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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 82 – Husband and wife giving lecture to each other 1/2 Ye Hua did not have any reaction, isn’t it just a few people who died? In this world, there are people dying every day, what is there to even make a big fuss about. Qing Ya was evidently not used to seeing such a ruthless scene, picking up the controller, she changed the channel, then took out her phone and called Liu Hang’s phone, “Is the person who died Shen Tao’s daughter or Shen Shuai’s daughter?” “It’s Shen Tao’s daughter.” “Truly pitiful.” Qing Ya sighed. After hanging up the phone, Qing Ya unhurriedly sat at Ye Hua’ side, then suddenly stretched out her hands and hugged onto Ye Hua’s arm. People die so suddenly when you least expect it, the death of this Shen Tao’s daughter truly came so suddenly. “Big sister, what’s the matter? Was your friend amongst the deceases?” Qing Yutong asked with concern. “The daughter of one of my cooperative partners is amongst the deceases.” Qing Ya let out a breath. I will have to properly discipline my child in the future. “That is truly unfortunate.” Qing Yutong said pitifully. Ye Hua pat onto Qing Ya’s head, “What is there to be sad about.” “Is this heart of yours made of stone? Do you not know how to even lament for a bit?” Qing Ya poked onto Ye Hua’s heart and said coquettishly. Ye Hua did not agree with Qing Ya’s thoughts, “Everyone dies eventually, that daughter of your cooperative partner merely died at an earlier date than she was supposed to die. According to legends, she had even reincarnated at an earlier time than she was supposed to.” “Fallacious reasoning!” “Alright, I ordered crayfishes.” Ye Hua said faintly. Qing Ya rubbed onto her stomach, “I’m not hungry.” “You can just peel it then.” “Ye Hua! I am your wife, not your maid!” Qing Yutong sighed, “Big sister, don’t bother arguing with brother-in-law, in any case, you also wouldn’t be able to endure over a minute, so why is there a need to argue.” “Yutong’s words does somewhat makes sense, Qing Ya, give up on struggling.” “You two! I will remember this!” Qing Ya said indignantly. However, I also can’t do anything about it, I am no match for him in fighting, and acting coquettishly is not my style. This is so depressing, I actually found a husband like this. Just how many predestined marriages did I tear apart in my previous life to be met with such a retribution in this life of mine. When the simmered crayfishes arrived, the obstinate Qing Ya still obediently helped Ye Hua peel the crayfishes. However, while peeling the crayfishes, Qing Ya’s grievance filled the entire room, seemingly as if she was kidnapped by Ye Hua. On the other hand, Ye Hua mixed a glass of dragon blood wine for his wife and sister-in-law. Immediately after receiving the glass of dragon blood wine, Qing Ya’s expression immediately turned from unhappy to happy. Upon seeing that, Ye Hua silently thought to himself, the things that are within Douyin are true, women do immediately become fine after being coaxed. Qing Yutong carefully drank the wine. During the previous time, I drank the entire glass of wine in one gulp. Therefore, I have to slowly drink it today and savor the taste of the wine sip by sip. “Qing Ya, let me tell you a story.” While eating the crayfish meat that Qing Ya peeled for him, Ye Hua suddenly spoke. Qing Ya placed her wine glass down while licking her lips with her tongue, appearing especially adorable, “En?” Qing Yutong immediately took a few glances at her brother-in-law. Looking at this serious look on brother-in-law’s face, it seems that he is about to begin giving his wife a lecture. Big sister is so tragic. Luckily, I am not brother-in-law’s small wife, this is scaring me to death.

Translator: Wigglegui



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