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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 91 – The Supreme Overlord’s helplessness 2/2 “Quickly go and change your clothes, wearing black from up to down all day long, can’t you dress brightly a bit!” Qing Ya said petulantly as she placed the clothes into Ye Hua’s hand. If I didn’t appear, you can prepare to be single for your entire life, who would even be able to endure this temper of yours. Ye Hua did not reject as he walked into the changing room with the clothes. Meanwhile, Qing Ya also picked a set of clothing for herself and walked into the changing room to change. When the two walked out of the changing room, no matter if it was the store’s employees or the people who came to the store to buy clothes, they were all astonished by the two. Ye Hua who changed into the sport clothes indeed looked much brighter and warmer, he looked less solemn and gentler now. Qing Ya was the same too, she seemed as if she had turned into a neighborhood big sister. This is simply too childish!!! This was Ye Hua’s inner thoughts right now. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, look at how handsome you look right now.” The one thing that Qing Ya felt glad was that, at the least, her husband looked good, this could be counted as a great fortune amongst all the misfortunes. Ye Hua was very unnatural as he urged, “Let’s quickly leave.” “Go and pay the bill first, I didn’t bring any money out.” “Why didn’t you bring any money out when you leave the house!” Ye Hua was speechless, this Qing Ya is definitely doing it on purpose. “You are my husband, when we go out, it is definitely going to be you who will be paying. Of course, you are a cultivator, you can totally force me to do things with your cultivation strength if you want to.” Ye Hua simply did not have any bit of temper now. The biggest mistake of my life is last night. Originally, I only wanted to use the identity of a cultivator to give Qing Ya a shock, but in the end, it had the opposite effect. Seeing that Ye Hua obediently went to the counter to pay the bill, Qing Ya was rather happy about it as she walked up to Ye Hua and held onto his arm. Men right, it is necessary to coax them after giving them the stick, if not, they wouldn’t be obedient. Although I am an ordinary person, and my husband is a cultivator, it is not a big deal at all, in the end, my Ye Hua is still well-behaved. “I will settle you when we are back at home later on!” Ye Hua said deeply. Qing Ya could be seen rubbing onto her stomach, “Baby, your daddy is going to hit your mommy, say, what should your mommy do.” My god, right now, Ye Hua was not only regretting last night, he was also regretting that particular night… This woman is simply my curse. When the two walked back to the pedestrian street, Qing Ya looked at the gloomy Ye Hua and felt that it was very funny, and she asked lightly, “Ye Hua, last night, you stealthily kissed me…” Here we go again! She has three things that she could use against me on her hands now, I simply want to die now… “If you are not happy about it, you can kiss me back!” Ye Hua said gravely. Qing Ya tipped on her toes and said lovably, “As long as you admit that you are a swindler, I will let you do whatever you want, just like during that night~” Immediately! The heat within Ye Hua’s body skyrocketed. This caused Ye Hua to become greatly startled, I am actually being controlled by this woman, how is this possible! “The words that I Ye Hua have spoken out are definite!” “Alright then, I will see how long your words will be able to be definite for~” Qing Ya blew towards Ye Hua, totally having Ye Hua firmly grasped within her hand. Seeing that Ye Hua was angry to the point that he couldn’t speak, Qing Ya said lovably, “How about we go on an adventure?” “What do you mean?’ “We will sit on a random bus, and wherever that bus heads to, we will go exploring that place, how about it??” Actually, Qing Ya had a small wish, which was to go on a carefree trip. “Boring.” “Come on, come on, let’s go, let’s go~” “Qing Ya, when did you learn Qing Yutong’s manner?” Ye Hua wrinkled his brows. Qing Ya immediately changed her face as she shouted out coldly, “Are you going or not!” “Actually, it is also good to learn a bit from Qing Yutong’s manner.” Qing Ya had a face of disdain, and this guy is even a cultivator.

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