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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 333 – Snap Chu Bo was also startled, he didn’t expect that Ye Tai would be so insane. “Big sister, they don’t seem to be acting.” Qing Yutong said in a low voice. Qing Ya nodded her head. Indeed, it doesn’t seem like they are acting. Chu Bo shouted towards his back, “Quickly leave this place while I stall them!” After finished speaking, a formidable amount of spiritual energy surged into his fist, and his fist could be seen emitting out a white light. Immediately, Chu Bo’s fist collided with Ye Tai’s fist. Bang! Soon after, an airwave spread out in a circular motion, and the Benz G-Class’s windows were all shattered into pieces. “Song Huang! What are you standing there in a daze for?! Quickly come over and help me!” Ye Tai shouted out towards Song Huang. This Chu Bo’s strength is formidable, my strength is neck to neck against his strength, but with Song Huang joining into the fight, we will be able to overwhelm Chu Bo’s strength. Song Huang was hesitating if he should help Ye Tai or not. If I were to help Ye Tai, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate. The crime of killing the son of an aristocratic family is not something that I can afford to shoulder! “Song Huang! You are already counted as an accomplice of mine even if you don’t help me deal with Chu Bo!” Ye Tai turned his head around and shouted out angrily. This Sage Doctor is gutless! Song Huang scolded Ye Tai for being shameless in his own mind. And in the end, Song Huang was also a shameless person, for the sake of the spiritual stones, Song Huang went for broke and joined into the fight. “Ladies, you two can be at ease, as long as I, Chu Bo, am still here, they won’t be able to harm even a single hair of yours!” While speaking, Chu Bo charged towards Ye Tai. Meanwhile, Chu Bo thought to himself, “My back definitely looks very charming to them right now, I reckon that they are currently already charmed by me.” Qing Yutong let out a sigh, “This Chu Bo isn’t able to win against the two of them, and yet he still intends to send his head over to them.” “Well, in any case, he meant well.” Qing Ya said faintly. Chu Bo could be seen fighting as one against two people, and the disadvantage was very evident. In a flash, a wound has already appeared on Chu Bo’s body. This Ye Tai fights openly, but that Song Huang actually plays with poison needles, shameless! “Chu Bo! End your own life and I should allow you to die with an intact corpse!” Ye Tai shouted out arrogantly. Chu Bo shouted out angrily, “As long as I, Chu Bo, am still here, the two of you can forget about harming those two ladies!” “Humph, I should let you become a dissolute ghost then!” Ye Tai shouted out coldly as he struck out both of his fists, “Strength sealing fists!” At the same time, Song Huang suddenly appeared behind Chu Bo and shouted out sinisterly, “Soul freezing ice needle!” Being attacked from both sides, Chu Bo tightly wrinkled his brows and he used a bizarre movement technique to try and escape from their attacks. However, in the end, Chu Bo wasn’t fast enough, and he was struck by their attacks. Pfft. Chu Bo spat out mouthfuls of blood, and the spiritual energy that was within his body was actually sealed by Ye Tai’s strength sealing fists, while Song Huang’s soul freezing ice needle began eroding his five viscera and six bowels. I’m afraid that I am most probably going to die here today! Ah, but there are still so many young married women waiting for me to go and save them… However, even if I am going to die, I still have to act cool, and at the least leave an undestroyable impression within those two women’s hearts! “Quickly leave this place, I will stall time for you all!” Chu Bo stood in front of the two women and protected them from the two men. Chu Bo’s body was currently slightly arched, his western suit was in tatters, and blood was constantly flowing out from his mouth. Without waiting for Qing Ya to reply to Chu Bo, Ye Tai and Song Huang slowly walked over. The two had different expressions on their faces, Ye Tai had an excited look on his face, while Song Huang had a restless look on his face. “Chu Bo, why even do this? Wouldn’t it have been best if you had just shown me some face and backed away? Is it worth it to die for two women?” Ye Tai sneered. However, upon thinking that he was going to be able to enjoy those two beautiful women soon, his heart began beating incredibly fast. Chu Bo spat out a mouth of blood, then said coldly, “Since you dare to kill me for them, I dare to die in order to protect them!” Ye Tai suddenly began laughing at the top of his voice, “Who would have thought, Chu Family’s great prince is actually a righteous hero! You have my respect!” Seeing that the two women behind him were still standing still in their spots and not leaving, Chu Bo shouted out gravely at them, “What are you two still being in a daze for, quickly run away!” “They won’t be able to run away. Even if you died, I am still going to be able to get my hands on them!” While appreciating Chu Bo’s final moments, Ye Tai took out a stick of cigarette and ignited the