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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 95 – Money has to be collected, and a person also has to be killed! 1/2 Lie Gu let out a breath, Wei Chang likes to deal with this kind of small matters the most, it would be better for me to just lie on the bed and relax. “Lie Gu, how do you think this matter should be handled?” Ye Hua questioned. The latter froze for a moment and swallowed his saliva. His Honor is giving me a test again, I cannot be sloppy about this. “Your Honor, for a mere human to dare to owe you money and not pay up, that human definitely has to pay up with his life! We have to exterminate him and his entire family!” Lie Gu is still the same as always, no matter what matter he comes across, he would choose to kill, “Wei Chang, how do you think that this matter should be handled?” Wei Chang pursed his dry lips. According to the past, it would definitely be exterminating the person and his entire family. It is fine for us to not want the money, but our face cannot be lost. However, His Honor definitely won’t handle this matter with the methods in the past, that Long Aotian is a good example. “Your Honor, owing money is one of the most malicious things, I recommend that we kill someone who is the closest to him!” Ye Hua was sort of interested in Wei Chang’s suggestion, this is a bit interesting, “Continue on.” “Subordinate thinks that, the thing that humans are most afraid of is losing their love one. Back then when we campaigned in all directions, we have seen it too, but during that time, we didn’t understand why. However, after learning about humanity for five years, subordinate has learned that, asides from caring about money, the other thing that humans care about is family!” Lie Gu took a look at Wei Chang, where did this Gluttonous Monster get this fallacious reasoning from. “Lie Gu, take a look at Wei Chang! When will you be able to be as sensible as Wei Chang!” Ye Hua was gratified, Wei Chang’s intelligence is finally coming online now. “Subordinate is incompetent, subordinate will properly learn about humanity from today onward.” After finish speaking, Lie Gu thought to himself in his heart, “I will properly learn about humanity on the bed.” Ye Hua continued and asked, “Wei Chang, who do you think Xiao Yi cares about the most?” His Honor is asking another question. Wei Chang guessed in his heart, “If it was me, asides from His Honor, the person that I care about the most next would be Xiao Tang. That’s right! The person that Xiao Yi cares about the most would be his women!” “Subordinate thinks that the person that Xiao Yi would care about the most would be his women!” Ye Hua felt that what Wei Chang said made sense. In life, nothing can surpass losing your true love. After having that thought, Ye Hua went into a daze, what was I even thinking about, what true love… “Wei Chang, I will hand over this matter to you then. The money has to be collected, and one person has to die!” “Subordinate will solemnly carry out Your Honor’s order!” “The time will be tomorrow 12 am. If he pays up before that time, then forget about it…” Ye Hua added. Wei Chang and Lie Gu both went into a daze, then both of them kneeled down onto the floor and shouted out, “Congratulations Your Honor!” “What is there to congratulate about?” The thing that these two fellows learned the most from humans is how to bootlick. Lie Gu lamented, “Your Honor, you obviously could use your martial strength to settle everything, and yet, you are using your brain to deal with this Xiao Yi instead. As Your Honor's subordinate, subordinate is truly far inferior compared to Your Honor.” “What Lie Gu just said is right, if it was placed in the past, Your Honor would have long exterminated him, and yet, for Your Honor to actually decide to spare this Xiao Yi’s life if he was to pay up, from this, it could be seen that Your Honor’s control towards humanity has already reached great heights, subordinate is truly blushing with shame when compared to Your Honor.” Wei Chang was so stirred up to the point that his saliva was spitting out as he talks, and that expression on his face also didn’t seem like he was deliberately bootlicking Ye Hua. Lie Gu who was at the side was completely stupefied, this Gluttonous Monster’s acting skill sure is good. “You two…” Ye Hua laughed helplessly. Compared to the past, there is a warm atmosphere between us all now. Knock, knock, knock… “Ye Hua, are you inside?” Qing Ya’s voice rang out from outside the office. “You two can go and carry on with your own matters.” Both Wei Chang and Lie Gu bowed, took a step backward, and disappeared from the office. Just nice, right when the two disappeared, Qing Ya pushed open the door and entered into the office, “When did we come back?” “Not long ago.” Ye Hua opened the window to get the smoke to scatter out of the office. Although it was just a small action, Qing Ya still felt warm in her heart when she saw that. “Ye Hua, let’s go and have a meal, and while we are at it, let’s go watch a movie, then take a stroll after the movie.” “Okay.” Ye Hua let out a breath. Are the humans’ feelings that Wei Chang talked about really that profound? Could it be that, I have already started to care about this woman? This is truly unfathomable. Feelings, the most mysterious thing within humans’ thoughts. Even a formidable expert like Ye Hua was also about to fall into the whirlpool that was called ‘feelings’. However, the feelings between the two were still currently constantly rising, and even the two of them were not aware of it. Qing Ya’s daringness was rather admired by Ye Hua, whereas Qing Ya was fond of the concern that Ye Hua shows for her. Although Ye Hua’s temper was rather terrible sometimes, but overall, Qing Ya felt that it was still fine.

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