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https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 352 – Alliances “I’m not drunk, but I want to get drunk.” Guan Yanxin’s tone seemed to be filled with lots of helplessness. Being born in an aristocratic family, although authority and power were easily obtainable, she had to lose her personal freedom, every word she spoke and every action she did, she had to first take into consideration of her family’s face. Even such a thing as having a boyfriend was restricted by her family. Using Guan Yanxin’s words, “I’m already 20+ years old, and yet I don’t even know how it feels to be a woman. I really want to find a man who I like and have my first experience with him. After that, I will just go with the flow of whatever that happens. At the least, my first time will be with someone who I like.” Jue Tian was currently feeling a bit vexed, the response that his body was giving out was to not touch the woman, but his mind was constantly reminding him of His Honor’s order. In the end, His Honor’s order prevailed. Jue Tian lightly embraced onto Guan Yanxin, and Guan Yanxin was lying in Jue Tian’s embrace and enjoying this moment between the two of them. No matter what this man’s motives are, at the least, he is someone who I like. Jue Tian was currently faced with another issue. How do I make her become willing to do whatever that I tell her to do? This is a bit difficult! However, looking at Dongfang Yuer who was present at the scene, Jue Tian asked curiously, “Why is that student present here?” Guan Yanxin turned her head around to take a look, then said, “She’s more or less the same as me, a girl who was sold away by her family.” “Oh? And the person who is by her side is her husband?” Jue Tian looked at Bai Qi and asked curiously. “Nope, he isn’t. I heard that they still haven’t done the deed with each other. Although this Dongfang Yuer is soft-tempered, she is rather unyielding. I must say, she does indeed sort of have the shadow of Dongfang Aristocratic Family.” Guan Yanxin laughed lightly. “Dongfang Aristocratic Family?” Jue Tian asked. Guan Yanxin nodded her head, “That’s right. Dongfang Family is originally an aristocratic family too, but something happened, and they got their title removed. Dongfang Yuer is someone who is from Dongfang Family’s current younger generation.” My luck today is practically shooting off the roof! First, it is Guan Family, and now, it is Dongfang Family! His Honor has given an order to check on Dongfang Family’s case, and this Dongfang Yuer could just be the breakthrough point in getting to the bottom of Dongfang Family’s case. Just that, how am I going to be able to get to this breakthrough point without seeming suspicious? I am going to have to slowly think about that. Following after, Guan Yanxin talked about quite a few disputes between different families. Take for examples, Xiao Family and Tang Family were on bad terms with each other, and right now, Tang Family has angered Bai Family. Also, Chen Xuanzong seemed to have the intention of forming an alliance with Tang Family. The relationships between the families were rather complicated. This is good news to me, this Guan Yanxin seems to know about a lot of things. I have to make it so that this woman can be used by me for a long period of time. With her to help me out, it will be easy for me to obtain information. On the other side of the banquet, Chen Xuanzong could be said to be Zijin City’s black horse, in just a few days of work, he has already obtained a lot of family heads’ acknowledgment, and his figure could now be seen in practically every banquet that was held in Zijin City. Chen Xuanzong decided to place his feelings for Qing Ya to the side for the time being. After I reached the top, I will go and look for Qing Ya and tell her that that Long Aotian is not a good person. Long Aotian who was far away hiding in a mountain let out a deep sigh, “What did I even f**king did wrong!” While holding onto a glass of red wine, Chen Xuanzong came to the front of Tang Wushuang, “Family Head Tang.” “Family Head Chen.” Tang Wushuang’s mood has been very good lately, and this caused his endocrine to become very active. If not for the beard that was on his face, his voice that he was lowering on purpose, and also the bandage on his chest, Tang Wushuang would look just like a beautiful-looking woman. Chen Xuanzong discovered that Tang Wushuang seemed to be purposely lowering his own voice. “I got a cold recently, and my throat is feeling a bit uncomfortable.” Tang Wushuang explained with a smile. Just that, how would someone of Tang Wushuang’s power level be able to catch a cold so easily? Chen Xuanzong said with concern, “If that’s the