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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 97 – You totally do not know just what kind of person you have provoked 2/2 The six wives unhurriedly walked to the front courtyard, and when they arrived at the front courtyard, the strange scene caused them to gasp. All of the security guards seemed as if they were frozen in time, not being able to move at all. However, their eyes were still able to move, and currently, the eyes of all of the security guards were filled with fear. And within the middle of all the security guards, a black gown person who was holding onto a super large sickle could be seen standing there. Because the person was covered by the black gown, his looks couldn’t be clearly seen! Xiao Yi’s face was grave, this person’s strength is perhaps equally matched to my strength! Where did a person like this even come from! Why do I totally have no recollection of this person at all? And furthermore, for what reason did he come to Xiao Manor for, just what animosity does this person has towards me! “May I ask, what is the reason that you pay me a visit this late in the night for!” Xiao Yi shouted out gravely, and his aura began to rise up. “Jiejiejie~” Death Mage let out a strange sound once again, and it caused the six beautiful women to not be able to help but feel shivers in their backs. “It’s inappropriate for you to mess around with me like this right!” Xiao Yi was a man who has a temper, and furthermore, in his past life, he was an immortal emperor, and was revered by tens of thousands! Although his martial strength still had not completely recovered, he still has his own dignity as an immortal emperor! Death Mage suddenly raised the sickle that was within his hand, and upon seeing that, Xiao Yi thought that Death Mage was going to begin to fight with him and thus condensed out a cyan color long sword. The name of this sword was Broken Emperor Sword, and it was personally forged by Xiao Yi himself. The sword was cyan color, and various kinds of talisman writings were carved onto the blade. When the talisman writings were prompted by martial strength, it would release out a dazzling light. This Broken Emperor Sword was Act Cool King Xiao Yi’s most used weapon. However, when Xiao Yi saw that the enemy wasn’t intending to fight with him and was instead just taking out a phone, the expression on his face became uglier. This is making me look bad, especially when I was even startled to the point that I took out my weapon. Suddenly! The voice of the World Cup’s commentators rang out from the phone. I was also watching the World Cup just now! Could it be that, he is also watching Germany versus South Korea? Why would an expert of this level act so weirdly!!! Death Mage took a look at the phone. F**k, it’s still 0 to 0, I should just deal with the matter on hand first! Stretching out his skeleton hand, Death Mage began to tap multiple times on the phone screen, who knows just what Death Mage was doing. On the other hand, Xiao Yi saw the skeleton hand! This is not a human!!! However, the six wives that were far away from the Death Mage did not saw it. When Death Mage lighted out his phone screen towards Xiao Yi, the words that were on the phone screen were very big, and the words were even moving around the screen. There weren’t many words, but it was enough to make Xiao Yi feel incomparably astonished, and even the six wives were stupefied too. On the phone screen, two words could be seen moving around the screen. Pay money!!! And behind the two words, there were three exclamation marks, expressing that Death Mage was very angry. Xiao Yi tightly held onto the Broken Emperor Sword that was within his hand. This individual is here to collect debt, but when did I even owe money to anyone, what a joke! No, incorrect! On that night four days ago, that man!!! Could it be that it is that man who ordered this individual to come and collect the money! Counting back to the time when Qing Yutong gave me a call, the three days that she spoke about has precisely just passed! If it is that man, then everything makes sense now! 50 billion! The money that that prodigal earns is all in cash, and as for me, where do I even have 50 billion cash. With a few days, It is indeed possible for me to gather 50 billion cash, but my capital flow would snap, and my company would definitely be met with others’ suppress. This is also the reason why I refused to pay up this 50 billion. It would be fine if it was 5 billion… Nangong Xinyi also thought the same as Xiao Yi did. However, I did not think that us refusing to pay up would in turn cause the other side to send someone over to collect the money, and the person that they send, even my husband is vigilant of him! “Sisters, let’s go inside, don’t cause Brother Xiao to get distracted.” Nangong Xinyi said. Towards my husband, I have a lot of confidence in him! It could be said that, my husband has never suffered a defeat before! The other women had all experienced this kind of situation before. Although they were worried, they did not want to cause their husband to get distracted, and thus all of them headed to the backyard to wait for their husband to return in triumph! Xiao Yi’s gaze was deep, and at the same time, a thirst that had been submerged for a very long time was ignited. It is lonely to be unequaled, it has been a long time since I have felt this excited. It is hard to find an opponent these days, it would always either be that the opponent would have some misgivings, or that they don't dare to fight against me. However, the man in front of me is different! No, incorrect, he is not a human! No matter what he came here to do today, a fight will definitely have to be fought, and furthermore, I have to win the fight! If not, within the entire north, Xiao Family will become a joke, and that is something that is absolutely not allowed to happen! I reckon that, right now, there are lots of eyes watching what is happening here! Xiao Yi took in a deep breath, “Let’s change a place to fight at!” Death Mage waved his left hand, indicating to Xiao Yi to do as he pleases. Upon seeing such an action that was filled with disdain from the opponent, Xiao Yi sneered. You totally do not know just what kind of person is standing in front of you! Would I, the immortal emperor, be afraid of you! If Death Mage was to know just what Xiao Yi was thinking of right now, he would have definitely mocked, “You totally do not know just how big the trouble you are in right now is, and you also don’t know just how strong the man that you have provoked is! And as for me! I am just the subordinate of His Honor’s subordinate!”

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