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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 78 – Forgive me for being straightforward, but all of you here are all garbage 2/2 “Young Master Bai, bring me out along with you!” You Wenyan quickly shouted out and ran over. Unfortunately, the door was locked, and no matter how hard he tried, the door just wouldn’t open. “You Wenyan, don’t bother shouting already, even if you shouted till your throat broke, no one would respond to you.” Qin Jin said calmly. You Wenyan shouted out in a deep voice, “Qin Jin! You dare to kill me?! My father will definitely not let you off if you kill me!” “Within your family, you have so many other siblings, if you died, I reckon that they would be more than thrilled about it.” “You!!!” “However, I can give you a chance to live!” Qin Jin said mockingly. “What?” “Between you and Han Kaijie, only one of you can live. While he is still fainted, you better grab the chance and quickly kill him, after all, his body size is bigger than your body size. If not, later on when he wakes up, the one who will die will most likely be you.” You Wenyan looked at the fainted Han Kaijie who was lying on the ground with a complicated gaze. To his surprise, Han Kaijie who was lying on top of Fang Qian’s body moved slightly. This caused You Wenyan to be startled. This Han Kaijie learned mixed martial arts before. If he wakes up, I reckon that I would most likely be like Fang Qian and get stamped to death by him. I have no choice but to strike first while I have the opportunity! I’m sorry Han Kaijie! It could be seen, You Wenyan picked up the wine bottle that was on the table and walked to Han Kaijie’s side. After taking in a deep breath, he struck the wine bottle down onto Han Kaijie’s head. Bang! After the expensive bottle of red wine smashed onto the back of Han Kaijie’s head, the wine bottle immediately shattered and the red wine drenched Han Kaijie and the dead Fang Qian completely red, making the both of them looked extremely frightening. You Wenyan thought that after doing that, Han Kaijie would have died, but who knew, Han Kaijie’s finger was still moving slightly. Upon seeing that, You Wenyan picked up a piece of sharp glass and straightforwardly pierced it into the back of Han Kaijie’s head. The red wine and blood mixed together, and right now, it seemed as if Han Kaijie and Fang Qianqian had merged into one. Tang Wei had already fainted. Growing up till now, she had never seen such a cruel scene. Shen Miaomiao really wanted to faint, but she wasn’t able to faint. Qi Xuewen wrinkled his brows, my strength is totally not a match for this Qin Jin, I have to think of a way to leave. “Qin Jin, I still have something else to attend to, can I leave?” Qi Xuewen tried asking.. Qin Jin thought for a bit. Towards this person who suddenly appeared here, I do not have anything against him, at most, I’m just curious about why he would appear here. Moreover, the reason that I am here is to come and take revenge on those people who killed me. “Of course, you can leave.” Qin Jin said faintly. Qi Xuewen immediately let out a breath of relief. Taking a look at Tang Wei, he shook his head… I am powerless to defend even myself right now, I am not able to save her. Shen Miaomiao immediately looked towards Qi Xuewen pleadingly, seemingly saying, please bring me out of this place along with you. Qin Jin laughed, “Don’t make me change my mind.” Qi Xuewen was startled, and without thinking, he immediately left the place. This guy is frighteningly powerful, I have to continue on devouring so that I can guarantee my own safety! Asides from Tang Wei who had fainted, there were still four people alive in this room, while the rest had already all died. The strong smell of blood was not able to be blown away the air conditioner. Oh, that’s right, there was still another person who was alive here, the fainted Li Ba. Wei Chang liked this smell very much. It feels as if I had returned back to the past. This guy’s ruthlessness is rather admiring, but unfortunately, he spoke the wrong words. “Qin Jin, you and I are complete strangers, can I leave too?” Shen Miaomiao tried her best to remain calm, but when she spoke out those words, she still spoke it out tremblingly. Qin Jin said faintly, “Are you sure that we are complete strangers?” “Yes, today is the first time that I had met you.” Qin Jin laughed. It is indeed the first time. However, the image is still lingering in my mind, when those rich people were playing around with my dignity, and even trampled on my body, under their influence, this Shen Miaomiao also trampled on my body. I still remember her expression back then after she had trampled my body, her expression was nervous yet excited at the same time. Qin Jin let out a breath, “Old rule, between the two of you, only one can live.” Both You Wenyan and Shen Miaomiao was greatly startled as the both of them looked towards each other. Shen Miaomiao could see the desire to want to live from within You Wenyan's gaze, and secretly, she picked up the fork that was on the table with one of her hand.


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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