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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 60 – Banquet (1) 1/2 After Ye Hua and Qing Ya left, Tang Wei came to the front of Uncle Wei and asked softly, “Uncle Wei, why do I feel that the lady boss has become more beautiful?” “Oh, that’s normal.” Wei Chang said calmly. In Wei Chang’s heart, there was no such thing as ugly woman or beautiful woman, to him, they were but food only. “Uncle Wei, do you like beautiful girls?” After a while, Tang Wei asked shyly. Wei Chang did not think much, “So-so I guess.” Tang Wei rejoiced in her heart and asked another question, “Then, do you mind if your girlfriend is a lot much younger compared to you?” “No.” Wei Chang answered very decisively. In his heart, there was totally no such concept as age. “Then, Uncle Wei, do you mind letting me be your girlfriend?” Tang Wei steeled her heart. Worse come to worst, I will just get ruthlessly rejected again. Actually, after Tang Wei thought about it, she felt that she was too rush back then, confessing to the boss just because she felt he was very handsome. However, towards Wei Chang, it was different. Coming into contact with Wei Chang day by day, she was slowly touched by Wei Chang’s concern for her, therefore, this confession of hers wasn’t just her blindly confessing, and she was very serious about the confession. If Wei Chang was to reject her, it was reckoned that she would be much more heart-broken compared to the first rejection she had gotten. To someone like Wei Chang, girlfriend was not essential for him. Hearing Tang Wei’s confession, Wei Chang tightly wrinkled his brows. This caused Tang Wei’s heart to sink. Just when Wei Chang was about to open his mouth and reject Tang Wei, he suddenly remembered His Honor’s instruction, learning about humanity. Even His Honor himself has gotten married, and even much more, Lie Gu has 3 women. Should I also study the chemical element of humans' feelings? This is not a bad idea. Looking at Tang Wei, although she is not at that kind of level that the madam is at, but within the female humans, she can be counted as pretty good. To be as my girlfriend and accompany me, she can be considered as qualified, I guess. “Xiao Tang, of course you can be my girlfriend.” Wei Chang said with a smile. Hearing Wei Chang’s answer, Tang Wei felt that it was a bit strange, but she didn’t care that much about it. Uncle Wei agreed, this is great! Suddenly, Tang Wei kissed onto Uncle Wei’s face, then quickly ran off with a shy look on her face and came to her close female friend’s side. Wei Chang rubbed onto the place where he was kissed at. It feels soft, and very comfortable… No wonder both His Honor and Lie Gu got themselves a woman, so it is this kind of feeling! “Weiwei, you…” Tang Wei’s close female friend was called Fang Qian, the both of them belonged to the same dorm room. However, Fang Qian was not as beautiful as Tang Wei, and was just an ordinary girl. However, Fang Qian’s character was very good, it could be seen from back then when she pleaded to Ye Hua and asked him to show Tang Wei some leniency and not fire her. Tang Wei shyly bit onto her lips and her gaze secretly looked towards Wei Chang. With just a look, one could see that this was a female who had fallen in love. “Fang Qian, I know what you are thinking about, but I am not being rush this time.” Tang Wei knew that her close female friend was worried about her and was thinking that her confession this time was the same as back then, confessing without thinking it through. Fang Qian felt that it was normal for Tang Wei to like the boss, since at the least, their age gap was not much different. However, Uncle Wei should at least be 20 years old than Tang Wei right! “But… Weiwei, the age gap between you and Uncle Wei…” “What does it even matter, when Uncle Wei becomes old, at the least, I will have the strength to take care of him.” Tang Wei said with a slight smile, seemingly having long thought about this question, and had even prepared herself for it. Actually, Tang Wei followed with her mother since she was small because her father died when she was still small. When Tang Wei who had never experience the paternal love from her father suddenly met with a considerate and protective uncle like Wei Chang, her heart was captured by him in no time. Wei Chang was precisely the kind of man that she wants. Fang Qian still did not understand why Tang Wei would choose Uncle Wei. With Tang Wei’s capability, her future is limitless after she graduated. Although Uncle Wei is indeed very nice, and also look very handsome, in the end, he is still but just a security guard. Fang Qian did not say out this thought of hers, after all, this was Tang Wei’s own decision. “Weiwei, tomorrow is Jiaojie’s birthday, are we going or not?” Fang Qian wrinkled her brows and asked, seemingly hesitating if she should go or not. After hearing that, Tang Wei revealed out an unhappy expression, “We will go. After all, all of us belonged to the same dorm room.” “But she…” “Alright, rich people are like this, just don’t mind her and it will be fine.” “Sigh, alright.” Fang Qian said. Jia Jiaojie was very rich, the car that she rides to school was a Ferrari level supercar, whereas all the other girls in the dorm room were people with an ordinary family, and was not so rich like Jia Jiaojie was. Furthermore, Jia Jiaojie did not like Tang Wei very much, simply because Tang Wei looks beautiful. Therefore, Jia Jiaojie would always think of ways to invite Tang Wei to places, then proceed to obscurely mock Tang Wei in all kinds of ways. At the start, Tang Wei thought that Jia Jiaojie was a different kind of second-generation rich, but later on, she discovered that Jia Jiaojie was no different and gradually distanced herself from Jia Jiaojie. And since Jia Jiaojie pretty much did not live in the dorm room at all, their relationship wasn't really good. However, towards Jia JIaojie’s invitation, Tang Wei had some hope in her heart, hoping that Jia Jiaojie would be able to change. In actuality, Tang Wei was thinking too much, it was hard to change one’s essential nature, even Wei Chang also couldn’t change his bad habit of eating humans.

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