case, Family Head Tang, you should take care of your health and properly recuperate.” “Family Head Chen, thank you for your concern.” Tang Wushuang’s bearing was starting to change a bit, and this caused Chen Xuanzong to have goosebumps. “Family Head Tang, when will we start taking action?” A few days ago, Chen Xuanzong paid Tang Wushuang a visit, and both of them reached a consensus on exterminating Xiao Family. Tang Wushuang looked at Xiao Yi who was standing not far away and said gravely, “After this time’s aristocratic family election is over, we will immediately start taking action!” “If that’s the case, I can put my mind at ease.” Chen Xuanzong patted onto Tang Wushuang’s shoulder, and the latter went into a slight daze for a moment. Even more, just like a girl, shyness actually appeared on the latter’s face. This caused Chen Xuanzong to immediately pull back his hand. Just what is going on with this Tang Wushuang? Xiao Yi naturally spotted both Tang Wushuang and Chen Xuanzong. For those two to be chatting with each other, they are definitely up to no good! Looking at Bai Cixin who was not far away, Xiao Yi let out a polite smile on his face, then walked over to Bai Cixin. “Family Head Bai.” Bai Cixin slowly turned her body around, “Family Head Xiao, long time no see.” “Family Head Bai is still as pretty as always, even I am engrossed by your looks.” Wang Dabao, who was at the side, had an ugly look on his face. To actually dare to flirt with my wife while in front of me! Don’t think that you can act however you want without any misgivings just because you have the Xuan Yuan Sword! I am able to suck out a tray of river snails without using my hands, are you able to do that! Bai Cixin smiled, “Family Head Xiao, please be cautious with your words, my husband is still by my side.” Wang Dabao snorted coldly as he held onto his wife’s waist, seemingly like he was saying, “Quickly beat it, you loser!” “CEO Wang, don’t misunderstand, I merely came over with the intention of forming an alliance.” Xiao Yi told them his motive. Right now, forming an alliance was the only way out for Xiao Family, and was also the best move for Xiao Family to make. Bai Cixin said faintly, “Why should I agree to form an alliance with you?” “Because we have the same enemy, Tang Family!” Xiao Yi said coldly. Bai Cixin revealed out a strange smile, then said, “Indeed!” Upon hearing that Xiao Yi wasn’t here to seduce his wife and was instead here to form an alliance with them, Wang Dabao put his mind at ease. In any case, my mouth skills are extremely formidable, and my wife is already unable to free herself from my mouth skills. Therefore, there isn’t really much for me to worry about. Xiao Family and Bai Family both possessed an ancient godly item. Meanwhile, Tang Chen Alliance only possessed one ancient godly item because only Tang Family possessed an ancient godly item, and Chen Xuanzong didn’t possess an ancient godly item. Therefore, if those two alliances were to get into a battle with each other, Xiao Bai Alliance would be in the advantage. However, Tang Wushuang’s master, Gui Chengren, was a factor that could not be forgotten about. Gui Chengren was practically the equivalent of a walking ancient godly item. Right at this moment, a round-looking middle-aged man appeared at the scene. This middle-aged man was precisely Guan Family’s family head, Guan Tong! Guan Tong’s height was less than 1.7 meters tall, but his body was extremely fat. Looking from far away, he looked just like a walking ball. However, do not be deceived by his appearance. No matter what, he was still after all one of the five aristocratic families’ family heads! If he doesn’t possess some capabilities, how would he have been able to get to the position that he was in today? “Family Head Guan.” “Family Head Guan.” “Family Head Guan.” The family heads greeted cordially, and Guan Tong appeared to be very happy too. However, when he saw that his daughter was actually nestling against a man’s embrace, his expression immediately sunk. If the people from Jiang Family saw this, the marriage between Jiang Family and my Guan Family can practically be called off! “My father is here.” Guan Yanxin immediately left Jue Tian’s embrace. From the looks of it, she was a bit afraid of her father. Jue Tian asked in a low voice, “Do you still dare to take a gamble with me?” Guan Yanxin was shocked when she heard that. As she raised her head and looked at Jue Tian’s face, she saw a face that was filled with confidence, and that confident look gave her a strong sense of security. https://xiainovel.com/novel/you-cannot-afford-to-offend-my-woman


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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