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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 341 – Exposed Xiao Yi gradually kept away his fierce aura, however, within Qing Ya’s eyes, Xiao Yi was pretending to stay calm, and even more, she felt that what Xiao Yi was going to say next would most probably be fake. “CEO Qing, I’m very sorry regarding that matter, it is my fault for not fulfilling my promise on time, I hope that CEO Qing would be magnanimous enough to forgive my mistake.” While speaking, Xiao Yi even stood up and cupped his hands at Qing Ya to express his apology. Not only did Xiao Yi lose money from the bet, had his wife get forced to death, and had to be ordered by his enemy, right now, he even had to apologize for this matter! Just what happened to this world? Originally, Qing Ya was just merely curious and wanted to see just what Ye Hua did to cause those people who originally looked down on her to suddenly become so respectful towards her. Of course, within Qing Ya’s heart, she was happy about what Ye Hua did, after all, Ye Hua did it for her, so that she wouldn’t receive harm or get looked down on by others. To be able to have such a caring husband, Qing Ya felt that she was very fortunate. However, from the looks of things, Qing Ya felt that things weren’t that simple. Upon thinking of Ye Hua’s strength, Qing Ya thought to herself, “Could it be that, he used violence? Ye Hua may have used violence against Xiao Family, and the others were scared by Ye Hua’s violence against Xiao Family.” Qing Ya didn’t want to continue on probing on the matter anymore, because she was afraid of knowing some things that weren’t pleasant. After all, after awakening her blood vessels, Qing Ya obtained a strange sense of benevolence, or perhaps, a strange sense of pity towards others. Protecting the living was a duty of Nuwa’s descendants. Nuwa’s descendants wouldn’t show any mercy toward the wicked, but toward people who were weak, they would feel pity for them. Therefore, Qing Ya didn’t want to continue probing on the matter anymore. Standing up from her seat, Qing Ya said with a smile, “CEO Xiao, you are being too serious, that matter is already a matter of the past. I still have things back home that I have to get back to, so I should stop bothering you anymore and take my leave.” “CEO Qing, let me see you off.” Xiao Yi said with a forced smile on his face. Qing Ya nodded her head. However, right when Qing Ya was about to leave! Yu Qi suddenly kneeled down on the floor and pleaded, “CEO Qing! Please save our Xiao Family!” Seeing that a pregnant woman was kneeling down on the floor and pleading with her, Qing Ya’s expression changed. Just what happened for those people to be so afraid? Looking at the frightened look that is currently on their faces, it seemed as if they had just witnessed something scary. “Yu Qi! What are you doing! Quickly get up!” Xiao Yi straightforwardly shouted out coldly. Yu Qi’s action is no different from self-immolation! The situation right now is very evident, Qing Ya doesn’t know about those matters at all! If the mastermind really is the Leisure Bar’s boss, it means that he has been keeping everything a secret from Qing Ya. But with Yu Qi’s kneel, everything will become exposed. Why did that boss want to keep everything a secret from this Qing Ya? Isn’t it basically because he was afraid of letting Qing Ya know of the dark things that happened? If Qing Ya ends up finding out what happened, our Xiao Family is going to have to face against frightening consequences. Thinking up to here, Xiao Yi and Shu Nan didn’t dare to continue thinking about what would happen! However, as far as it was concerned to Yu Qi, what other choice did she have? She was just an ordinary woman who was pregnant with a child. During this period of time, she had been very scared and on edge, afraid that what happened on that night would happen again. It was fine if she died, but she was worried about her own child. As a mother, it wasn’t wrong for her to beg for her unborn baby’s life, right? “Yu Qi, quickly get up!” Shu Nan hurriedly persuaded. Yu Qi, don’t speak anymore! In actuality, Yu Qi who was on edge all day long was already a bit depressed. Yu Qi straightforwardly kneeled to the front of Qing Ya and grabbed onto Qing Ya’s ankle, “CEO Qing, I’m begging you, please spare my child’s life, the child is innocent.” Xiao Yi shouted out gravely, “You all, quickly bring Yu Qi back to her room to rest!” Xiao Yi’s wives stood up, but suddenly, all of them kneeled down on the floor and pleaded, “CEO Qing, I beg you, please spare our Xiao Family.” Xiao Yi and Shu Nan were