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You Cannot Afford My Woman: Chapter 76 – Banquet acting cool flow 2/2 After sitting down, Jia Jiaojie introduced to Tang Wei, “This is Long’an City Han Family’s young master, Han Kaijie. This is Long’an City You Family's young master, You Wenyan. This is Long’an City Li Family’s Li Ba. And this beautiful woman here is our Long’an City Longhu Estate’s young miss, Shen Miaomiao.” “Shen Miaomiao is still single now. Classmate Qi, you will have to properly grasp your chance.” Jia Jiaojie smiled gently, seemingly like she wants to fawn onto Qi Xuewen. It was mainly because Qi Xuewen had done a lot of big things during this period of time and some of Long’an City’s big shots had been praising him incessantly. The reason Jia Jiaojie invited Shen Miaomiao and Qi Xuewen over today was actually because she wanted to try and get the two together. Qi Xuewen gave a hollow laugh and courteously nodded his head towards Shen Miaomiao, and the latter smiled towards him. “Tang Wei, who do you have your eyes on, tell big sister, big sister guarantee that you will be able to live well off in the future!” Jia Jiaojie began to make it difficult for Tang Wei again. This was the tempo of Jia Iiaojie completely not placing Wei Chang in her eyes and making his girlfriend look bad right in front of him. To say it more unpleasantly, right now, Jia Jiaojie was acting as a pimp, the three young masters were the customers, and Tang Wei was the woman that Jia Jiaojie was pimping out. Tang Wei was also not that easy to provoke. Slamming onto the table, Tang Wei shouted out, “Jia JIaojie! What do you mean by that!” “Tang Wei, this old uncle truly does not fit you, big sister is also caring about you, during this time next year, you are going to graduate right? Where do you intend to go after you graduated? Continue working at the bar? Take a look at Fang Qian, she would be able to go work at the company that is under Han Family right after she graduated. I am also just thinking for your good, three big companies, you can choose whichever you want!” Tang Wei immediately looked towards Fang Qian. I don’t know why my best friend would also start mixing with them, and even entered into Han Family’s company, has she thought of the consequences! A trace of smile appeared on the corner of Han Kaijie’s mouth. Although this Fang Qian is not as good looking as this Tang Wei, she was still a virgin and is still fine for playing around with. For a woman like Fang Qian that has such a vain mindset, after giving her a bit of benefit, she would immediately crawl towards you. Looking at this Tang Wei, I reckon that it would feel much satisfying when she crawls towards me. “Classmate Tang, how about this, I will introduce a job to this uncle over here too, and you come and work at my company.” Li Ba took the initiative to invite Tang Wei to his company. I heard from Jia Jiaojie that this Tang Wei is still an intact good, I don’t mind investing a little bit in her. Tang Wei was currently angered to the point that her chest was moving up and down. If not for Wei Chang pulling onto her, she would have long flipped out. “Tang Wei, don’t be so unappreciative of one’s kindness, a chance like this is hard to come by.” Jia Jiaojie mocked. And while mocking, she actually went and sat on You Wenyan’s thigh. Qi Xuewen didn’t want to look at them anymore, these rich people sure are sickening, and I even heard that this Jia Jiaojie was someone else’s fiancée. This kind of woman, sigh. Bang! Suddenly, right at this moment, the door was abruptly pushed open and an ordinary attired male youngster could be seen walking into the room. The male youngster’s expression was calm, but, ruthlessness could be seen within his gaze. You Wenyan slapped onto Jia Jiaojie’s butt and laughed, “Your fiancé is here.” Jia JIaojie totally did not place the male youngster in her eyes at all, “Just a down and out garbage only. My parents are also really blind, to actually make me get engaged with him.” Qin Jin coldly looked at his so-called fiancée and said in a deep voice, “Jia Jiaojie, I came here today to withdraw our engagement, and of course, to also take revenge!”

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