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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 53 – Pushing over brother-in-law is an endless matter 2/2 “Master, with what just happened a while ago as the basis, I created a series of strategies for you.” The system said helplessly. Qing Yutong tightly held her hand into a fist. There is no brother-in-law in this world that doesn’t have any thoughts towards their sister-in-law, let alone such a beautiful sister-in-law! “Xiao Guaiguai, give me an all-inclusive guide on how to take down my brother-in-law!” “No problem! Firstly, you have to make your brother-in-law become infatuated with you! Your first mission right now is to make your brother-in-law willingly touch your thigh once!” Xiao Guaiguai could be said to be working its heart out. After making a guide, as long as master is able to accomplish all the missions, she will be able to naturally push over her brother-in-law. “Xiao Guaiguai, I didn’t expect that your heart would be so evil!” Qing Yutong said with a face full of disdain. “Master, don’t view this mission as just a small mission. As long as your brother-in-law is willing to touch you, it means that you have already won half of the battle!” Qing Yutong thought about it for a bit. What the system says makes sense. Just that, what do I have to do to be able to seduce my brother-in-law to touch my thigh? This is the main problem. “From today onwards, I will wear super short pants and super short skirt!” “Master, you are wrong again. I recommend you to learn from your big sister.” “There is no way that I will learn from her, having a solemn look on her face all day long, from small till big, she has always been like this.” Qing Yutong pouted her small mouth and said. In actuality, she just couldn’t stand looking at that high and mighty attitude of her sister’s. However, after coming back home this time, she discovered that her big sister had changed. The system understood it's master’s temper and did not insist on it, “Master, just persist on being yourself will do.” “Say, how was my big sister able to push over brother-in-law? Did she drug him? Xiao Guaiguai, is there any formidable drug in the system shop?” “Forget it, take it as I didn’t say anything…” “What do you mean? Both of us are on the same boat, you have to help me out a bit here, if not how will the two of us be able to act cool, how will the two of us be able to fly…” “Master, can you have a bit of moral principle?" “Hmmm, I might as well just sleep together with my big sister and brother-in-law.” Upon thinking of that, Qing Yutong ran out of her room. After a short while, followed by Qing Yutong’s miserable shriek ringing out from the bedroom, the sound of Qing Ya’s scolding also rang out. Qing Yutong ran back to her room and closed the door abruptly, “My god, my big sister’s temper is becoming worse and worse. Back then when we slept together when we were small, I also didn’t see her having such a big reaction.” “Master, can we not be so shameless?” “F**k, the moment you gave me a mission like this, it was already very shameless of you, and yet you are asking me to not be so shameless? From the looks of it, it looks like your skin is itchy and is itching for a beating.” Within the bedroom. Ye Hua leaned onto the bedhead and said with a slight smile, “Our bed is big enough, it is fine to let Yutong come over to sleep with us.” “Alright then, you can go and call her to come over!” Qing Ya said coldly. Ye Hua remained silent. Qing Ya is quite adorable when she is jealous. “You can lean over to me tonight, but don’t drool!” “Who would want to lean over to you!” Qing Ya covered herself with the quilt and rolled to the side. Ye Hua did not say anything and closed the light. Tick tock… Tick tock… Tick Tock… The clock that was on the wall rang out very rhythmically, and Qing Ya finally couldn’t stand it anymore as she turned around and hugged onto Ye Hua, “Don’t misunderstand, its just that I’m used to hugging onto a thing when I’m sleeping, if not I will not be able to fall asleep.” “You just said that I am a thing!” Ye Hua said in a deep voice. Qing Ya remained silent and rested her head onto Ye Hua’s arm.

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Translator's note: Just an update. I will be free for close to a month starting from 15 November. A fixed schedule will most likely be announced and begin from 18 November onwards. Also, I will be doing a mass release of 10 chapters, from chapter 60 to 69. I counted ahead and going by my upload speed of half a chapter every day, the mass release should be on 17 November.

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