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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 92 – I have a lot of essence in my body 2/2 While eating a small mouth of star clean sparrow meat, Qing Ya seemed to have thought of something, and her mood immediately became downcast. When Qing Ya's mood changed, Ye Hua was able to sense it. “Ye Hua.” “En?” “How long are you all able to live for?” Qing Ya asked gravely. Ye Hua finally knew what Qing Ya was thinking about, this woman is actually worried about this, I might as well tease her for a bit. “For a very, very long time.” Ye Hua said leisurely. “Then, in the future when I turned old, are you still going to remain this young?” Qing Ya’s eyes were red right now. Just thinking that when I turned old, and Ye Hua still looks the same as he is right now, I really have the heart to want to die. This foolish woman, to still worry about complexion problem when she is eating the star clean sparrow meat. Ye Hua said faintly, “If nothing unexpected happens, that would be the case.” “I…” This time, Qing Ya was really heart-broken, and her tears helplessly fell from eyes. It would be great if Ye Hua was an ordinary person. Ye Hua didn’t expect that Qing Ya would have such a big reaction and was startled for a short while by Qing Ya’s reaction. After a short while, Ye Hua said unhurriedly, “Of course, I have a method to solve that problem.” “Ah, what method is it, quickly teach me.” Hearing that there was a method, Qing Ya was just like a drowning person grabbing onto her last hope. “For people like us, our entire body is filled essence, thus…” Qing Ya first went into a daze, then jumped onto Ye Hua’s body and hit onto Ye Hua’s chest with her little fist, “Ye Hua! I didn’t expect that you were this shameless and perverted!” Ye Hua lightly held onto Qing Ya’s chin and laughed lightly, “Such a beautiful face, how would I be able to bear letting you turn old.” “You are teasing around with me again, Ye Hua, I hate you~” “Truly a foolish woman.” Ye Hua involuntarily laughed out heartily as he casually held onto Qing Ya’s soft body. Hugging onto her feels very comfortable. A few ripples appeared on the clear lake, and a light wind lightly blew onto Qing Ya’s gentle and beautiful hair. While stroking Qing Ya’s hair, Ye Hua said, “I say, everything would be great if you don’t talk back to me.” While her eyes were closed, Qing Ya said, “I say, everything would be great if you don’t act cool all day.” Slap! Ye Hua couldn’t help but slap onto Qing Ya’s butt, “The person who is acting cool all day is you.” Qing Ya opened her beautiful eyes and shouted out lovably, “You only know how to hit my butt!” “The elasticity of this butt of yours is ample, it feels pretty good to touch with my hand.” “Ye Hua! Right now, asides from acting cool, you also learn how to act like a hoodlum!” Ye Hua tightened his embrace onto Qing Ya, “What is wrong with acting like a hoodlum towards my own wife.” Qing Ya felt that things cannot continue on like this as she said towards Ye Hua, “I want to learn martial arts!” “Oh? Why did you suddenly want to learn martial arts?” “Because I want to defeat you! Then bully you afterward!” Qing Ya freed herself from Ye Hua’s embrace and sat on top of Ye Hua’s body. Their position was simply a bit too intense. Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Your thinking is rather nice, but you won’t be able to succeed, in this lifetime, you are destined to be bullied by me.” “Humph, who would really know if you don’t teach me martial arts. Or perhaps, you know that my innate talent for martial arts is extremely good, and you are afraid of me surpassing you.” Qing Ya expressed that she was unconvinced. "Failure is not scary, what is scary is that you actually believed in what you just said.” Qing Ya feigned anger coquettishly, “How would you know that I would definitely fail!” “From the moment that you said you are going to surpass me, it was destined that you were going to fail.” “Humph~ You are just stingy. Stingy Ye Hua, stingy Ye Hua.” Ye Hua sighed as he held onto Qing Ya’s small hand and pointed to the infinity ring, “With this ring, you are already invincible.” “En?” Qing Ya was lost. This ring that Ye Hua gave me, aside from it looking good, it doesn’t seem to have any other function. “You will understand in the future. As my woman, there is no need for you to have to endure the hardships of cultivating. Just like playing games, we are the pay to win players, we will forever be in the lead of those free to play players, and going from level 1 to level 100 is a mere simple thing for us." Qing Ya touched onto Ye Hua’s forehead, “Your syndrome is acting up again.” Ye Hua raised his hand and was intending on slapping onto Qing Ya’s butt, and upon seeing Ye Hua raised his hand, Qing Ya was startled as she jumped off from Ye Hua and immediately ran away. “See if I will slap your butt till it blossoms or not today!” “Humph~ You will have to catch me first~” Qing Ya’s child-like mood still did not die down yet as she made a face at Ye Hua. If Qing Yutong was to see this, she would definitely rub her eyes and think to herself, “Did my big sister get infected by me?” “Slow down, don’t run so fast! Be careful not to slip!” Ye Hua urged gravely. This woman, running around like that when she is pregnant! The Qing Ya today was much opened and relaxed today. Deep in Qing Ya’s heart, she also wanted to be just like a simple woman. Sometimes, Qing Ya would also envy how her sister was able to be so carefree and unconstrained.

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