cigarette. “Sage Doctor Song, how about having a stick of cigarette?” “No.” Song Huang said gravely. I am truly unlucky to the maximum today! Ye Tai patted Song Huang’s shoulder and said, “Be at ease, 50 spiritual stones for each of those two women, right? I won’t give you anything less than 100 spiritual stones!” Qing Yutong immediately became dissatisfied and shouted out, “Am I only worth 50 spiritual stones? Are your eyes blind?!” Qing Ya laughed dryly. We are currently in this kind of situation, and yet this sister of mine is still being mischievous. Chu Bo almost spat out another mouth of blood. Now is not the time to be upset about how much you are worth! “Within this Sage Doctor’s eyes, you two are worth 50 spiritual stones each, but in my eyes, you two are priceless.” Ye Tai said while with a lecherous look on his face, and his eyes were tightly fixed onto Qing Ya and Qing Yutong’s bodies. Qing Yutong shouted out, “Today, I should cut you up into 100 pieces!” “Let me deal with them.” Qing Ya said faintly. “Big sister!” “Be obedient.” Qing Yutong let out a sigh, then leaned on the car door while panting with anger. Qing Ya, who was carrying Donghuang Li, said lightly, “You two’s guts are truly big!” Ye Tai grinned, “Young lady, that is only natural, after all, I dare to even kill the son of an aristocratic family.” “Do you know who my husband is?” Qing Ya said with a slight smile. Qing Ya felt that it was very enjoyable to bring up her husband in front of others. “Your husband? All I know is that, to actually leave such a beautiful woman like you alone to yourself and let you come out at night, that husband of yours is practically a stupid fool!” Right after Ye Tai finished speaking, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head, and a frightening aura began spreading from his heart to his entire body. However, the pain and frightening aura only stayed for a moment, then immediately disappeared right after. Qing Ya and Qing Yutong’s faces came to a froze. Someone actually called brother-in-law a stupid fool? Nothing else has to be said, this guy is definitely done for, this is the first time that I have heard someone call brother-in-law a stupid fool. Qing Ya was glaring at Ye Tai. To actually dare to insult my husband, you must be tired of living! “Beauty, you can be at ease, when you are with me, I definitely won’t let you leave the bed.” While speaking, Ye Tai began laughing with a perverted look on his face. Chu Bo was becoming weaker and weaker, and it seemed as if he was about to faint at any moment. Qing Ya slowly stretched out her delicate hand, and a green light appeared on her palm. Immediately, the green light flew over to Chu Bo and enveloped Chu Bo. And upon being enveloped by the green light, Chu Bo felt his vitality recovering at an incredibly high speed. “Not bad, so you are actually a cultivator too!” Ye Tai became even more fond of Qing Ya. Good, since she is a cultivator, I will be able to cultivate dual martial techniques with her. Meanwhile, Song Huang had a bad feeling. As a Sage Doctor, he knew that Chu Bo was about to die anytime soon, and yet, Chu Bo’s vitality was currently recovering at an astonishingly high speed. “Move away.” Qing Ya calmly said towards Chu Bo, and the aura of her blood vessels began to gradually emit out from her body. Upon sensing the aura that Qing Ya was emitting out, not only did Ye Tai have no intention of giving up, but he also ended up wanting to possess Qing Ya even more. This woman is a top-quality woman! Her entire body is filled with haughtiness from top to bottom, just how great would it feel if I were to press her down on my body? Chu Bo stood up and moved away from Qing Ya while with a very awkward look on his face. Originally, I wanted to act as a hero and save the beauties, but who would have thought, I ended up being saved by a beauty… This is so embarrassing… “Song Huang, together!” Ye Tai shouted out. Right now, Song Huang didn’t have the leisure to think too much anymore. Immediately, an astonishing amount of spiritual energy erupted forth from the two, and a surging wind began blowing out in all directions. The trees began swaying acutely, seemingly as if there was a level 8 typhoon happening. “Raging fire fist!” “Silk dragon!” A huge might pressure struck towards Qing Ya and the others. Ye Tai’s entire body turned into a fire fist as he charged towards Qing Ya. Meanwhile, Song Huang turned his spiritual energy into silk, and the silk formed into the shape of a dragon. As the silk dragon charged towards Qing Ya, a dragon roar was actually being emitted out from the silk dragon. If one didn’t know, one would think that a dragon has appeared. Surging spiritual energy swept throughout the entire area, and killing intent filled the entire sky and ground. As expected of the son of an aristocratic family and north’s Sage Doctor! Qing Ya slowly raised her tender arm, and her tender and lovely fingers were able to make others have improper thoughts. Qing Ya could be seen lightly pressing her thumb onto her middle finger. Snap! https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman

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