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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 96 – Collect money 2/2 Zijin City’s Xiao Family was located at the north suburb, and Xiao Family’s house was an extremely large manor! The manor was not like the typical modern manors and was like the manors where nobles in the past lived in, the buildings were all Chinese style. Small bridges, streams, and a graceful environment, this was pretty much equivalent to enjoying life like an emperor. At Xiao Family East Courtyard, Xiao Yi was currently lying on a big bed, and by his sides were his two beautiful wives. One of the wives was the Nangong Xinyi from that day, and the other was a woman called Yu Qi. Back then, Yu Qi was a school belle, and was plucked by Xiao Yi. However, that was something that happened 10 years ago. Although it had been 10 years, all of Xiao Yi’s wives still looked the same as they do back then, not having the slightest trace of aging. Of course, them being able to look the same as they do back then was all thanks to Xiao YI. “Brother Xiao, you are finally willing to come and accompany me tonight~” Yu Qi stretched out her white tender hand and drew circles on Xiao Yi’s sturdy chest with her finger. Nangong Xinyi laughed tenderly, “Brother Xiao, Sister Yu is already at the point where she cannot hold back her thirst anymore, you will have to feed her till she is full tonight~” “Big Sister Xinyi, why do you have to tease me every time~” Nangong Xinyi held onto Yu Qi’s chin, “Because I like you~” “Annoying~” Xiao Yi laughed lightly while watching the soccer match on the television. However, his state of mind was currently a bit uneasy. I keep having the feeling that something big is going to happen tonight, it has been a very long time since I had this kind of feeling. “Brother Xiao, what’s the matter? Are you not feeling well? How about I go and call Sister Shu Nan over to take a look at you.” Xiao Yi shook his head, “There’s no need for that. Moreover, Shu Nan’s medical expertise is taught by me too, I’m clear about the condition of my own body.” “Brother Xiao, how about we rest early today, you still have to bring Yun’er to sign up for the child soccer team tomorrow. The little fellow has been excited about tomorrow all day long today, Big Sister Xinyi even had to coax him for quite a while before he was willing to sleep.” Yu Qi said tenderly, then caressed onto her own stomach with a smile that was brimming with happiness. “Oh? Was Yun’er that excited about tomorrow?” Xiao Yi laughed. Although I have many wives, it is very hard for my wives to be able to get pregnant with my child. Up to this day, only one of my wives was able to give birth to a son for me, and the name of that son of mine is Xiao Yun! Of course, the Yu Qi who is by my side right now is currently pregnant with my child, and she has been pregnant for 3 months already. Also, the child within her stomach is a daughter. As a matter of fact, she had been enduring for a total of 3 months, and today, she is resolute on getting me to hand over some tax to her tonight. Nangong Xinyi laughed, “Yep. Recently, the little fellow is even saying that he wants to enter into the national team, and even wants to enter into the World Cup and help win glory for the country. “Not bad, knowing to obtain glory at such a small age!” Xiao Yi was very gratified, and was currently greatly looking forward to his daughter arriving into this world. After pausing for a moment, Xiao Yi said, “Xinyi, I will begin to go into closed-door cultivation during the day after tomorrow. Recently, I keep getting a kind of feeling that something big is going to happen.” “En, you can go into closed-door cultivation at ease, the company will be fine with me looking after it.” Nangong Xinyi said. “Big Sister Xinyi, I also want to go to the company and help you out.” Yu Qi said pitifully. “You can just stay at home and wait to go into labor with ease. If not, someone is going to say that I am mistreating a pregnant woman again.” Nangong Xinyi poked onto his husband’s arm. “Husband~ Let’s go to sleep, it’s already 11.50 pm.” Yu Qi nibbled onto her lips, expressing that she was unable to bear waiting anymore. Xiao Yi laughed, “Let’s watch for another 10 minutes. If Germany doesn’t score, we will go to sleep, and I will properly feed you full.” “Annoying~” Nangong Xinyi laughed helplessly, “You two are the main lead today, I am just here to cheer on you two.” “Nanyi, don’t think about running away, come and bear another child for me.” Xiao Yi said forthrightly. “Don’t, the other sisters are all going to be jealous of me to death.” “Haha…” Xiao YI’s haughty laughter immediately rang out in the room. This was pretty much the peak of life, hugging left and right, and yet everyone was still joyous and harmonious, tsk, tsk, tsk… At this moment, outside of Xiao Family’s perimeter wall, Death Mage was leaning onto the wall. While hugging onto his ‘Sickle of Death’ with one arm, the five skeleton fingers of his other arm was holding onto a phone, and the phone was held horizontally too… From the phone, the passionate voice of the commentators could be heard coming out from it. At a hundred meters away from Death Mage, there were a few scouts observing Death Mage with their night vision device. “Look at the wall over there, there is a fool there.” “Quickly let me take a look. F**k! You weren’t lying. To not go to sleep when it's so late at night and actually come all the way to Xiao Manor to cosplay. Furthermore, he is even cosplaying as a grim reaper… Formidable.” “He seems to be watching the World Cup. It’s Germany versus South Korea tonight, did you bet on either of them?” “Of course, Germany is the defending champion, I even used the money that I was planning to buy a house with and betted it all on Germany winning.” “Me too. If I win, I will visit the clubhouse’s tender models every day, and if I lose, I will go to sea and work.” “Haha, the one who knows me well is you, my brother.” “However, we have waited for a few days already, and we didn’t even spot anything at all.” “That’s right, there are only those damned mosquitos!” Death Mage naturally knew that there were some humans around him. However, he didn’t have the interest to go and bother himself with them. Right now, the thing that he was concerned about was the soccer match. Germany, come on and quickly score! I still have 8 minutes until I have to start working. If you all cause me to lose the bet, I will castrate all of you… F**k sake, this Xiao Family is really sick of living, to actually dare to owe money to His Honor and not pay up, which in turn caused me to not be able to watch the soccer match at midnight. It is a pity that His Honor only demanded to kill one person, this family is truly so f**king lucky. Looking at the time on the phone, 11.59 pm! And Germany still hasn’t scored a goal yet, f**k! 00.00! Death Mage let out a breath. After I finished settling this Xiao Family, I will cheat one more time. I swear! This will be the last time and I won’t cheat ever again! Keeping his phone away and holding onto his sickle, Death Mage walked step by step towards the main gate. As for sneakily entering through the back gate? That was out of the question, that would never ever happen... “Who!” Xiao Family naturally had their own security measures. A person who wore a black gown and was holding onto a sickle that was taller than an ordinary person, and the blade of that sickle was even flickering a silvery light under the moonlight. The attire of this person had explained everything to the security guards. Xiao Family’s enemy has shown up.

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