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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 66 – Banquet (7) 1/2 “Haha! CEO Quan is truly a woman amongst women!” Wang Dabao suddenly laughed out loudly. However, his gaze was radiating out a cold glint. Ye Hua’s thought in his heart, “Quickly start fighting. That way, I would be able to treat it as self-dense. Self-defense should not be counted as me dirtying my hands, right?” The atmosphere of the place completely froze. The three bodyguards that were behind Wang Dabao were already prepared to get into a fight, while Xiao Yi And Tang Wushuang stood in front of the three women, protecting the three women behind their back. Lastly, Ye Hua and the others who were watching the show stood at one side. If Qing Yutong was here, she would definitely buy a packet of spicy tickets and bring over a small stool to sit on, being completely prepared to watch the big show unfold. Jiu Ye swallowed his saliva, when the gods fight, it is the mortals who suffer, “I heard that a cultivation world appeared recently, is that true?” When Jiu Ye spoke out those words, he immediately felt that the atmosphere loosened up. Xiao Yi said faintly, “Cultivation world has always existed, just that ordinary people do not know about it only.” Jiu Ye pretended to be shocked, “So cultivators actually really exist!” “Jiu Ye, this world is full of extraordinary things. For example, this handsome brother over here could perhaps even actually be the strongest boss.” Wang Dabao joked around. Ye Hua revealed out a trace of smile, you have truly guessed correctly. Qing Ya was a bit confused as she listened to what they were walking about. It feels as if I have entered into another world. What super-power users, what cultivators, are they sure that there is nothing wrong with their brain? Xiao Yi said coldly, “Young Master Wang, you better properly manage your southern cultivators, if not, don’t blame me for being merciless!” “Same to you.” Wang Dabao said in disdain. Looking at both of them leaving ruthless words of warning at each other, Ye Hua recalled of the past. Humans seem to like to leave ruthless words of warning to each other, just like right now, one leaves a bunch of ruthless words, and the other follow along and leaves a bunch of ruthless words too. Instead of leaving ruthless words, having a fight would feel much satisfying. Picking up the television remote control, Ye Hua switched on the television. Seeing that, Qing Ya thought to herself, “Not good, Ye Hua’s childish heart is acting up again…” This was a misunderstanding, Ye Hua was just feeling really bored only. Although those people didn’t say much, but they have given out a lot of information within those words that they spoke out. And at this point, since they have left their ruthless words, it pretty much means that their conversation had come to an end. The few people who were leaving their ruthless words of warning immediately became somewhat dazed, because the sound of the television abruptly rang out in the room. “Ye Hua, other people are quarreling, can you at least give them a bit of face and let them finish quarreling first.” Qing Ya said in a low voice. “Too bored.” Ye Hua said faintly. Just nice, at this time, right when the channel came to a halt at CCTV5, Qing Ya snatched over the remote control and was preparing to switch off the television. “CEO Qing, wait a moment.” Wang Dabao shouted out, and Qing Ya was a bit confused. It could be seen that, the television was currently playing the World Cup, a match between Portugal and Spain. It could be seen that the first half of the match was about to end, and Portgual was currently in the lead with a score of 2 to 1 against Spain. “Young Master Xiao, are you interested in having a bet?” Wang Dabao pointed to the match and said with a smile. Xiao Yi’s expression didn’t look really good. This bastard profits from whatever that he buys, betting against him is definitely a sure lose. However, if I don’t bet against him, wouldn’t I get ridiculed by him for not daring to bet against him! Seeing that Xiao Yi’s expression didn’t look really good, the arc in the corner of Wang Dabao’s mouth became bigger, “Young Master Xiao, let’s bet 100 million, I will bet on Spain winning!” Spain was currently falling behind in score, and the strength of their opponent, Portugal, was out of the ordinary. Furthermore, Portugal had Ronaldo too, therefore, it was going to be a bit difficult for Spain to win. Xiao Yi don’t believe that Wang Dabao would be able to be that lucky every time. You may not win this time, and I am able to afford losing 100 million. “Alright! I will bet on Portugal winning!”

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