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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 89 – The feeling of heartbeat 2/2 Bang! The bedroom door was heavily closed by Ye Hua, and Qing Yutong of course heard it, as she immediately came over to the bedroom door to eavesdrop on them, brother-in-law and big sister are truly passionate with each other every day. As expected, within a few seconds, the sound of Qing Ya's panting emitted out from the bedroom door, and Qing Yutong immediately couldn’t stand it. Brother-in-law is simply too savage, big sister is not even panting, she is already at the point where she is shouting for help. Their taste is really too heavy, they are so perverted~ On the wide and spacious bed, Ye Hua was currently giving Qing Ya a lesson. Don’t think too much, Ye Hua just merely placed Qing Ya onto his leg and began slapping onto Qing Ya’s sexy butt. Ye Hua controlled his strength very well, however, Qing Ya’s screams were simply over-exaggerated by her. “Ah! Ye Hua, I have finally seen through you, you only know how to beat your wife! Ah! Ye Hua, let me tell you, if I were stronger than you, I will use the same position to beat you! Ah! You scoundrel, have you beat my butt till you become addicted! Ah! I am a pregnant woman! You cannot beat me like this!” Suddenly, Ye Hua recalled that Qing Ya was still carrying his child in her stomach, and he immediately stopped. “Go ahead and continue! Why did you stop! Cultivator!” Qing Ya shouted out coldly. Ye Hua sighed as he propped Qing Ya up and said seriously, “Qing Ya, can you be a bit more obedient and not be so mischievous." Qing Ya looked at Ye Hua in disbelief and straightforwardly pushed Ye Hua down onto the bed and said lovably, “What do you mean, how am I mischievous! You better explain it clearly to me!” Ye Hua was a bit absent-minded, looking at the face that was right in front of him, and that bright red lips too, he suddenly recalled of that night and that soft feeling. Ye Hua wants to express that he wants to try it again now. As expected, under Qing Ya’s endearingly silly expression, Ye Hua kissed onto Qing Ya’s lips. While kissing onto Qing Ya’s lips, he thought to himself, “It is the kind of softness as I recalled from my memory, and it is also a bit sweet.” Bang! At this moment, the bedroom door was suddenly pushed open by Qing Yutong, and Ye Hua and Qing Ya who were on the bed immediately coldly looked towards the Qing Yutong who suddenly barged into their room. “I… I… I heard that there was no sound coming out anymore from the room and thought that you two took each other down, thus I came in to check on you two. You two continue on, don’t care about me, bye bye…” Qing Yutong immediately left the room. Brother-in-law’s and big sister’s expression are so scary. Ye Hua pushed Qing Ya aside and said calmly, “I will go and take a shower.” In actuality, Ye Hua’s heart was not calm at all. “Oh…” Qing Ya who was still angry just a while ago also calmed down as she sat on the bed with her legs crossed and went into a daze. The atmosphere between the two immediately became awkward. Even after Ye Hua finished showering and came out, Qing Ya didn’t say anything and immediately rushed into the bathroom to take a shower. Afterward, the two lied down on the bed, with each of them lying down on one side of the bed, and none of them took the imitative to speak first. “Did your off your phone?” Ye Hua asked lightly, in the end, he wasn’t able to hold himself back from remaining silent anymore. Qing Ya’s tone was not that cold anymore, “I offed it already.” However, after the two spoke one sentence each, it immediately became silent again. After about half an hour, Qing Ya finally couldn’t bear it anymore and she asked lightly, “Are you asleep?” “if you want to come over, then come over.” Ye Hua said faintly, this woman really just dead on want to keep her face. Qing Ya snorted, then lightly shifted her body. Afterward, she closed her eyes and hugged onto Ye Hua, seemingly as if, by closing her eyes, she wouldn’t know that she had hugged onto Ye Hua. However, Ye Hua’s heartbeat is beating a bit fast today, and it is causing my heartbeat to beat faster too. This fellow is indeed anyhow leading my tempo astray!!! “Ye Hua, you are a cultivator, and I am just an ordinary person, will you…” Without waiting for Qing Ya to finish speaking, Ye Hua cut her off and said with a deep voice, “I won’t.” This was the tacit understanding that a married couple should have, some words do not need to be said completely, and the other would be able to know what the person was trying to say. Ye Hua was just like this, he had more or less thoroughly understood Qing Ya’s behavior. To speak it more simply, Qing Ya was a hedgehog, a hedgehog that did not have any sense of security at all. Before today, Qing Ya felt that the gap between her and Ye Hua wasn’t really big. In any case, Ye Hua is also the boss of a bar, and I myself am also a boss, thus we are both bosses, and yet, things have changed now, Ye Hua is now not only a boss, he is a cultivator too, and within novels, cultivators all have the chance to ascend into immortality! The huge sense of loss caused Qing Ya to feel very melancholy, she felt that Ye Hua was suddenly very far away from her, which was why she shot off her mouth just now to make Ye Hua get angry. And by doing that, she had confirmed that Ye Hua was still the same as before. However, it still feels like I would lose Ye Hua. Perhaps, during the day that the child arrives into this world, it would be the day I lose Ye Hua. After all, the agreement that we made during that day is still clear in my mind. No wonder he was so excited when he heard that I was pregnant with his child, so it is because he is a cultivator. Sigh. Seems like even cultivators could suffer from infertility too, this is a rather good business opportunity…

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