long as the result still hasn’t been announced!” Upon hearing what his master said, Tang Wushuang felt reassured. Tang Family will definitely rise to great heights by my hands! Upon hearing Xiao Yi’s confirmation, Yu Quan let out a breath, “Since Xiao Family has withdrawn from the competition, north’s sixth aristocratic family will…” Before Yu Quan finished his sentence, a loud voice suddenly rang out. “My Tang Family wants to join into the competition too!” Yu Quan wrinkled his brows as he looked towards Tang Wushuang who had stood up from his seat. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong looked toward Tang Wushuang too. Things are happening one after another. First, it was Xiao Yi announcing that he will be withdrawing from the competition, and now, this Tang Wushuang who doesn’t possess an ancient godly item actually boldly said that he wants to join into the competition too… Does this Tang Wushuang not know that the consequences of his action will be very grave? If it was placed in the past, Qing Ya may perhaps feel astonished, after all, big families and aristocratic families were involved. However, it was different now, and it was all thanks to Ye Hua. If Ye Hua didn’t appear, Qing Ya wouldn’t have experienced a lot of the things that she had experienced, and there was no way that she could have entered into the social circle that she was in right now. Even more, she would have felt proud if she were able to show up at today’s auction. Thinking about it, life was truly full of changes. Ye Xiao and Chu He both stood up at the same time, they were both shocked by this sudden change of event. And the person who was even more shocked was Bai Cixin. Right when the promotion to an aristocratic family has already been handed into her hands, a sudden change of event happened. Xiao Yi was also looking in disbelief at Tang Wushuang. Has this guy gone mad from thinking about becoming an aristocratic family?! To actually dare to say that when he doesn’t possess an ancient godly item! Right now, I don’t even have to do anything and this Tang Wushuang will be eliminated by Voidless Realm! The family heads that were present at the venue were shocked too. This Tang Wushuang is really tired of living, to actually talk big in front of Voidless Realm! Does he not know that this is enough of an offense to get his family exterminated?! Wang Dabao felt that he was going to explode from anger. We went to great difficulty to obtain an ancient godly item, and right when we were almost about to achieve our goal, everything was thrown into disarray by this Tang Wushuang! Immediately, Wang Dabao jumped up from his seat and shouted at Tang Wushuang, “Tang Wushuang, you loser, do you even have an ancient godly item! Do you know the consequences of lying to Voidless Realm?!” Tang Wushuang looked coldly at Wang Dabao, “When has it been up to a southerner’s turn to butt into our north’s matters, married-in groom!” “You!!!” Wang Dabao was actually left speechless! Qing Ya silently thought to herself, “If this Tang Wushuang was just merely talking big, he is going to have to be prepared to be destroyed by Voidless Realm. After all, rules are rules.” “Tang Wushuang! Do you know…” Before Yu Quan even finished speaking his sentence, Tang Wushuang kneeled onto the floor with both of his legs and held up the ancient godly item with both of his hands. The ancient godly item’s aura swept through the entire venue, and this caused everyone at the venue to become stupefied! When did this Tang Wushuang obtain an ancient godly item?! Bai Cixin clenched her fists tightly. Meanwhile, when Xiao Yi saw that dagger, killing intent began emitting out from his entire body. Chen Xuanzong began sizing up the relationships of those people. The enemies of my enemy are my friends. Yu Quan waved his hand, and immediately, the ancient godly item that was on Tang Wushuang’s hands floated over to him. When Yu Quan saw the dagger, his pupils dilated. This… this is actually the ancient godly item that went missing a hundred years ago, Mound Pierce! This ancient godly item originally belonged to Dongfang Family, it has disappeared for a hundred years, and yet, it actually appeared again right at this moment! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

Translator: Wigglegui



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