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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 90 – Don’t call me a cultivator!!! 2/2 In the car, Ye Hua said faintly, “We will go outside and walk around today.” “Cultivator, are you asking me on a date?” Qing Ya teased, and the corner of her mouth raised up unconsciously. “Can you stop mentioning cultivator with me, can't we even have a chat properly now!” Ye Hua felt that telling Qing Ya that he was a cultivator was a complete mistake. If I had told her that I am a Supreme Overlord, who knows what would even happen. Qing Ya laughed lovably, “Fine, fine, fine, I will stop mentioning cultivator.” After remaining silent for a while, Ye Hua asked, “What do you think of my temperament?” Qing Ya was very confused, this fellow is not normal today, “You have temperament? If one didn’t know you, they would have thought that you were an emperor, having a cold face on your face every day, and even have problem with the most basic social interaction. Ye Hua, could it be that you have some sort of disability? Perhaps, autism? Oh, that’s right, you are a cultivator after all, you have to conceal your identity.” “Qing Ya!” Ye Hua shouted deeply. This woman can’t stop bringing up the word ‘cultivator’ now whenever she speaks! And to even say that I have some sort of disability, her guts have truly gotten bigger and bigger. “Take a look, take a look, I only speak a bit about you and you immediately became agitated. As a human, you have to learn how to be tranquil and even-tempered, don’t think that just because you are a cultivator, it means that you are a cut above others, you have to learn how to fit in with ordinary people.” Cultivator again! She is bringing up cultivator again! Right now, Ye Hua really regretted to have ever admit that he was a cultivator… After taking a few deep breaths, Ye Hua asked ‘calmly’, “What ways are there to solve it?” “You really want to solve it?” Qing Ya was in disbelief, Ye Hua did not have a high fever today right? Qing Ya thought too much, Ye Hua just felt that, to properly learn humanity, he can’t just study about humanity, he has to put his studies into practice too. However, to speak with those inferior creatures, it makes me feel very uncomfortable, I don’t know just how Wei Chang was able to do it. “En” Ye Hua responded lightly and felt that it was very faceless for him. “I will bring you to a place, I guarantee that you will be able to change those bad habits of yours when we are there.” Qing Ya felt that today was very wonderful, Ye Hua is finally being obedient… “Bad habits!” Ye Hua said deeply. This is the pride of a Supreme Overlord, and yet, when it comes out of her mouth, it turned into bad habits! “Humph, if not, do you think those habits of yours are good habits?” Qing Ya snorted. Half an hour later, Qing Ya brought Ye Hua to an overly crowded place, Long’an City’s pedestrian street. During the previous time, they even came here to eat skewers. “What did you bring me here for?” Ye Hua asked faintly. “Don’t ask that many questions, just follow me.” Qing Ya held onto Ye Hua’s big hand and walked into an Adidas shop. Within the store, most of the employees were female. Upon seeing such a handsome person coming into the store, they immediately ran towards the handsome person. But, when they saw the woman that was beside him, they immediately stopped their footsteps. Qing Ya sized up the sports clothing, then looked at the western suit that Ye Hua was currently wearing, “Don’t wear so solemnly all day long, when it’s time to relax, you should relax.” Ye Hua remained silent. “What are you being in a daze for, go on and ask one of the employees to recommend to you what clothing to buy.” Qing Ya pushed onto Ye Hua, wanting Ye Hua to be a bit more initiative and speak to the employee. Because, every time when we leave the house, it would always be me who would be leading, and Ye Hua would often remain silent.

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