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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 41 – The mystical youngster 2/2 “Ye Hua, that person seems to be your employee, right?” Qing Ya spoke. Ye Hua looked towards the girl, and it was actually really his employee. I didn’t expect that she would work here in the day, and work at my bar during the night, this girl is indeed a hardworking girl. "En." Ye Hua responded indifferently. “Don’t you have anything that you want to say?” Qing Ya said displeasedly. In any case, she is after all your employee. Just look at her standing there so pitifully, as her boss, don’t you think that you should step out and say something? Ye Hua said indifferently, “When you make a mistake, there should be an appropriate punishment that awaits you. Even if this matter was not really her fault, it is still a fact that she was implicated into the matter. If I were to step out right now, she won’t even know where her mistake was.” Qing Ya pouted her mouth. And I thought that Ye Hua was actually that cold-blooded, so this was the case. Not right, this fellow is lecturing me in a roundabout way. “What brother-in-law said is correct, only by recognizing one’s mistake, then would one be able to be more careful next time.” Qing Yutong stood on her brother-in-law’s side. Ye Hua expresses that he was very gratified and patted onto Qing Yutong’s head. The latter squinted her eyes, seemingly to be enjoying it very much. Upon seeing that, Qing Ya was angered to the point that she was speechless. The relationship between this man and my sister is too intimate already. It cannot continue on like this, if not, there will come a day where I will really have to send protection over to them. As expected, a man who wore a black western suit walked hurriedly towards the fish. Looking at the Asian Arowana which was at its last gasp, he was stunned. This fish was specially sent over by the boss, if this matter was to be known by the boss, I am practically finished! “Who!” The man’s gaze revealed out an ominous glint, and a faint murdering intent emitted out from his body. Ye Hua felt somewhat surprised when he felt that faint murdering intent that was emitted out by the man. The few porters immediately all pointed towards the girl. “Tang Wei!” The man shouted, and his gaze made him seemed as if he was about to kill someone. That’s right, this girl here was Tang Wei. At the moment, she was dazed, and her mind was in complete shambles. “Tang Wei! Do you know just how much this fish is worth! Furthermore, even if you have the money, you may not even be able to buy the fish, because the fish is about to go extinct already!” Tang Wei was at a complete loss, she wanted to explain, but she was in so much of a panic that she couldn’t say out what she wanted to say. At this moment, a person appeared in her mind, and she felt that only this person would be able to help her. Without minding about the manager’s malicious gaze, Tang Wei took out her phone and sent a text message. Just that, right after she sent out the text message, the manager snatched over her phone and ruthlessly threw it onto the ground, then stepped onto the phone with his leather shoes and crushed the phone into pieces. “My phone…” Tang Wei said sobbingly. Although this phone was only 1k+ rmb, but it was also bought by using the hard earned money that I earned myself. Holding onto the pile of phone components, Tang Wei let out a soft weep. The look of helplessness on her face was enough to make one feel heart pain for her. The manager wished he could whip this girl to death as he shouted angrily, “What are you crying for! Can this garbage phone of yours even be compared to my fish! Tang Wei, let me tell you, you can prepare to work here for your entire life!” Qing Ya couldn’t stand watching anymore as she pulled onto Ye Hua, “It’s more or less enough already, if you are not going to step out, I will step out myself.” Ye Hua revealed out a light smile as he stood up, “Of what identity do you intend to step out as? The boss’s wife?” “Go to hell.” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua. This fellow sure is annoying. However, there was a youngster who stepped out much faster than Ye Hua! “Manager, from the looks of it, this fish of yours still haven’t die!” A youngster who was dressed ordinarily walked over. This made Ye Hua who had stood up to sit back down. “Classmate Qi.” Tang Wei looked at the youngster who walked over and cried out in surprise. Qi Xuewen squatted down and consoled, “Classmate Tang Wei, are you okay?” With her eyes red and swollen, Tang Wei shook her head, “Classmate Qi, you better quickly leave, this matter doesn’t have anything to do with you.” “Classmate Tang Wei, in any case, we are after all classmates, if I don’t help you, who will help you.” Qi Xuewen smiled slightly. This made Tang Wei to become a little absent-minded. Her impression of Qi Xuewen was that he was a shy bookworm, and very rarely talk to any classmates when he was in the class. However, the Qi Xuewen today seemed to have become a completely different person. He seemed to have become… become very confident! The manager snorted, “You? Help? What can you even help?” Qi Xuewen stood up and said faintly, “This fish of yours is fine, it has only just merely lost it consciousness!” “Nonsense, the fish isn’t even moving now! If you have the capability, you can go and try to wake up the fish. If you are able to do it, I will let bygones be bygones!” The manager shouted in disdain. Qi Xuewen smiled and remained silent. With incomparable confidence, he squatted right by the Asian Arowana, stretched out his hand and lightly stroke onto the fish’s body. While stroking on the fish, Qi Xuewen was astonished, as expected of a dragon fish that is worth 5 million rmb, this fish actually possesses dragon energy, I will absorb it first. After quite a while, under everyone’s astonished gaze, Qi Xuewen threw the Asian Arowana into the fish tank that was at the side, and in the next moment, the Asian Arowana that seemed like it was about to die anytime just a while ago could be seen swimming smoothly in the water. “My god, that youngster actually really cured the fish!” “Wow, so mystical, the fish actually became fine…” “Youngster, what is your name, how were you able to do that?” An elderly man walked up to Qi Xuewen to chat with him. Qi Xuewen did not act aloof and started chatting ardently with the elderly.

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