dazed. Same as Yu Qi, Xiao Yi’s other wives have been feeling very scared too, they were afraid that something bad would happen to their husband. Now that Qing Ya was here, they have their hope placed on Qing Ya. They thought that as long as they begged Qing Ya, those bad people wouldn’t make things difficult for Xiao Family anymore. However, they were totally oblivious to the fact that Ye Hua didn’t tell any of the matters that happened to Qing Ya, and he also doesn’t intend to tell Qing Ya. To Ye Hua, it was already lenient of him to not have massacred the entire Xiao Family. Even more, he felt that there was no need in telling Qing Ya about such a small thing like this. Looking at the actions of Xiao YI’s wives, Qing Ya’s willow brows became tightly wrinkled. Just what horrible thing did Ye Hua do to actually make them kneel down and beg me to spare their family! It is no wonder that Xiao Yi would act so respectfully towards me, I finally understand why now. “All of you, get up from the floor.” Qing Ya said gravely. Xiao Yi’s wives were crying endlessly. The life of living under heavy pressure has placed a huge strain on their mental. Qing Ya sat on the seat that was at the side, and Xiao Yi sat on the main seat while with a grave look on his face. What other choice did he have right now? Now that the situation has been exposed, all he could do was to rely on Qing Ya. “Just what happened?” Qing Ya asked faintly. Everyone remained silent and looked at Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi took in a deep breath, then opened his eyes that had become bloodshot, “This matter began from that bet.” Qing Ya nodded her head. Indeed, it all began from that bet. “CEO Qing, originally, I wasn’t intending on paying up the money that I lost from the bet, and because of that, someone came to my house to collect the debt. That person had a battle with me, and it ended with me losing. In the end, not only did I pay up the money, but I also ended up paying a life as interest!” Xiao Yi said with a relaxed tone, but when he recalled the death of his beloved wife, his heart felt like it was being sliced by a knife. Qing Ya was very shocked, and she was in disbelief, “The life was Nangong Xinyi’s life?” Xiao Yi nodded his head, “My beloved wife was forced to death by him. He said that this was the interest and told me to pick one of my wives to die.” The sound of the women weeping began ringing out in the main hall. Just how sad and helpless were they back then? They had to watch as Nangong Xinyi die in front of them. Qing Ya was very shocked. It is normal to collect debt, but to actually force a person to death, I’m a bit unable to bear such a thing like this. “Who is the ‘he’ that you all are referring to?” Qing Ya was a bit nervous. Please don’t be Ye Hua, Ye Hua wouldn’t do such an outrageous act like this. Xiao Yi didn’t shoot his mouth off, “A skeleton that wore a black robe.” Qing Ya let out a breath of relief. It is fortunate that it is not Ye Hua. Although my Ye Hua likes to act cool, he wouldn’t go as far as to do such a thing like that. “There was also a lump of black fog.” Yu Qi added. “A lump of black fog?” Qing Ya said in confusion. Xiao Yi explained, “That lump of black fog seemed to be the black robed’s master. They…” Xiao Yi hurriedly held back his tongue. I can’t say anymore already. “What about them!” Qing Ya questioned coldly. “They are very strong, but they seem to take orders from someone else.” Right now, all Xiao Yi could do was to place all of his hope on Qing Ya. Without even Xiao Yi saying who that “someone else” was, Qing Ya was still able to guess it. Back then, Ye Hua brought back all of those transfer agreement documents, which meant that, the person that is behind those people is most likely Ye Hua! Right now, Qing Ya was feeling very complicated, she did not know what she should do. Why would Ye Hua use this kind of method to collect the debt? Is this still the Ye Hua that I know? Isn’t he just someone who likes to smoke, drink beer, and brag? Why would he choose to force a woman to death? Even more, a mother? Qing Ya really couldn’t understand why. “What else did this black robed do?” Qing Ya asked gravely. “The reason I withdrew from the aristocratic family election this time was because of the black robed’s order.” Xiao Yi said bluntly. Why didn’t this Xiao Yi tell Qing Ya about the matter of the black robed helping him? Does Xiao Yi even know the consequences of defaming Ye Hua? At this moment, Qing Ya had no idea just what Ye Hua was trying to do. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

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