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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 60 – Banquet (1) 2/2 On the other side, Ye Hua and Qing Ya were in the car and heading towards first-rate clubhouse. Ye Hua properly size up Qing Ya up and down, and Qing Ya who was driving the car of course knew that Ye Hua was looking at her. Towards Ye Hua sizing her up, Qing Ya felt angry and shy at the same time. “Ye Hua, can you move your eyeballs away!” Qing Ya couldn’t stand it anymore. It feels like whichever part of my body that this guy places his gaze at, that part of my body would feel very itchy. Ye Hua seemed to be not very satisfied, “Qing Ya, isn’t this outfit of yours too casual?” “Why didn’t you say anything just now when we were back at home then!” Qing Ya said angrily. This fellow, trying to find a problem when he has nothing to do! “Oh, just now when we were back at home, I was only looking at your charm.” “Charm your head!” Qing Ya feigned anger coquettishly. If this man would be a bit more obedient, I would have one less thing to worry about. Ye Hua said displeasedly, “As my wife, you are above everyone and below one person, and you are destined to be the most resplendent woman in the world!” A few black lines immediately appeared on Qing Ya’s forehead. I have never seen before someone complimenting others like this. Below one person? Are you trying to brag about yourself in a roundabout way? However, that sentence of yours at the back is listenable, I will count that you are tactful. “Alright, don’t brag anymore, later on when we arrive at the banquet, you cannot act like this anymore, there should be quite a lot of big shots that will be coming to the banquet.” Qing Ya guessed. A banquet that is organized by Xiao Family will definitely not be ordinary. Ye Hua sneered, “For me to be willing to attend the banquet, it is the most honorable thing in their entire life!” Qing Ya rolled down the window that was at Ye Hua’s side and said faintly, “I will allow you to smoke a stick of cigarette to calm yourself down.” Ye Hua remained silent. What kind of banquet would even be worthy of I, the Supreme Overlord to personally attend? I dare to ask, in this world, who would even be worthy to be able to invite me? Even if they invited me and I was willing to go, it would mean that they have practically used up their entire life’s luck! “Oh, got angry?” Upon seeing that Ye Hua didn’t speak and also didn’t smoke, she laughed and asked. “Ignorant.” “Alright, alright, alright, I am ignorant. Will that do? Big boss.” Sometimes, Qing Ya felt that Ye Hua was just like a child, and it was necessary to coax him. Once you coax him, everything would become fine. “As long as you understand!” Qing Ya sigh. My life sure is bitter. In the future, after coaxing the small one, I have to coax the big one too. First-rate clubhouse, it was one of Long’an City top rate locations. The consumer fee at all the top-rated locations was very high and normal people would hardly be able to go to those top-rate locations. Within all the top-rate locations, first-rate clubhouse’s boss was the most mysterious one. No one has seen the first-rate clubhouse’s boss before. The clubhouse’s floor area was extremely large, being at the very least as big as the size of a football field. The important point was that, this clubhouse was within the city area too. Within Long’an City where land was gold, this clubhouse seemed very luxurious. Taking a look at the clubhouse, in actuality, it was just like a manor and looked pretty much the same as the manor where Qing Ya’s grandpa and grandma were staying at. But compared to the manor of Qing Ya’s grandpa and grandma, first-rate clubhouse felt less comforting and warm, and had more of the feeling of money and luxury.


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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