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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 43 – He hit me 1/2 “Slap!” “I dare you to hit me one more time! Do you know just how formidable my background is!" “Slap!” “My background can stab you to death with just one finger!” “Slap!” “My background…” “Slap!” “My back…” “Slap!” “It was me who smashed broken the phone.” The manager was actually slapped by Wei Chang to the point that he started crying. This was the life of someone who just wasn’t afraid of anything, no matter how formidable your background was, in any case, he was just going to slap your face. Other than Ye Hua, everyone else was all astonished. This security guard had simply rewritten their world outlook. Although what the security guard did was indeed very venting of anger, he was still too impulse already. Right now, you are indeed feeling great, but have you thought of the consequences that will be coming to you later on? Qi Xuewen was also very astonished. This uncle of Tang Wei’s is not simple eh, the speed of his slaps were all extremely fast, they were even fast to the point that it was almost able to catch up to my own speed. From the looks of it, it seems like he is a martial artist. Right now, Tang Wei’s heart was drunk with infatuation. Uncle Wei actually risked his life to danger just to stick up for me. I’m so touched by Uncle Wei. Even when the manager said that he has a very formidable background, Uncle Wei was still not afraid of him. This is what I call a real man! “Ye Hua, this employee of yours is too…” “Too ruthless…” Qing Yutong helped her big sister finish the sentence. Ye Hua said faintly, “You two have not seen the much more ruthless side of him, he is only merely playing around now.” “Brother-in-law, can you please change this bad habit of yours of always wanting to act cool?” Qing Yutong poked onto her brother-in-law and said with a smile. Actually, I just love to watch brother-in-law act cool, it is just too interesting. Qing Ya was currently still within Ye Hua’s embrace, as she said calmly, “Your brother-in-law is even contracted with acting cool after smoking syndrome too. Every time after he finished smoking, he has to act cool.” “Ah, brother-in-law, you actually contracted a syndrome like this? Is there a cure for it?” Qing Ya pouted her mouth, “From the looks of it, this is an incurable disease and there is no cure for it.” Slap! A slap landed steadily onto Qing Ya’s butt, and Qing Ya herself was stupefied after being slapped. Qing Yutong cried out in surprise, “Big sister, upon seeing this scene, I suddenly recalled back to the scene in the past where you were slapped onto the butt by father when you were small.” “Hahahaha!!!” Ye Hua suddenly started laughing out loudly. This laugher of his seems to possess a kind of magnetism as everyone all looked towards the direction where Ye Hua was at. Qing Ya wished that she could seal up her sister’s mouth as she immediately separated herself from Ye Hua’s embrace and sat at one side to calm herself down. Qing Yutong was really stupefied this time. Just what did I say just now, to actually cause this aloof brother-in-law of mine to let out this kind of laughter. And this big sister of mine, being both bashful and angry at the same time, just what is going on…

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