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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 64 – Banquet (5) 1/2 Attractiveness level was also a kind of confidence. When a woman with a high attractiveness level appeared, other women would instinctively compare themselves with the woman. Xiao Yi and Tang Wushuang wrinkled their brows, but their identity was telling them that they cannot get angry, they were not the child that they were in the past anymore, getting into a fight just because of a disagreement. Adults have their own methods of fighting against each other, and if the methods don’t work, we can depend on our martial strength! Just that, they totally did not know that, no matter what methods they tried to use, they wouldn’t be able to even affect Ye Hua in the slightest bit at all, all of their methods were futile in front of Ye Hua. And towards their methods, Ye Hua would only treat it as a small fun time within his holiday. What Ye Hua was truly having a headache about right now was this woman by his side. Educating her is truly not an easy thing to do. Xiao Yi asked faintly, “Jiu Ye, what kind of funny matter did you recall? How about you tell it to us too and let everyone have a good laugh.” Jiu Ye’s heart sunk. Do you want me to tell you about the joke about ugly ducklings and white swan? “Actually, it wasn’t anything much, that wife of mine had been complaining to me non stop about wanting to buy a diamond ring when she already had 10+ diamond rings at home. Therefore, I used the glass slag of a wine glass to make a ring, and in the end, she accepted the ring happily when I gave it to her. From then on, I decided that I will do that every time she complains to me that she wants to buy a diamond ring again, after all, that wife of mine is too prodigal.” A smile finally appeared on Tang Wushuang’s face, “It seems like I can also imitate you. When I buy a ring, I have to buy 10+ rings at one time, and at this rate, my wallet won’t be able to bear it.” “It is all because of you being fickle!” Mu Jieya said coquettishly. Actually, what really made Ye Hua angry was the number problem, I actually lost in the amount of women I have compared to those humans! “Although I am indeed a bit fickle, I sincerely love all of you. For example, the rings that I got for all of you are all real and are not glass slag. Anrong, the ring you are wearing is a 10 carat pink diamond ring, and Jieya, the ring you are wearing is a 11 carat blue diamond ring. Both of the rings add up together cost about 20 million, and furthermore, the currency is not in rmb but usd.” The two women went into a daze. The gifts that their husband give to them, they of course wouldn’t go and search for how much the gifts they got were worth. But upon hearing just how much their two rings cost altogether, they felt touched by their husband. “Xiao Yi, how about this ring of mine?” Nangong Xinyi asked tenderly. Because, looking at the size of the diamond, the diamond that was on Nangong Xinyi’s ring was much bigger by a lot. Xiao Yi said faintly, “This ring of yours is 24.78 carat, Graff pink diamond, it is unmatched in the entire world, and it’s price is 46 million usd. I felt that it looked nice so I bought it for you.” Jiu Ye was sweating from shame. You all are truly a bunch of prodigals, there is no need to go to this length just to fawn a woman, right? “Xinyi, seems like your husband truly dotes on you, not like my Wushuang, stingy.” “That’s right, that’s right.” Tang Wushuang shook his head. Women’s competing mentality never changes. Why don’t you two compare yourselves with other women, if there is even one woman who is being doted on much more compared to you two, I will immediately cut off my bird. Qing Ya was feeling a bit sad. Look at other's husband, being that willing to spend so much on a ring for them, then take a look at my husband… Not sure if this ring of mine even has 5 carat. I reckon it doesn’t even have 5 carat… “CEO Qing, what kind of ring are you wearing on your finger, can you let us take a look at it?” Quan Anrong asked, evidently having saw Qing Ya trying to hide her hand where her ring was worn on and immediately felt that Qing Ya was definitely feeling embarrassed to show her ring. Qing Ya put her mood in order and said with a slight smile, “This is an engagement ring that my husband gave to me.” “Wow, red diamond!” “It should be a green diamond I think?” “Not right, it should be a purple diamond?” “Yellow diamond?” The few people who were observing the ring said with a face of disbelief. What kind of diamond is this! Looking at the ring from different angles, the color that you see will actually be different. Also, the craftsmanship of the ring is so heaven defying, the metal that was like a dragon claw was tightly grabbing onto the diamond, making the ring look very imposing!

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